Rick Tyler on the Rebel Yell Radio Show

On July 1st, Friday Rick Tyler was interviewed on the Rebel Yell Radio Show hosted by the The Right Stuff Radio. Listen below.

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  1. Just listened to your interview and I thought you did well in getting your points across and answering their questions. I have some comments to offer about some of those views you expressed....East Tennessee as a White enclave. There are too many " Roosevelt Democrats" in Polk & Monroe Counties. Their grand-dads and dads voted Democratic, so they do also and these people will be hard to convince. That is why I call them "Yellow dog DemonRats" because they would vote for a rabid, yellow dog like Clinton, as long as it was Democrat. White skin does not always mean pro-White or even Caucasian. As for "secession", for any Nation/State to succeed with secession, it would need access to ports on the ocean. The Union blockade slowly strangled the CSA in it's infancy, as Lincoln knew it would. I enjoyed our talk and look forward to speaking with your again when I get back from Texas.

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