Crusader Against Evil: Who is Rick Tyler? Part 2

From day one of his Christian life, Rick considered it an elementary and obvious reality that dedicated believers should commit themselves, in a tangible and meaningful way, to a resistance agenda against evil forces. In his initial exuberance and naiveté, he assumed that large numbers of professing Christians would energetically band together in opposition to organized and structured manifestations of sinful wickedness…if only they were given the opportunity to become attached to a worthy cause. It was disheartening, to say the least, to discover the extent to which ignorance and apathy reigned supreme…even in the midst of those who operated under the banner of the church of Jesus Christ. Rick quickly realized that at virtually every turn, there were symptoms reflecting the compromised and sin laden state of the nation, the community, and even the professing Christian world. It became clear that valid solutions could only be cultivated and implemented through focusing on the root and foundation of the intricate web of debilitating problems threatening the survival of Western Christian civilization. Without exception, the world’s ills and problems could all be traced and linked to rejection of truth as is set forth and undergirded in God’s word…the Bible. Yes…it really is that simple.

1 Thessalonians 5:21 states: “Prove all things; hold fast that which is good." Amazingly…if this one simple command were obeyed…the overwhelming majority of our problems could be solved and eradicated! In seeking to challenge and hold individuals accountable to this standard, Rick discovered that very few people were willing to offer up their own sacred cows on the altar of sacrifice. There are seemingly endless reasons and excuses that stand in the way of the acceptance of truth. To a great extent, people are simply unwilling to have their comfort zone encroached upon. The path of least resistance consists of going along with the status quo. All of these factors contribute to the ease with which Satan maintains his stranglehold upon the world system and its inhabitants. Hosea 4:6 says, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.” Is it not amazing that people can be so casual and indifferent toward truth and knowledge when so much…even life itself…is at stake? People simply refuse to accept and admit that things are as bad as they really are. In so doing, of course, they can justify their apathy and inattentiveness to the problems in the world around them.

As Rick’s Christian walk commenced in 1979 he was keen to undertake the study of Scripture, as well as a factually based understanding of history and world affairs. It was painfully obvious that truth was being diligently suppressed on every front. Often, the deception was so blatant that one could only marvel that people could be so blind as to fall for the illusion or charade in question. It galled Rick that evil was so bold and audacious…flaunting and parading itself with no shame. Living in Miami, Florida at the time, it was shocking to witness the manner in which pornographic and perversion based businesses were cropping up with rapidly increasing frequency. Didn’t people understand what the consequences had been for Sodom and Gomorrah? How could modern man think that God would turn a blind eye to moral filth and perversity? As an initial organizing endeavor Rick formed F.R.I.C.T.I.O.N. (Forceful Retaliation Involving Corruptive Trends In Our Neighborhoods). It didn’t take long to understand how disinterested professing Christians were when it came to the matter of hands on activism. The modern church is “lukewarm” to put it mildly…and finding anyone willing to sacrifice and suffer is next to impossible…regardless how noble the cause. Contributing to the epidemic of apathy is the entrenched notion that the end of the age is nigh at hand. In 1979, Rick found the professing Christian world to be dominated by an “end of the world” mentality that offered a ready made excuse for doing nothing to resist the minions of hell. Indeed…the prognosticators of doom and gloom were (and continue to be) a dime a dozen…always quick to inform their audience that not only is resistance futile (after all…is this not all prophesied to occur?), but if they put up too great a struggle they might even play into Satan’s strategy by impeding the rapidity of the glorious return of Christ! Yes…as amazing as it sounds…many false prognosticators have advanced such a twisted notion as the years have unfolded!

After approximately a year of spinning his figurative wheels in South Florida, Rick accepted a job transfer to the Charlotte, NC area where he became the operations manager of a Belk department Store.* It was in this new territory that his research and experience began to give him a more thorough and comprehensive understanding of precisely how Satan and his operatives had achieved such amazing degrees of success toward the gutting of America’s lawful constitutional republic.


* Prior to his exodus from South Florida Rick had made the acquaintance of man named Dudley…an intense, extroverted, passionate individual who was quick to speak his mind. Dudley had participated in several Bible study groups Rick regularly attended and was also involved in a morning prayer group Rick had organized. One evening, roughly six months into their friendship, Dudley approached Rick at his department store management job…abruptly inquiring if Rick was familiar with Revelation 2:9 and 3:9. Before turning on his heels and exiting as dramatically as he had arrived…Dudley sternly admonished Rick to read and ponder the implications of these Biblical passages. In a nutshell…these verses make reference to a counterfeit chosen people…who are in truth the synagogue of Satan. In the subsequent months Rick’s quest for knowledge and understanding was greatly benefitted by this timely word of admonition.

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