Monday June 27th Press Conference

Press Release
On Monday, June 27th at 2pm 3rd District Congressional Candidate Rick Tyler will hold a press conference at the highway 411 location where his Make America White Again billboard was previously on display, all members of the media are invited to attend and questions regarding this event can be directed to Rick at 
The footage from the Press Conference can be viewed below

7 Responses

  1. David Lee
    I fully support you ,Mr.Tyler ,please tell me your mailing address I am going to send you an article I wrote before about Hispanics in the US and the destruction they have in mind again the USA ,we should learn from Britain ,our own border ,our own law ,our own policy ,leave the Spics at where they belong ,it will be informational to read that article that's why I want to send it to you ,stand up for American ,Stand up for the White race ,Stand up for the White children ,the other minorities want to keep us down ,cut us up ,America is dying .
  2. Zach Wade
    Hey brother I would like to donate some shekels to your campaign! Is there an easy way to do this?
  3. Allen Denton
    These and more facts are going to come out. Seems best to deal with them with facts to dispute them to put them behind you now rather than later.
  4. Tom newcomer
    Finally a real candidate for good people.
  5. Shelly Roberts
    "Good luck" at your press conference. The best thing that could happen would be that nobody shows up to give your views (that will put your restaurant out of business) any oxygen.
  6. Misty
    This is the most hilarious website I have looked at all day. Good luck, Little Dude! You are ADORABLE, as are the few sheep let that follow you. ROTFLMAO
  7. Brian Benz
    Support from New York!

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