The Sham Called “Presidential Politics”

There is a new reality series that is rapidly becoming the most extensive and noteworthy of its genre. It is called “Presidential Politics” and it is entirely fitting and apropos that established reality TV star Donald Trump would be the marquee headliner of the burgeoning viewing phenomenon.

"Presidential Politics" is much like professional wrestling. The show is mercurial and entertaining. The characters are often flamboyant and larger than life. In the final analysis, however, the outcome has been predetermined. Throughout the production, the audience is treated to an ongoing series of plot twists and turns. From a spectator standpoint, “Presidential Politics” is immensely engaging and entertaining. Sadly, though, a majority of the electorate and citizenry fail to comprehend that they are being played for the fool. For you see…”Presidential Politics” is a mere charade. It is an integral part of a larger and more comprehensive process whereby truth, justice and integrity are routinely sacrificed on the altar of a cynical and evil world system that is hell-bent on the destruction of liberty and the enslavement of man.

Presidential Mythology

From the outset of American history, the office of the presidency has included in its trappings and characteristics an aura of mystique. In the office of American president we have a single man in whom is vested the titular role of Chief Executive…the singular leadership figure of the entire nation. In our frail humanity we yearn for a powerful guardian and protector…even a superhero-type figure who will thwart whatever force or entity that might threaten our survival. This undeniable aspect of human psychology makes us continuously susceptible to those motivated to exploit and exert domination over their fellow man.

At the commencement of the American Republic, the president was intended by the architects of the U.S. Constitution to be extremely limited in his power and influence. For this reason, separation of powers between three essentially equal branches of government, was solidly established via the subsequent ratification of the Constitution. Checks and balances were brilliantly conceived and implemented in order to prevent a repetition of what had become all too routine throughout history…namely the tyrannical abuse of power by various configurations of governance.

In America it was to be “We the People” who would be the guardians of liberty via the safeguarding and preservation of a system referred to as the “consent of the governed.” Only through this system would the public servants be permitted to “derive their just powers.”

As a massive exclamation point to the concept of limited constitutional government, the Bill of Rights was adopted as an addendum to the principal body of the Constitution. Amendments One through Ten are explicit and unambiguous. Only through guile, deceit and treachery are they distorted and manipulated for abusive purposes other than their obvious intent. All those involved in the exercise of American governance, including those holding the title of the presidency, who willfully engage in actions that are antithetical to the spirit or the letter of the Bill of Rights, should be ignominiously driven from office…if not hauled before the criminal bar of justice!

Indeed, from the earliest days of formal American history, there have occurred attempted and actual usurpations of governmental power and authority…and the presidency has been particularly prone to such unfortunate abuses. To a significant degree our constitutional template has afforded the opportunity and ability to rein in such runaway and usurpatious tendencies. Over time, however, we have suffered from a gradual evolution of apathy and ignorance on the part of the body politic at large. Hosea 4:6 states that, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” Tragically, an ever increasing absence of Biblical understanding and knowledge has set the stage for the downward spiral that has brought us to our present perilous predicament.

The Evolution of the Imperial Presidency

To contemplate what the American presidency has degenerated into is truly disheartening. As veritable CEO of an executive branch of a national government that has become the epitome of all manner of corruption and usurpation, the office of the American president has come to presume vast and incalculable powers and spheres of jurisdiction as were never even remotely envisioned by our founding fathers. Lord Acton’s assessment that “power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely” can be vividly witnessed in the context of the exponential growth of corresponding abuse by the national government…and especially the office of the presidency.

The vast majority of what is done and executed under the auspices of the national government is conspicuously beyond the legitimate boundaries and confines of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights…and, as such, should be summarily ignored and nullified by the states and the people respectively. Yes…we now have an unmitigated imperial presidency that consciously, arrogantly, and criminally lords it over the very citizenry it is duty bound and sworn by solemn oath to serve and protect.

In light of all these grim and depressing realities, one might wonder if any purpose whatsoever is to be served by participation in the shameful spectacle of “Presidential Politics?” The answer to such a ponderance can only be affirmative on a conditional basis. Only if there exists a man who is both qualified and willing to vie for the presidential office, is it then logical and potentially fruitful for the American public to involve itself in the process whereby a president is elected into office.

Ezekiel 22:30, “And I sought for a man among them, that should make up the hedge and stand in the gap before Me for the land, that I should not destroy it: but I found none.”

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    Concur! I've been speaking out about this for years but my voice is small.

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