White Flight (Audio)

Audio file of "An Intelligent Conversation About Race" Part 9

Air date: 6/20/16

Entitled: White Flight



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5 Responses

  1. Faith
    This ad is the ad of an idiot
  2. Autum Hill
    This made me cry. I am African American and statistically Caucasians do more violent crimes a year than us they just do not get sentenced as much or at all. I don't understand why you people hate us so much. You won't rest until you reawaken the Black Panther Party.
    • Jessica Dickerson
      You are lying.
    • Jessica Dickerson
      You lie and then you make a threat, and you wonder why white people hate you.
  3. I love how liberals and even some conservatives pay lip service to diversity and integration, from the safety of their gated communities and self segregated neighborhoods. It reminds me of all the politicians who cry that guns need to be banned from the safety of security or secret servicemen who are heavily armed with guns.

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