The Africanization of America (Audio)

Audio file of "An Intelligent Conversation About Race" Part 13

Air date: 7/01/16

Entitled: The Africanization of America

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7 Responses

  1. Ever since integration was forced upon the American people, we have seen a bluntly racist attack against our morality, as well as our Christian faith, and obviously our entertainment institutions have played a large part in this. Genocide in this generation isn't necessarily all killing, although Black Lives Matter is clearly doing that. Erasing our values, our heritage, and our identity, is the foundation that leads to the death of a ethnicity as a whole.
  2. Rick you're doing the right thing. It's time for Whites to stand up and fight if they want to have a future. Our White traitors in Congress, Democrats and Republicans, have betrayed us for the past 50 years.
    • Tyler
      Thank You for your support.
    • Ummm, what exactly do you want again??... to start back owning and selling brown people like your ancestors did???? Was that better? You know, the ones who cooked your grandparents' food; the one's who changed the diapers and RAISED the children, unlike the unfit white mothers? ....or, are you speaking of the brown people who your grandfather slept with to create a more beautiful America? I'm confused!
  3. The blame should not be placed solely upon the Negroid race for only doing what is natural to their nature, but upon the jew for using their power and influence to corrupt the Caucasian Race's inclination for order and justice. Of course, this does not exonerate the blame and responsibility of the Caucasian Race for allowing the jew to prosper in their Satanic designs.
    • Skin color means nothing, as does hair color or eye color. The only race is human. There is no such thing as black or brown country. People just happen to have different skin colors. Its a meaningless physical characteristic such as eye or hair color. It means nothing.

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