I Have A Dream: About the Billboard Campaign

mlk-obA major component of the subversive agenda to destroy America involves the creation of false heroes...and no greater or more profound manifestation of this phenomenon exists than the gargantuan fraud of the Martin Luther King national holiday. Yes...America has been sold a massive bill of goods in the promotion of the scoundrel King as some kind of national hero! The notion that he is worthy of praise and honor is utterly absurd and idiotic. King was a phony from top to bottom. His ministerial credentials were clearly bogus in light of his pathological whoremongering proclivities. In fact...he set the standard for subsequent bogus “reverends” such as Jesse Jackson and the loathsome Al Sharpton. It is also noteworthy that MLK attained his “Dr.” title through unscrupulous methods...namely the plagiarizing of his doctoral thesis.

The establishment of a national holiday in King’s honor could only be accomplished through the sealing of his FBI file for 50 years. The mountain of damning evidence against King’s character and reputation isn’t scheduled for release until 2027! Many believe that deadline will be circumvented as the date approaches so as not to expose the shocking truth about this nefarious character...even at the half-century mark of so great a cover up.

king_jr-communist_schoolKing was a crass con-man and charlatan. He was up to his eyeballs in association with leading avowed Marxist operatives of his day. Martin Luther King Day is an abomination, a disgrace, and a horrific blot upon our once great nation. America’s capitulation and acquiescence to the King holiday is symptomatic of the pathetic, cowardly, truth-rejecting society we have become. Be assured...our founding fathers would pronounce universal condemnation upon the likes of King and the King holiday.

Spoofing His Unwarranted Exaltation

King’s “I Have a Dream” speech has been made into an iconic slice of the court historian brand of American history. His theatrical recitation and repetitive invoking of the “I Have a Dream” mantra have been unleashed as a mesmerizing influence on a gullible and ignorant populace. According to the false narrative...King and his cronies were responsible for ushering in a great new chapter of American history known as the Civil Rights era. In reality, the so-called civil rights movement actually did incalculable damage to America and all its inhabitants.

And...as detrimental as this time period was to white America, it has been even more injurious and debilitating to the black population of the country. It is clear that, as a result of manipulated and contrived conditions and circumstances, blacks have been induced to venture into a posture and pretense that has proven to be thoroughly unnatural and untenable. Through coercive and deceitful methods the myth of equality has been advanced into the fabric of American life.

DYSFUNCTIONAL-STATES-OF-AMERICAOnly through sophisticated brainwashing and intense psychological warfare have white Americans been induced to abandon the God ordained position of oversight established by their gifted and determined ancestors. Obviously...the schemes of the wicked social engineers have been a complete failure. As the white race has proceeded to abandon and abdicate from the leadership and dominion status bequeathed to them by the sovereign hand of God...the American nation has devolved steadily into a state of chaos and collective dysfunctionality.

Why Segregation?

America’s founders were staunch segregationists...as were their successors right up to the mid-20th century. These rationally minded leaders understood the fundamental definition of nationhood. Although Americans hailed from a plurality of countries they all shared a common European heritage. English had been designated as the national language and specific legal mandates insured that a white super majority would be continuously maintained. The initial plan and intent of the framers was to repatriate blacks back to their home continent of Africa with the country Liberia being formed for that specific purpose. Interestingly...minimal interest was expressed among the African population now residing on American soil to return to the Dark Continent.

Thus began a problem of epic proportions as to what should be done concerning the rather large number of blacks now living in the midst of the new American nation. The prospect or notion of integrating and assimilating blacks into the mainstream of society was never even remotely an option. Nationhood, by definition, involved a common heritage, culture and language. Not only was slavery a colossal mistake on the most basic level of consideration (that it revolved around the institutionalized modality of depriving an individual of personal freedom and autonomy), but it also spawned the massive dilemna of how to deal with the presence of an alien minority that was incapable of meeting the fundamental necessities of being able to possess equal status and the broad ranging benefits of citizenship.

lincolnEven the likes of Abraham Lincoln were of the iron clad understanding that blacks could never successfully assimilate into the fabric of a Caucasian population and civilization...and that repatriation was the only real solution to the problem of dealing with an emancipated slave population. The Fourteenth Amendment actually created a new category of “citizenship” altogether different than was established under the parameters of the original republic. From the outset, blacks claiming status under the terms of this dubious amendment (enacted under conditions tantamount to martial law) were relegated to a second class status.

Of course, as time progressed, the festering problem of inherent, irreconcilable differences between the black and white races inevitably led to the chaos and turbulence of the mid-20th century, at which time an emboldened tyrannical federal power made the ultimate move toward forced integration of the races under the guise of so called civil rights.

Predictably, this forced transition to an utterly unnatural and untenable integration construct has led to the inevitable result of a rapidly increasing level of interbreeding between black and white...a phenomenon scientifically known as miscegenation. It is obvious and readily observable that miscegenation hastens an irreversible alteration of the racial composition of those who are its byproduct. Historically, this has always been understood as an undesirable outcome...hence the long established taboo against its practice.

Skin-ColorIn short, integration leads to fraternization...which in turn results in miscegenation. If God’s foundational law of kind after kind is to be restored and maintained it will only be as a result of willful and determined conviction on the part of those who comprehend its vital importance. What is at stake is nothing less than the preservation of that which the sovereign God of creation has established and pronounced as good and worthy.

Back to the Billboard

The fraudulent process whereby Martin Luther King has been elevated to paragon status is a flagrant slap in the face to our historic Caucasian/Christian roots and foundation. The tyrannical Northern power that prosecuted the criminal aggression which came to be known as the War Between the States, was used as a tool of subjugation and destruction against a Southern culture determined to preserve America’s sacred, Biblical heritage. The I Have A Dream billboard is a profound and powerful satirical attack upon the evil onslaught against liberty that marked the unfolding of the 1860’s.

Yes...in retrospect...the South would have been both wise and justified had it gone for the jugular and moved to hoist the Stars and Bars in the nation’s capital. In their innocence and commitment to a “live and let live” philosophy...they underestimated the unbridled malevolence of the federal leviathan and we therefore continue to reap a bitter harvest of abject destruction of the Caucasian race. Through this broadbrush pictorial message we are throwing down the gauntlet and informing both friend and foe alike, that truth is inviolate...and must be vigorously defended at all costs.

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  1. Karen L. Bracken
    They needed a black to immortalize and he was the best they could find. They will naming roads for Obama soon and I am sure an Barack Obama holiday is on the horizon.
  2. I love salty crackers. #HAILTOTHEKING
  3. Gregor
    Mr. Tyler; Good job! Thank you for speaking truth and spreading awareness of reality ... as opposed to media-created lies!
  4. Truer words have never been said. Equality is a joke, civil rights are a pyramid scheme and King was a criminal. Long live eternal glorious leader Adolf Hitler in his fight with evil communist scum.
  5. Tom newcomer
    Race is not a four-letter word after all.
  6. Finally a dream worth having! No King Over Us!
  7. The blatant racism, hate, and lies chills me to the bone. Y’all are some sick mother fuckers.

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