The Browning of America (Audio)

Audio file of "An Intelligent Conversation About Race" Part 5

Air date: 6/13/16

Entitled: The Browning of America


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  1. admin admin
    We believe our diversity, our differences, when joined together by a common set of ideals, makes us stronger, makes us more creative, makes us different,” Barack Obama pronounced at a citizenship ceremony last Fourth of July. Until half a century ago most serious historians would have called such an opinion ignorant or naïve. Ethnic diversity implies cultural diversity—if it did not, ethnic diversity would soon disappear. Cultural diversity means division, division means weakness, and weakness means, eventually, unfreedom. Such, at least, is the traditional view, and history appears to vindicate it. “Diversity” has been an attribute of subject populations: medieval elites communicated in Latin, laborers in various vernaculars. Diversity has been the form of belonging that typifies empires, just as nationality has been the form that typifies republics. The British Empire, the Roman Empire, and the Habsburg Empire—these were diverse. England, Italy, and Austria, until recently, were not. The motto E pluribus unum is a sign that the founders saw diversity as a challenge to be mastered, not a resource to be tapped - William H. Frey.
  2. Ken Boyer
    Really? "The Browning of America"? What's wrong with you people? You seriously believe that the darker someone's skin is, the more detrimental they are to this country? I'm simply amazed and appalled at your thinking.
    • Jessica Dickerson
      You think he is talking about some ONE. He is talking about the number of blacks and browns becoming the majority. If you don't think that is a problem go live in any black or brown country for a while and see how that works our for you..
      • Skin color means nothing, as does hair color or eye color. The only race is human. There is no such thing as black or brown country. People just happen to have different skin colors. Its a meaningless physical characteristic such as eye or hair color. It means nothing.
  3. K
    4 fathers! They stole the land from the Native Americans then went to Aftica and stole Africans to do their hard labor because they were too stupid and lazy to do things on their own! Remember we didn't ask to be here, we stolen and forced to work for free for 300 hundred years and put up with racist red necks like you! Did you forget what race roamed the earth first ? Did you forget what the oldest continent is ? Did you not forget who is smarter and stronger by having melanin alone? Me. My mother. My father. My great ancestors! Africans have been on this earth for more than 10,000 years, Aftica is damn near 200,000 years old (the scientist have already proven that) your people kill mine for organs...why? Because ours are stronger and last longer! You know how much melanin cost per ounce? Africans and African Americans are worth so much! Have done so much! Yet you all look down on us as if, AS IF we asked to be here! Of course we can't go back to Africa! Y'all looted the damn place and gave them H.I.V ! We can't even get comfortable in a place of which our ancestors built from the ground up! And I gaurentee that you have African in your blood one is pure....Africans were here first. You can't get white from black. On black can produce white, brown, yellow, tan and albino! Not y'all. I'm not a racist. Far from it. I just need to voice my opinion to people like you. Trump is starting something that he can't finish. It's not the 30s "we ain't scared of the white man no mo" we have degrees, we can read, we know the law! We are fully aware of what's going on. And won't stand for it! Good luck to you and your campaign on making Tennese white again....a state built on the backs of blacks
  4. Minorities openly admit this!!!!!!
  5. Didn't realize I was being redirected to this page, I wish they notified when they sent you to KKK pages like this, I don't want to be associated with such hatefulness.
  6. Im praying for you
  7. You fucking moron! America was never white.. This is Native American land and has been long before you accidentally found our lands on your way to China. Take your stupid ass back to europe.
  8. Too late, Ricky, too late.
  9. So sad to see this. I am brown and carry the blood of Amerindians, Africans, Whites and speak 5 languages... how many do you speak? Value check Mr. Tyler. Stop calling yourself an America. The term was not coined for North America, but for the diverse and different fauna from that continent. You are the invader. My heritage, race and ethnicity are precisely what made the country of the United States of America “great”. Let us play well in the sandbox that is called Earth. There is. ONE human race. Hope you lose. Blessings!

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