One Man Protest at the White Water Grill

On Tuesday, June 28th a single African American and self proclaimed prophet by the name of James Waller held two signs in front of the White Water Grill for 5 hours. He claimed God had sent him to rebuke Rick Tyler and ultimately pronounce eternal damnation on him. Rick Tyler confronted him and then later filmed reports each hour as Mr. Waller held his position.

Confronting The Protesting "Prophet" Part 2

Confronting The Protesting "Prophet" Part 3

Confronting The Protesting "Prophet" Part 4




7 Responses

    He is obviously just wanting his "15 minutes of fame" and piggy-backing off your media exposure. Best thing is to ignore him and let the sun cook what little brains he has. Personally, I would have brought him something to drink and if he drank it good, but if he threw it on the road, I would have called the police on him for littering. Of course, I would have filmed either scenario.
    By the way, calling him a "prophet" was not a smart thing to do.
  3. Wow, Mr. Tyler, what you have to put up with. You just can't fix stupid.
  4. Some Mix Raced
    I love how people actually genuinely believe in god.
  5. It is amazing how drugs can seriously mess up someones mind like that. Its so sad that society has not locked him up in a hospital and helped try to stop his disorder from growing worse. Psychology and natural remedies may be able to help stop the voices and delusions.
  6. Mr. Tyler, I am impressed with the calm and straightforward way in which you handled this, especially after the guy in the red truck stopped and cussed at you like he did.
  7. Mr. Tyler, you are a true American patriot, you have my support 100% matter of fact you actually got more support than you realize at this time. You now have support thru out the state of Tennessee. You are starting to raise a lot of eyebrows thru out the entire Eastern and southerner part of the country, and moving. 100% of your support and votes are and will be by all true American Patriots. P.S. you are making friends in low places. I also support your billboards. I would love to see them covering the entire country. Keep up the good work, you do have lots of support. Amen, And God Bless You.

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