Communism In America: Who Is Rick Tyler? Part 3

Ronald_Reagan_1983In 1980 America witnessed the inauguration of a new president…ex-Republican governor of California and former Hollywood actor Ronald Reagan. The new president was the embodiment of optimism and confidence…reassuring the nation that America’s greatest days were in the foreground and not in the rearview mirror as many believed. Reagan’s message of traditional values and hope sharply contrasted with that of former President Jimmy Carter…who had gloomily instructed the populace to be ready to “share in scarcity.” Carter’s four year stint had been marked by record breaking high interest rates, a drastically depressed economy, and the protracted Iranian hostage crisis which effectively epitomized what seemed to be America’s weakness and impotence. In reality…jimmy carterCarter had no control whatsoever of the spiraling interest rates. Instead…it was the private banking cartel and its American division known as the Federal Reserve that exercised sole authority over all important economic matters such as the prime interest rate. Likewise…the unfolding of epic events at the American Embassy in Tehran were largely beyond Carter’s control. Instead, the wholly unaccountable and clandestine machinations of the CIA had been the moving and controlling force behind the game-changing “hostage crisis.” Of soon as Reagan had taken office the Iranians suddenly released the hostages, giving the new President a stunning boost in the eyes of a watching nation and world. Indeed, Ronald Reagan readily and effectively settled into what would amount to the greatest acting role of his career…that of chief executive of the world’s most powerful nation and de facto leader of the so-called “free world.”*

Reagan’s acting skills were formidable, to say the least. In a world where media driven communications were rapidly becoming a dominating influence…Reagan’s smooth and affable persona was the ideal manipulative tool in the hands of his elitist handlers. Even his ideological opponents were enticed and mesmerized by his ability to deliver scripted oratory as though it were extemporaneous and from the heart. Thus…Reagan’s inspiring, hope laden rhetoric served as an ultra powerful mechanism through which the populace was guided to unprecedented levels of acceptance of the evil, anti-Christ, globalist agenda. During the Reagan years, America moved steadily and unimpeded toward record breaking deficits, bureaucratic expansion, and burgeoning support of all manner of internationalist crimes and programs…while simultaneously being subjected to an incessant tidal wave of propaganda putting forth the notion that the nation was in the midst of a great conservative renaissance. Symbolism over substance was refined to an extraordinary art form under the titular leadership of the “Great Communicator.” The epitome of this ironic and paradoxical reality was embodied in the events that led to and culminated in the dismantling of the Berlin Wall. The actors were all positioned on the international stage when Berlin Wall coming downReagan delivered the historic line of, “Mr. Gorbechev…take down that wall.” To the average observer it all seemed so profound and astonishing. America’s uncompromising, anti-communist president was ostensibly standing in the gap…serving as a tool for the alteration of the course of history. Communism was seemingly running its course…and dying a well deserved death. In truth, however, nothing could be more false! In fact, it was a grandiose deception…from start to finish. Of course, this should have been readily obvious in light of the fact that truth was, as always, hiding in the open. As we referenced in a previous installment, the phony reform movement within the Soviet Union had all been prophetically delineated in the book, New Lies For Old, by KGB defector Anatoliy Golitsyn. With clockwork precision this bogus spectacle was now unfolding…and, predictably, the public was falling head over heels for the gargantuan deception.

Communism Defined

If people knew what communism really is and actually consists of, they could never fall victim to the deceitful wiles of Satan and his agents, relative to this subject. Communism can be summarized as total governmental control over the people…and it is the very antithesis of what the American constitutional republic was intended to be. Our patriotic forefathers were of the iron clad belief that the government that governs best is the government that governs least. Karl Marx, on the other hand, believed it to be necessary and proper for government to exercise supreme power and authority over the people. In his treatise, the Communist Manifesto, he set commmanforth the blue print for communistic governance. The manifesto is essentially a how-to manual for the formation of the communistic system of government. In fact, within the content of the Communist Manifesto, Marx refines his premise into what is known as the ten planks…or, in other words…ten prerequisites for the establishment of bona fide Marxian communism.

Astonishingly…at the very moment Americans were hailing the demise of the Soviet Union and the supposed unfolding death rattle of communism…they were, in reality, already living under a de facto communist system in what had long been known as the land of the free and home of the brave. You see…in their glaring ignorance the average American failed to understand that the ten planks were already fully established and intact right under their very noses! Note the following partial list of illustrations: Plank one was manifest in the construct and mechanism known as property tax. Plank two was embodied in both state and federal income tax codes and corresponding regulations. Plank three was present in the form of asset forfeiture laws and other related unconstitutional mechanisms. Plank four was applicable through the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) and its myriad controls. Plank five, of course, was representative of what, since 1913, had been known as the Federal Reserve. Plank ten, of course, was fully operational under the governmental or “public” educational system. Yes…America has steadily devolved to the point that we now have a communist form of governance, even though it continues to masquerade as something altogether different. Remember though…that a rose by any other name is still a rose.

A Shocking Realization

As a relatively young Christian convert striving dutifully to come to a comprehensive understanding of history, world affairs and current events in general…the early 1980’s were very pivotal in helping Rick to galvanize convictions as well as chart an activist agenda for the future. In the months leading up to the 1980 presidential election, Rick had been somewhat taken in by the smooth and inspiring rhetoric of Ronald Reagan. As the skilled Hollywood actor he was, Reagan effortlessly morphed into the role for which he had long been groomed. He was thoroughly believable as the ostensible champion on the white horse, preparing to lead the charge against the communist menace that had kept America in a state of fear and foreboding throughout the duration of the Cold War. And…unlike the runner up in the Republican primaries, George Herbert Walker Bush, Reagan had never been a member of the Council on Foreign Relations or the Trilateral Commission. In that context…it seemed as though he was not beholden to the internationalist conspirators who were determined to strip America of national sovereignty and plunge her into the abyss of the evolving global super state. Reagan talked tough and pledged to restore America to her former strength and glory. He bluntly labelled the Soviet Union as the evil empire…while simultaneously extolling the virtues of a Norman Rockwell America of days gone by.

The Reagan illusion began to quickly fade when Bush, Sr. became Reagan’s running mate. Adding insult to injury was the fact that virtually all the high level cabinet appointments were bestowed upon familiar globalist stalwarts plucked from the ranks of the CFR and TLC. At that point, anyone with moderate objectivity could smell a rat. Yes…Reagan was just another shill for the globalist traitors. And, without question…as the 1980’s ensued…Reagan turned in the performance of his life. And…it was during the early days of the Reagan era that Rick came fully to grips with the fact that while the straw man manifestation of communism embodied in the Soviet Union was being brought down systematically and by design…that genuine communism (operating under the alias of democracy) was being increasingly institutionalized and galvanized in the midst of an unsuspecting America. Needless to say…it was very difficult for Rick to acknowledge the extent to which the nation had been betrayed from within. After getting over the initial shock and devastation, however, he realized there was no choice but to fight the real enemies of truth…regardless of the cost.

* As disappointing and difficult as it is for the average American to believe, the President is in no way actually running America…much less the Western world as a whole. The modern day American empire is vast and sprawling. In reality it is guided and controlled by forces and entities that function and operate in secrecy and anonymity. Elected politicians (including the President) are mere frontmen and figureheads who do the visible bidding of powerful unseen forces. They are nothing more than puppets who dance to the tune of the elite oligarchy. While in no way outwardly acknowledging the long term objective of a globalist super state…America’s ostensible leaders never deviate from the support of policies and actions that lead unavoidably toward that end.

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