The Mother of All Reality Shows

In November 2015 I wrote an article for this website entitled "The Sham Called Presidential Politics," wherein I dubbed the evolving presidential race as a "reality series...rapidly becoming the most extensive and noteworthy of its genre." I went on to observe that it was "entirely fitting and apropos that established reality TV star Donald Trump would be the marquee headliner of the burgeoning viewing phenomenon."

In the ensuing body of the article being discussed, I proceeded to explain the manner in which the office of the American presidency has been distorted and corrupted to vastly extra-constitutional proportions. The article concludes by pondering the question of the worthiness of participation in the process whereby an American president is selected. My stated conclusion is that only if there exists one who is both qualified and willing to assume the presidential office, would it be justifiable to immerse oneself in the process of selection.

The Rise of Trump

In the months following the authorship and the posting of the aforementioned article the nation and world have witnessed the fascinating rise of Donald Trump and his largely unorganized grassroots movement. Franklin Delano Roosevelt instructed us long ago that, "If it happens it politics, you can be sure it was planned."

In all probability the ascendancy of Trump is merely the latest installment of the sophisticated phenomenon of controlled opposition. Can a man amass the wealth possessed by Donald Trump in the absence of being smiled upon propitiously by the great and secretive money power? The answer to this question is no, no, a thousand times no!

The illicit creation of fictitious wealth by the private banking cartel enables those who wield power through that mechanism to create, finance, and control all manner of individuals and institutions through whom power is exerted and administered. As has been stated...there are kings and there are kingmakers. Intellectual prostitutes are a dime a dozen in every theater and sphere of power. All the while the illusion of individuality, autonomy, and plurality is maintained as the public observes the ebb and flow of policy and activity in the unfolding of the affairs of the nation.

The Backlash To Institutional Corruption

Our modern institutions, be they political, religious, governmental, academic, industrial, medical, or fraternal, are riddled with corruption. At routine and regular intervals there arises a broad based sentiment of frustration and disgust in response to this reality. Politics and government are particularly susceptible to bearing the brunt of negative response to such corruption. Thus...approximately every 25 years there arises a pronounced and definitive manifestation of this phenomenon...the result of which is a full spectrum occurrence of discontentment and rebellion against the identifiable institutions with which corruption is most readily linked. The major political parties are most readily associated with the filth and putrid corruption that is so repugnant to the electorate in general.

For this reason it is no surprise that we would witness the rise of Donald Trump in the Republican realm and Bernie Sanders to a somewhat lesser extent in the democratic world. In the early 90's a slightly different approach was manifested in the rise of billionaire Ross Perot, another supposedly self made tycoon who happened to amass his vast wealth through the good fortune of securing and maintaining all those lucrative government contracts. Perot, you will recall, harnessed all that disgruntled and independent energy and proceeded to insure that it went nowhere! Now it is Donald Trump, who has long enjoyed the benevolence and favor of the banking cartel in the amassing of his multi-billion dollar fortune. is painfully evident that Donald Trump is merely the latest stalking horse entity to be foisted upon the American electorate...and indeed...a very elaborately contrived one at that!

Riding the Wave

For those who understand what is being outlined in this article, the following approach is best advised. It is important to remember that no matter how crafty, exploitative, and manipulative evil men and spiritual wickedness in high places (Ephesians 6:12) might be...God is still in sovereign control of the universe...right down to the most miniscule detail. Romans 8:28 guarantees that everything will coalesce to the benefit of his elect, no matter how nefarious its original intent.

In sum, the Trump phenomenon has and will continue to produce spin off effects and fall out that can be beneficially seized upon by the elect remnant of the God of Scriptures. In our present political season the dominant presence of Donald Trump has served to open us channels of discourse and dialogue that have previously been off limits. His advocacy of a "temporary ban" on Muslim immigration and the construction of a wall on the Southern border have created a climate conducive to conversation relative to the elephant in the living room no one wants to talk about...namely, the urgent and vital subject of race.

Although many would argue that America's condition is terminal in nature...that the demographic scales have already tipped hopelessly in the wrong direction...we, nevertheless, have no option but to press forward in search of solutions. The clash of civilizations is upon us. The traitors are within the gates calling the shots and plunging us toward the abyss of destruction.

The browning of America has been underway for half a century and we are now overwhelmed with alien hordes who share little in common with the original European stock who carved this once great nation from the rugged wilderness. The large cities of America are, to a great extent, a lost cause. Upheaval and tumult will doubtlessly figure prominently in our future. When the dust settles and the smoke clears it will once again fall upon the shoulders of a Christian, Caucasian remnant to embark upon the process of rebuilding and restoration.

Though the hour is late and the future looks grim...let us proceed to seize the moment and begin laying groundwork for the challenging days ahead. Although it is most certainly a deliberately orchestrated development, the Trump phenomenon can still be exploited in a manner that will benefit the overall cause of truth.

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