An Important Message From Rick Tyler

Thanks to all who have engaged in efforts to support this groundbreaking effort. Needless to say, I have the utmost appreciation for those who are willing to take a stand against the evil minions of our time! Without question, we are endeavoring to stem the tide of a dark power whose abject purpose is nothing short of our outright destruction as a people!

July 30th... A Pivotal Moment

On July 30th we will be holding an event at our home base complex in Ocoee, TN. This gathering will feature a press conference at which the Rick Tyler For Congress, Make America White Again, I Have A Dream, Defend the First Amendment tour bus will be introduced! Other significant and consequential announcements will also be made/set forth on this notable occasion.

Your Help Is Needed!

Please consider doing whatever is within your means or ability.

The following are ways you can help:

Plan on being in attendance in Ocoee on Saturday, July 30th. It will be an all-day affair with plenty of fellowship and activity.

Inform others about this event and the bus tour that will follow.

Contribute financially to the maximum degree possible. It is unfortunate but undeniable that monetary resources are foundational to being able to accomplish anything meaningful in the real world., more than ever, is the time for great sacrifice and devotion. I am giving all I have to champion and advocate for truth. Please join with me.

Rick Tyler

Please Donate to the Make America White Again bus tour of the third district.
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  1. I will be there with a donation in my hand!! I look forward to speaking with you again and standing with you in this struggle for America's soul.

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