White Fright (Audio)

Audio file of "An Intelligent Conversation About Race" Part 8

Air date: 6/18/16

Entitled: White Fright


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2 Responses

  1. Susan Tarvin
    Omg, you really need to get a grip you are not allowed to be so stupid. Oh could anyone take you seriously? WE are sooooo past what color is your neighbor and ignorant statements based on race. "Large numbers of black people together become emotionally dangerous?" Was that what you said? Pls get help and get out of leadership
  2. Why is it that simple things like this are no longer allowed to be talked about socially? It is being forced on us and people who speak out are ridiculed instead of engaged in educated debate. We live in a society where one can question Gods existence. One can question their own gender. One can even question whether a unborn child should have a right to be brutally murdered. But we are not allowed to discuss the differences in race? Wow. That is so alarming.

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