Getting the Ball Rolling

In less than six months voters nationwide will go to the polls to make their choice known in thousands of electoral contests. Everything from the office of the American presidency, to city councils and county commissions will be up for grabs. 2016 has evolved into one of the most interesting election years in modern history. Fueling this phenomenon has been the rise of Donald Trump as leading contender among a crowded field of Republican presidential aspirants...and now...the presumptive nominee of the so-called "Party of Lincoln!"

Indeed, Donald Trump has interjected his unique brand of pizzaz and energy into the already larger than life drama known as presidential politics. Unlike the typical political figure, Trump shoots from the hip and exhibits a take no prisoners approach to his electioneering style. He is refreshingly blunt and unscripted...often blurting out sentiments that almost everyone is thinking, but dares not openly express. While firmly believing that one only ascends to the level of Trump's wealth and success by making indefensible compromise, I nevertheless acknowledge that much of his message is winsome and appealing to those with traditional American leanings and sentiments.

When pondering the matter of nationalism vs. globalism...there isn't even rationale for debate. The internationalist/globalist agenda that has long guided governmental policy at all levels is patently unconstitutional and, thus, criminal in proportion and nature. By articulating and enunciating common sense and logic based arguments relative to the potential solution to America's staggering problems, Trump has succeeded in striking a resonant chord with legions of decent, hard working, disgruntled Americans. In the absence of election stealing, vote fraud, or outright assassination...Trump will handily win the national contest against the likes of Hillary Clinton.

Such a development, however, will be far from the panacea that some would imagine. A President Trump would be very likely to overstep constitutional restraints in the course of seeking to "make America great again." The shadowy elite who operate the actual levers of power will make sure the next president continues to champion the long established blueprint for global governance...regardless of who ultimately becomes the titular figurehead. If a President Trump, or any other chief executive proceeded to move decisively away from such a directional course...they would quickly terminate his or her earthly existence. Only divine protection would suffice to thwart such murderous intervention on the part of the ruling oligarchy...which leads us to the relevancy and importance of the Rick Tyler for Congress campaign.

On Monday evening, May 16, at the Springtown Volunteer Fire Station in Reliance, Tennessee...a modest gathering of voters had the opportunity to hear a brief but hard core message from a candidate like none other on the contemporary American political landscape. Rick Tyler is vying, as an Independent candidate, for the Third District federal congressional seat of Tennessee currently held by Chattanooga attorney and New York transplant Chuck Fleischman. Under the right potential circumstances this race could very well become one of the most talked about political contests in the nation. The reasons for such prospective notoriety are as follows:

(1) Rick Tyler is unwaveringly driven by the iron clad conviction that the Sovereign God of the universe has led him to embark upon this arduous and seemingly impossible quest. In this context he is fearless and undaunted, realizing that "the fear of man bringeth a snare, but whosoever trusteth in the Lord shall be safe" (Proverbs 29:25). Additionally, he lives by the truth that "with men it is impossible, but with God all things are possible" (Matthew 19:26). Win, lose, or draw, a great victory will be achieved for the going forth of undiluted, unfettered, and uncompromised truth via the swashbuckling style and methods of this totally unconventional candidate.

(2) Rick Tyler embodies something that will prove to be singularly unique in the realm of modern political activism. His entire adult life has been comprised of a diligent and intense search for knowledge and understanding of precisely how the collective historical forces of evil have moved steadily toward the planetary subjugation of mankind. In this crucial regard, he is potentially equipped and suited to do that which has proven so elusive for a great many years...namely the rolling out of and implementation of a principle-driven agenda that could truly prove successful in wresting power from the wicked minions of the satanic new world order.

(3) Rick Tyler derives his greatest inspiration from Biblical passages such as Hebrews 11:33 and Matthew 17:20. He lives his belief in the invincible, unquenchable, unstoppable, power of pure and undiluted faith which, when diligently outworked on a foundation of rock solid truth, could very well alter the course of history. As Proverbs 29:18 states, "Where there is no vision the people perish, but he that keepeth the law, happy is he."

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  1. travis
    as soon as i satisfy my Poll Tax obligation...i will jump on board with ur campaign
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