The Shot Heard Round The World

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  1. You are disgusting piece of human filth.
  2. Mr. Tyler, Adam & Eve were all of us first parents. This means we are all part of the same bloodline. This why whether you are of any race (Man Made) not scriptural, we all have the same organs, body parts, etc. The color of one's skin is not mention in the Holy Scriptures as to say one over the other. Whites in this country have constantly painted themselves as being the dominant group and leaving out of history everyone else. You think that you possibly know more human history and the Bible than anyone else. May Jehovah have mercy on you. Your Hate goes against our true God's definition of himself as the God of love,not deception,lies, puff up with pride above other. You must be humble not think of yourself as better. Look at all the wrong thru out history whites have done to us all..
    • You know where it says to witness to the beast of the field? You think the bible was talking about lions? The beast of the field was here before Adam. If you actually knew the bible you would know this. Adam in the bible is referred to as having a ruddy complexion. This means being able to blush. Can blacks or any other brown race blush??? You don't know your bible bible because you've been listening to your Marxist preacher lie to you. All races are not the same. Why do blacks have a 70 IQ on average? Lemme guess your answer, racism. With affirmative action they still don't succeed. Blacks have higher testosterone on average than whites. There are examples after examples that you seem to dismiss that have been proven scientifically. Mr. Tyler, thank you for all the work you have done. I'm voting for you in the coming election.
  3. Jim
    Blacks have won only one Nobel Prize outside of the peace and literature categories. Without the white race, we will have no advancements in science and technology. White women who date black men are killing their race.
  4. Mr. Tyler, That was an excellent interview, well done ! You will do well in Congress.

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