34 in 16: Can Rick Tyler Actually Win?

It never ceases to both amaze and amuse me when I witness evidence of the idiocy and intellectual sloppiness of so many in our present era. Journalists and political types are some of the most egregious offenders when it comes to the putting forth of presumptions and statements that are totally lacking in factuality and veracity.

For the sake of this article, we will focus on one particular misnomer that is frequently expressed and advanced relative to the Rick Tyler for Congress campaign. The errant notion of which I speak is that Rick Tyler has no chance whatsoever of winning the 2016 congressional race against incumbent office holder Chuck Fleishman. This presumption (typically expressed in ex cathedra fashion) is patently false!
Matthew 9:26 states: “with men this is impossible; but with God, all things are possible.”

Yes, the God of scripture is sovereign over every miniscule detail that transpires in the universe. Via his magnificent and miraculous power, all things are possible. Including the election of Rick Tyler to the U.S. House of Representatives.
But even beyond the purely miraculous scenario that could catapult me into the Congress there is a more practical and logical pathway to the same end. Tennessee’s 3rd Congressional District is a safe Republican stronghold. Under normal circumstances it would be impossible for a Democrat to win; in that on average, their reliable percentage of the electorate is a mere 25-35%. Typically, the Republican candidate can count on coasting to victory with a vote percentage potentially upwards of 60%. Fringe 3rd Party candidates or Independents do well to collectively comprise 5% of the vote.

Wildcard In the Deck

For an intriguing variety of reasons, I am the ultimate wildcard in the deck. As a certified and qualified Independent I am guaranteed a presence on the November general election ballot. Fleishman will most certainly defeat his Republican primary opposition. (While Geoff Smith is a staunch conservative who would make a very good Congressman, he is up against a stacked deck that leaves little potential for a primary upset.) In the general election however, he will be up against something neither he or any of his predecessors have had to face.

You see, no one to date really understands who Rick Tyler is. I have lived my entire adult life committed to the counter-revolutionary vision of facilitating spiritual revival and political reform within the American nation. For 35 years I have been a tireless advocate for the cause of Constitutional and cultural restoration. Of course, statements such as the one just made never fail to elicit a collective groan from the liberal, multicultural chorus that has grown to such significant proportions. I would hasten to remind them however, that their philosophy was not the foundational underpinning of what became the great American Republic of a bygone era.
Yes, the America that I yearn for a restoration of featured an overwhelmingly white super majority. A body politic that shared a common Caucasian heritage that undergirded a fabric and composition of enormous potency and resilience. Furthermore, that super majority of white Americans was overwhelmingly Christian in their expression of faith and conservative in the outworking of their politics.
These are the facts, plain and simple! Untold millions understand this truth and no amount of progressive sophistry or specious rhetoric can overcome this reality.

In addition to my decades-long devotion to the cause of Constitutional and Biblical restoration, I also assert a somber claim to the mantle of service to the Divine Sovereign, Jesus Christ. The motto of the American Revolution was “No King but King Jesus!” That very motto is the motto by which I live and breathe. Like the Black Robed Regiment (the Colonial preachers and clergy) of the 1776 era, my greatest fear is being out of God’s will, and thus his favor. For this reason, I am able to walk in victory over the fear of man. Of course, this characteristic alone sets me apart from the field of status quo politicians. I am an aspiring statesman who is the utter antithesis of the average modern political hack. Needless to say, my willingness to confront in head-on fashion the most radical and controversial subject matter causes me to stick out like the proverbial sore thumb. Though its actual size remains to be accurately measured, there is most certainly a sleeping giant of Caucasian Americans who resonate and identify with my bold and timely message.

A Possible Three-Man Race

When Jesse Ventura shocked the political establishment by becoming the governor of Minnesota, he demonstrated how a strong Independent candidate could radically alter the normal dynamic of American politics. His Republican and Democratic opponents were solid establishment types with a notable partisan pedigree. When the dust settled on election day, Jesse emerged victorious with a mere 37% of the vote. Republican Norm Coleman was next with close to 35% and Hubert H. Humphrey III (Democrat) brought up the rear with 28%. Thus, a candidate who won decisively less than 50% of the general election vote won the day and took the prize.

