Conspiracy Denial Disorder: America’s Foremost Mental Malady – Part 1

You walk outside into the sunshine on an otherwise beautiful afternoon. Even though you fail to take notice, something is sorely amiss in the skies overhead. From one end of the horizon to the other are the lingering evidences of a considerable number of jet aircraft that have been crisscrossing the sky…leaving in their wake a trail of exhaust-looking matter that gradually spreads out to fill the atmosphere overhead with a cloud-like substance. This scene could occur virtually anywhere…for it is happening daily all over the nation and throughout the world. Yet no one asks any questions or seems to care. This strange phenomenon is ignored as though it were of no significance whatsoever! And if you happen to be an individual that the above description could apply to, you undoubtedly suffer from Conspiracy Denial Disorder.


Contrails or Geo-Engineering?

For years, a tiny minority that has tried to raise awareness of this odd development in the skies overhead has been lampooned and ridiculed as “wacko conspiracy theorists.” Don’t these paranoid idiots know that they are merely observing the vaporous exhaust of the aircraft in question? The individual pointing upward is smugly informed that these are simply “contrails” and nothing more…case closed, end of report! Another “nut job conspiracy theory” successfully debunked…right? Well…not so fast. In fact…it so happens that declassified reports and documents are increasingly confirming that there has been a long standing and ongoing program under the heading of geo-engineering that has been systematically enveloping the planet. Indeed…the so called “conspiracy theorists” were right all along about the “chemtrails vs. contrails” controversy…but don’t hold your breath waiting for anyone to apologize. Unfortunately, a pronounced characteristic of CDD (conspiracy denial disorder) is to continue in denial even when proven wrong.


It Is All So Obvious

Most conspiratorial activity that pertains to the new world order agenda is actually hiding in the open. In fact, it is generally so flagrant and in your face as to be absurd. Concerning the all-pervasive geo-engineering project, the contrail explanation never made even a lick of sense. For instance, were it true, we would find all manner of identical evidence at every airport. Furthermore…the patterns of occurrence wouldn’t be the checkerboard, tic-tac-toe nature that we regularly observe. Those employing simple logic knew all along that we had to be witnessing that which was a cause and effect manifestation of willful and calculated planning and execution. The staggering cost that, of necessity, would accompany such a project made it clear all along that we have been observing the handiwork of those ultra-powerful forces that routinely operate in secrecy and with impunity, for the ostensible “well-being of humanity.”


A More Nefarious Purpose?

Supposedly…our unaccountable, would-be masters could never, ever be guilty of pursuing a diabolical game plan. Of course, even if their aims were completely altruistic and benign…their actions would still be criminal, given the deceit and trickery that always seems to be their stock and trade. In the case of geo-engineering, the ostensible explanation of fighting the rigors and adverse effects of the dreaded menace of climate change simply doesn’t hold water. Instead, evidence of varied ulterior motives (none of which inspire confidence) is increasingly coming to light. Everything from the introduction of disease spreading pathogens to tampering with soil quality and composition are now under the magnifying glass of investigation…and given the miserable track record of the powers that be…we have no cause for optimism that what is being carried out is in the best interest of humanity. Like virtually everything else of a clandestine and surreptitious nature that ultimately comes to light, we will no doubt discover that this gargantuan effort is being driven by man’s base and avaricious instincts.

chem3We conclude this installment by reminding the reader that sophisticated and manipulative techniques, which can only be classified as mind control, are the tools that have been utilized for the purpose of engendering the widespread occurrence of CDD. Ridiculous anomalies in the official explanation of such events as the JFK assassination as well as everything that occurred on September 11, 2001 are further illustrations of how a population…mesmerized into docile acceptance and passivity…will ignore the obvious evidence of massive criminal conspiracy…and compliantly embrace the fairytale-like and nonsensical explanations rendered by officialdom.

Using the science of logic we conclude with the following supposition. If two or more relatively small-time and insignificant parties will routinely conspire over a paltry few thousand dollars…is it not safe to assume that the most powerful personages in the world would conspire in the interest of multiple millions, billions, and even trillions? I believe the answer is all too obvious for those with eyes to see.

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  1. Bill Byrd
    Didn't the spraying start in 1960? Yes I see the problem, but don't know how to get it stopped. Nobody should be allowed to tamper with the earth because it belongs to all of us. The people of earth need a voice on these things.

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