Rick Tyler On Red Ice TV

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  1. Hi Rick, I've just made a donation via Paypal. I wish I could add a bunch of zeros and I wish it were going to Rick Tyler For President. I saw our enemy at work as a kid in Brooklyn in the 1950's. I was surrounded by awake Whites who warned me of everything that has come to pass. I fought the enemy on college campuses in the 60's. I've worked in show business, advertising, education and the charity racket. The enemy controls them all. I've been living in the UK for many years and surprise, surprise I've encountered the same enemy here. Case in point: after all the in-fighting among the Conservative Party, Britain now has an unelected Prime Minister who is the most pro-Israel PM in British history. Keep punchin' John
  2. Good responses...very articulate! Keep on fighting the Good Fight. We win in the end!!

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