Knock Out (Audio)

Audio file of "An Intelligent Conversation About Race" Part 12

Air date: 6/29/16

Entitled: Knock Out

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2 Responses

    Only libturdtards are not careful around one or more blacks on the street. There are certain people who are more afraid of being called a "racist" than they are in protecting themselves and their loved ones from these non-White criminals. You have to be a 'sucker' to be 'sucker-punched' in most cases. I doubt that "The Knoxville Horror" or "The Wichita Massacre" would have went as they did if the White victims had been taught to fight back. Why did the White majority in America allow the government to force them to integrate their schools? Why did the White majority allow the Marxist jews and their 'Shabbot Goyim' ie. Ted Kennedy, to change the immigration from White countries to non-White countries? I blame the "pulpit wolves" for leading their flock to the pit!
  2. White people are weak, you should be scared

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