The Billboard Strategy

Outdoor advertising is effective...otherwise, billboard signs wouldn’t be ubiquitous throughout the nation. There is even a program underway in the billboard industry in which the word UBIQUITOUS (which means pervasive and omnipresent) is being placed on signs in giant black letters. Yes...this form of advertising is unique and has potential for noteworthy results. With its towering and massive stature, the billboard sign is difficult to ignore and its message comes across as authoritative and influential.

For these reasons we are confident that a widespread and creative billboard advertising game plan could go a long way toward making the Rick Tyler For Congress candidacy both viable and a force to be reckoned with. Clearly...we are in uncharted waters, in that there has never been a candidacy like this in modern political history. Of great significance, as well, is the reality of the Trump phenomenon and the manner in which he has loosened up the overall spectrum of political discourse.

Very soon the Rick Tyler For Congress campaign will put up a new billboard on Highway 411 in Polk County, Tennessee that could very well make a major splash.


The Make America White Again billboard advertisement will cut to the very core and marrow of what plagues us as a nation. As Anne Coulter so effectively elucidates in her book, Adios America, the overhaul of America’s immigration law in the 1960’s has placed us on an inevitable course of demise and destruction. Yes...the cunning globalist/Marxist social engineers have succeeded in destroying that great bulwark against statist tyranny...the white American super majority. Without its expedited restoration little hope remains for the nation as a whole.

The following are examples of other billboard designs we plan to bring forth in the coming months. We ask you to prayerfully consider putting meaningful financial support behind this brazen and determined crusade for truth.


no-mixmamasno-ssm no-islam


30 Responses

  1. where do you attend church?
  2. Tammy Rogers
    So per you make America white again billboard: are you saying America should be all white? Are you racist? Because I take it that you are!!!!
  3. You’re the man Rick!! It is way past time we should all feel the same way!!!
    • Mark Estrada
      English, learn it...But I suppose it's the best you can expect from people with such limited brain capacity.
  4. June
    Shame on you...
  5. Bash
  6. Bret
    Just stubbled apon your website, love it! Keep up the fight :)
  7. […] Web address on the billboard redirects to Tyler’s campaign website, which explains that the candidate chose a sign that “is difficult to ignore and its message […]
  8. Mate, if we had a man of action like you in my country of Australia, I'd sure as hell donate to the cause! Keep doing what you're doing. This is great work!
  9. Mate, if we had a man of action like you in my country of Australia, I'd sure as hell donate to the cause! Keep doing what you're doing. This is great work!
  10. Karen Serrill
    • Jesus wasn't white
  11. Brian O'Keefe
    Just thought I'd drop by and call you incredible.
  12. Joe American
    Wow. No shame at all huh? Just blatantly racist? The US was NEVER white, by the way.
  13. […] AN INDEPENDENT candidate for Congress from Tennessee has been swept up in a wave of criticism for his campaign billboard vowing to “Make America White Again.” […]
  14. Carolyn Hill
    I Wouldn't vote for you if you were the only person running.
  15. Ross
    If Rick Tyler isn't racist, no one is.
  16. […] Tyler details his strategy to use billboards for his campaign on his campaign’s website. […]
  17. Caitlyn
    Way to go Rick! Don't ever let accusations of racism and bad food hold you back!
  18. Rickrolled
    You have got to be kidding me. This is a joke right? Better be careful who you financially support he might pass some law stating "those with mental handicaps need to be removed from society." And accidently get his own self put away.
  19. marnie johnston
    Let's make America Native Again!!!!! It was never white! You want a "white" country to call home, then go home to where you came from!
  20. john Doe
    I have no problem with it. I'm white and never owned a slave nor do I know anyone that has! I wouldn't wish to! So, why am I constantly poked, prided, and hear about thevwhitemans injustice towards the black man. Its disgusting to the point of nausea! Why do whites nit have White TV Network, or White History Month Afimative action, its a way to dumb down the society. Give me a break please!
  21. The Donald
    This is grate! Go 'merika!
  22. True American
    Have fun wasting money you fool. No one is going to elect a racist like you! True Americans know better. Crawl back into your trailer and deal with the reality!
    • <i>"Crawl back into your trailer and deal with the reality!"</i> I get a kick out of lightweights that accuse others of what <b>they</b> are. Of course, 'race' really is a part of nature and natural law, but these morons cannot think for themselves and merely mouth the bilge their media masters feed them. Thank you for your loyalty, Rick Tyler! Hail Victory !!!
  23. Ak
    I am noticing a trend of improper spelling, grammar, "Wild West" attitudes and undertones of general incompetence from the majority of the staunch "supporters" commenting on here. Call it a coincidence that is affirming a point I don't think I need to even outwardly state. Also, as was stated numerous times prior to my post, This continent was NEVER White to begin with.
    • Carolyn Hill
      I wish I could "like" this post eleventy-million times. I've noticed the same thing.
  24. Jessica Dickerson
    It is really crazy how fear of being called a racist has shut down real conversation that has needed to take place in this country for a long time. Thank Rick Tyler for having the guts to be honest about a topic that is so key the survival of the white race.
  25. Art L.
    Be PROUD to be a racist.
  26. This makes me ashamed to live in Tennessee. Shame on you Rick Tyler and shame on your supporters.
  27. It takes a lot of courage to stand up for the white race when even our own people are turned against us through brainwashing and indoctrination from the mainstream media and public education system. Funny how it is ok and even encouraged for blacks, hispanics, asians, and every other so called "minority" to be racially aware and fight for their own self interests. Meanwhile, whites are a global minority. We are 13% of the world's population. Do we not have the same right to live in peace among our own kind? Should Japan, which is 99% Japanese be forced to take Muslims, blacks, and whites into their population so that Japan is only 25% Japanese? What about Israel? You can play this genocide game with any country and culture if you want to destroy it. Should Africa be forced to become white? We saw what happened there to the minority white population. They were forced off their farms, and exterminated like animals and the mainstream media never reported it. The farms were stolen and given to blacks who could not run the farms, and millions starved and continue to starve. You're only saying what everyone knows in their heart to be true but are too cowardly to say in public for fear of being violently attacked or financially ruined for simply speaking the truth. White self-hatred has to be stopped. The US was created for whites and by whites. Its time to grow up and stop this failed social experiment. Its time for white men to get their house in order, and that starts with getting their women in line. Women only have the power we give them, and we see how they have abused that power to no end. Its time to put them back on the leash.
  28. Great idea!
  29. Yes!!!! Best campaign in 100 years......

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