White Fight (Audio)

Audio file of "An Intelligent Conversation About Race" Part 11

Air date: 6/26/16

Entitled: White Fight


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7 Responses

  1. Kevin Walker
    I want to help your campaign.
  2. Art Logie
    This is the 2nd time I have asked you to send me a picture of your Make America White sign so I can e-mail it to others. Thanks, Art
  3. Shelly Roberts
    Is this true?
  4. Brian Carter
  5. Lol
    Lol - racist.
  6. Truth
    How much does it bother you knowing white people won't exist in the future? That everyone will have brown skin. You probably wake up in a sweat thinking about it.
  7. Stuart's famous speech about how you beat cancer with the way you live is really powerful and invokes the reader to consider how they live and what they focus on in life.

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