Will East Tennessee Make History?

Think for a moment of what the political news climate will consist of if going into September and October, the Rick Tyler for Congress Campaign is actually being grudgingly acknowledged as having a mathematical chance of victory. Such a prospective development would legitimately command major interest and attention from the watching world, bringing along with it unprecedented opportunity for sweeping change and rehabilitation. Of course, the naysayers would be in a state of abject apoplexy at the prospect of a Tyler victory. They could be counted on to issue forth a shrill and panic-stricken prognostication of the eminent calamity that would most assuredly accompany a Tyler success. Once again however, they would be up against a force and factor never before encountered. Because of my faith, experience, abilities and calling I can communicate in a manner that enables me to vanquish the fiery darts of Satan’s evil, slanderous attacks. Through the unction of the spirit of God, vast numbers would be drawn to the uncompromised and unapologetic proclamation of God’s word and truth.
In the November election it would actually be possible for me to win with as little as 34% of the vote total. While an admitted long shot at this juncture, it is still a very real possibility.

Let the Games Begin

Moving forward, there are at least 3 certainties, and they are as follows:
1. Rick Tyler has broken the Matrix with the “Make America White Again” political concept/strategy.
2. A genie has been let out of the bottle-- and like all genies, he will have some surprises in store and won’t go back into the bottle voluntarily.
3. We are sailing in uncharted waters in that never before in American political history has there been a confluence and perfect storm of factors and circumstances such as what we are now experiencing. The stage has been set and America is at a crossroads.

Carpe diem!

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  1. Godspeed Mr. Tyler, May I inquire about your stance on Israel? Thanks Sam Petty 813-369-3746
  2. Shelly Roberts
    You may win a battle (in your mind) but lose your business. When will the 15 white supremacists who support you come eat at the grill?
    • Tom Newcomer
      It's obvious who the real haters are.
  3. Tom newcomer
    May GOD's will be done.
  4. Shelly Roberts
    Is this true?
  5. Amanda
    God also said love thy neighbor, I guess that doesn't count if they are any other color than white huh?
  6. Shelly Roberts
    Sounds like you're getting your message out unfiltered.
  7. bret
    You claim, that "no one to date really understands who Rick Tyler is." On the contrary, Mr. Tyler, I think most people know exactly who and what you are.
  8. As usual, the leftist naysayers are out in force. Regardless of what your precious feminine motions tell you, america cannot survive as a conglomeration of racial minorities where there is no cultural, political, or numerical control of the country by whites.If America becomes c Co mtrolled by mexicans, and being filled with mexicans, it will be mexico. The same applies to other groups. America MUST have a super majority of white people if it wishes to survive. What civilization can function as a multiracial country? We have enough problems among cultural and ethnic differences among white people,which is nothing compared to living in amultiracial hell. And if you think race war won't come in such a situation you are deluding yourself!
  9. It is amazing how whites have somehow become the ONLY racists. Black Lives Matter was rioting, looting, and murdering for years before anyone had the courage to expose them as racists. However, as soon as White Lives Matter activists began exposing the BLM terrorists, liberals from around the nation united to start All Lives Matter. Of course, WLM was thrown under the bus as 'racists' by both the BLM and ALM, but where was the cry by ALM that BLM was racist? Obviously it was nowhere. However, if ALL lives truly matter, wouldn't white lives matter then also? Apparently not, because to this date, BLM denies not only that white lives matter, but also that all lives matter either. And is there any outcry by All Lives Matter that BLM is racist for saying such? Again, of course not. Fast forwarding to current date, liberals cant fathom why we would start speaking out for our people, our rights, and our God given right to simply EXIST! Perhaps they cant see such with their racist anti-white glasses on. The majority is done being silent! We are tired of being tired and sick of being sick!!!

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