White Birthright and Non-White Privilege

We are currently being inundated with an insidious and preposterous barrage of propaganda that asserts the following premise. It alleges that Caucasian Americans are the ongoing beneficiaries of what has been termed “White Privilege”…an unjust advantage that enables them to undeservedly best the non-white population in pursuit and attainment of position, prestige and advantage throughout the American culture and civilization as a whole. Whites are becoming the incessant targets of an angry and disgruntled colored population that is bitterly resentful and determined to extract revenge. Whites, of course, have been conditioned and brainwashed for decades to harbor deep feelings of guilt related to the superior and advantageous position they occupy in American society. “White Guilt” has accelerated to near epidemic levels…especially within the thirty and under age bracket. What many still fail to comprehend is the fact that timidity and acquiescence will only serve to accelerate and worsen the problem. The following anecdote should assist in better understanding the problem at hand.

A man underwent multiple sessions with a psychiatrist only to have rendered the diagnosis as follows:

“Mr. Smith,” said the doctor, “we have finally gotten to the bottom of your inferiority complex. As it turns out, you really are inferior.”

Quite often, truth is staring us in the face if we are only willing to receive it.

Those Annoying Little Facts of History

We need not backtrack too far into the past to be reminded that America was conceptualized, founded, and developed to unprecedented degrees of success by members of the white race. AmericanThe fifty-six signers of the Declaration of Independence were white men who stated emphatically and unequivocally that it was for the sake and benefit of their own “posterity” that such monumental toil, effort, and resources were being expended and placed upon the altar of sacrifice. Yes…America was fully intended to be a nation that would, in perpetuity, feature a demographic wherein whites would constitute a super majority in whom the overwhelming preponderance of control and responsibility would be vested. Such a strategy was only logical and rational given the realities of readily observable circumstances throughout the world…both present and past. After all…non-whites hadn’t even remotely come close to equaling or even approaching the collective accomplishments of the white race. Blacks, in particular, had a singularly unimpressive track record on the African continent. (At this juncture we should note that it is somewhat natural, and even understandable, that racial families are compelled to formulate judgments through a self-serving and frequently unreasonable prism. Often this includes attempts to shift blame in an effort to sidestep one’s own mistakes, shortcomings, and deficiencies.)

Suffice it to say, non-whites are reluctant, at best, to acknowledge reality concerning the superior accomplishments of the white race. This well established truth comes under attack from two distinct angles. The first features often exotic and imaginative attempts to rewrite actual history as it truthfully unfolded. A classic manifestation of this phenomenon is on display in what is known as “Afro-centric” curricula…an overall postulation that, in times of old, there existed a highly advanced black civilization on the African continent that was subsequently subverted and hijacked by evil and unscrupulous white interloping parasites. Naturally, those who buy in to this unfounded construct of purported “history” are not too favorably disposed toward whites. The second angle of opposition to well established racial reality advances the supposition that the white race has achieved its dominant status throughout the world via the ceaseless imposition of cunning and abusive manipulation and treachery directed toward the non-white peoples of the earth.

A Chasm That Cannot Be Bridged

african%20american%20genealogyWhat liberalized, effeminized utopianists simply cannot comprehend is the problem presented by the harsh reality of abject refusal on the part of non-whites to conform to historical understanding that casts them in the light of subservience and inequality. In the real world, someone inevitably emerges as a dominant force…and much to the chagrin and displeasure of non-whites, it has always tended to be the Caucasians who rise to the most influential and powerful position. Bleeding-heart whites are quilt-laden by this fact, but interestingly, the white race has been quite consistent and determined in its propensity to share good fortune and abundance with the other races of peoples throughout the earth.

The Dichotomy Between Christianity and Pagan Religion

Historically, Christianity has been the religion of the white race, and according to its tenets and precepts all other religions are based on errant suppositions. According to orthodox Biblical doctrine only Christianity properly relates to and worships the true God who spoke the universe into existence (universe actually means a single spoken phrase). All other religions, regardless of their sincerity, are false and involve the deification of the creation itself instead of the creator. Winthrop_John_CityUponHillSpeech1630It therefore stands to reason that God would bless and favor, in a special manner, those who would faithfully and steadfastly seek after and follow the truth. Thus, it is for this reason that the white race has achieved success without equal in the unfolding of time. After all, it is their Christian religion that embodies God’s truth relative to man’s eternal salvation, as well as the manner in which he should conduct his affairs on earth. Not surprisingly, as the white race has constructed the powerhouse known as western Christian civilization…it has magnanimously proceeded to dispatch missionaries the world over for the purpose of propagating spiritual truth and the blessings of material sustenance that typically follow in the wake of its proper application.

Understanding the Birthright Principle

It has been foundational to human understanding and experience that men should procreate and tend to the well-being of their progeny. Clearly, it has been according to the design and will of the Creator that there should exist a variation and distinction among the races of men. It logically follows that race is merely the extension of family, and that men of all races would be reflexively and instinctively disposed to show favor toward their own familial or racial grouping. It also logically follows that men would understand God’s “kind after kind” requirements as pertains to matters of selective breeding and propagation of one’s race.

pioneerGod’s law makes provision for the principle of birthright and inheritance…even stressing the importance of providing for the future well-being of one’s descendants. Yes…a racial family of men has both the right, as well as the responsibility, to establish and transfer to offspring, that which would safeguard and maintain the continuing well-being of the overall tribe or body. To do anything less is actually an abomination in the eyes of God! 1 Timothy 5:8 says: “But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel.”

Let us bear in mind that America was established by the rugged, resourceful and resilient ancestors of the white race who had every intention of passing on the fruit of their labors to their own progeny in accordance with God’s law! It was never their purpose or intention for this nation to become a multi-racial, multi-cultural polyglot! Such a phenomenon has only come to pass in defiance of God’s birthright law and until this sin is repented of and corrected, we will continue in our downward spiral!

esauSo you see, when the ignorant and arrogant strangers among us rail against supposed white privilege…they know not of what they speak. It is the non-whites who have been granted conditional privilege while the Caucasian descendants of the founding fathers possess the absolute birthright. It is vital, also, that we point out that to squander one’s birthright, a lá Esau, is a great and grievous sin!

Reclaiming That Which Is Lost

In Deuteronomy 28 we read of the blessings and curses that will be experienced by God’s people in accordance with their choice of whether to obey or disobey God’s law. Deuteronomy 28:43 states: “The stranger that is within thee shall get up above thee very high; and thou shalt come down very low.” Indeed, we can readily recognize how God is punishing modern America (and white Americans specifically)by allowing the strangers to overrun the nation, wreaking havoc and destruction in their wake. It should be painfully obvious that if allowed to go unchecked, the burgeoning alien element will quickly transform our once blessed land of safety and abundance into a veritable replica of the third world hell-hole from whence they came. The towering question that remains to be answered is whether or not our nation will return to the ancient landmarks and seek God’s restoration and forgiveness, that He might see fit to heal our rapidly deteriorating land. As a potential means toward that end, may we begin to proclaim and defend the truth as concerns white birthright and the usurped and undeserved privileges being exercised by rapidly growing legions of non-whites.

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  1. Einar Nystrom
    You really believe this stuff, don't you? HAHAHAHA
  2. Bill Byrd
    Apparently, you are one of the people who have received the message of my prayer.
  3. Your campaign is a blessing to the American people. I pray your words don't fall upon deaf ears!
  4. Tom newcomer
    God is using this courageous leader to save our remnant.

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