Rick Tyler For Congress Campaign Attacked By Two Racist Black Organizations

A recent front page headline of the Cleveland Daily Banner in Cleveland, Tennessee read, “Organizations Condemn Rick Tyler Message” The article accompanying the headline proceeded to inform the reader of denunciations on the part of two local all black organizations directed toward the person, the message, and the Congressional Campaign of Rick Tyler. The NAACP chapter in Bradley County, as well as the 100 black men of Bradley County organization, went to considerable lengths to heap condemnation upon candidate Tyler while imploring the readership to reject his “Make America White Again” message at the ballot box in November.

The Meaning of the Message


As recently as 1965, America was an overwhelmingly white, Christian nation...

As recently as 1965 America was a white Christian Nation. No...we are not arguing that America was 100% white. Such has never been the case. Instead, we are pointing to the reality that in the mid-1960s our nation consisted of a white super majority of at least 85%. That super majority represented a perpetuation of the racial stock of the founding fathers. There was no debate or dispute as to the reality that America was overwhelmingly white and Christian in its religious expressions and affinities. The “Make America White Again” message is simply an appeal to logic and reason. The white America of the sixties was vastly superior to the multi ethnic, multicultural polyglot that the cunning social engineers are trying to force down our throats. Quite simply, if we fail to rekindle and restore something resembling that era (which is not too far in our past) we will most assuredly perish and go the way of predecessor civilizations who lost their way and woundup on the ash heap of History.

Organizations like the NAACP and 100 Black Men are utterly incapable of objectivity. Their organizational template is predicated on a perceived need to change the America of the founders. They can't help but foster and promote divisiveness, strife, and contention. This is the very core and essence of their mission. Theirs is the textbook manifestation of the politics of guilt and pity.

Why They Hate the Truth


Organizations such as the NAACP and 100 Black Men of Bradley County are grievance based in their foundations and operational structure. Their very existence is wholly established upon the reality that for some reason (which everyone prefers not to discuss) the constituency they represent is incapable of being able to compete successfully in the midst of the reality of a rough and tumble world. Why else would we have needed a National Association for the Advancement of Colored People other than to address and deal with the reality that they were constantly falling short when measured by the standards of the accomplishments of the non colored population?

The age old conundrum of racial disparity is essentially an unsolvable proposition. Like a dog chasing its tail, this exercise in futility never ends. Only through the forced application of unnatural and illegitimate tactics are the Social Engineers able to create the illusion of viability in a divided, culturally conflicted Society. White, European, Christian civilization was unchallenged in its dominance and Supremacy until the mid-1900’s. Only through abject deceit and sleight of hand methodologies has the classic American racial/cultural template been successfully subverted. White America has had its nation stolen right out from under its very nose. When we expose this reality and delineate the pathology through which it has come to pass, we are instantaneously met with vitriolic denunciations of being “racist” and “hateful.” of course...it is those levying the unfounded accusations who are actually filled with racial bias and animus.

Rick Tyler Will Grant No Quarter


...there is a man who refuses to accept the twisted and demented contemporary racial House of Horrors.

The refreshing thing about the Rick Tyler for Congress Campaign is that at last...there is a man who refuses to accept the twisted and demented contemporary racial House of Horrors. Saying it is so does not make it so! Scripture states that we are to “...prove all things and hold fast that which is good.” The bogus charge of racism that is routinely used to instill false guilt in white people has run its putrid course. Double-mindedness and hypocrisy are destined to be exposed as the sickening characteristics that they are. Those who live their lives as self-righteous purveyors of deception deserve to be labeled as the evil vessels they are. Through the unrelenting and indefatigable efforts of Rick Tyler and others who follow his example...the powerful broadsword of hardcore truth will come crashing down on the tormented minds of those who live in the meaningless existence of defending treachery and lies.

Shame On These Racist Blacks!

The NAACP has a very dubious history. Like the MLK phenomenon, it is communistic in its origins.


Above is the infamous photo of MLK at Highlander Folk School (a well established former Communist Training Center) in Monteagle, TN.

Being entirely founded on race based double standards and hypocrisy...it should have never been granted credence and respectability by traditional American society. Like a noxious weed, it has been allowed to prosper and flourish via the psychological extortion of favor and sympathy from a brainwashed, beaten down, self-loathing white population. Those with genuine decency and a corresponding love of truth will shun the NAACP and pray for its ultimate demise.

The 100 Black Men organization is also intrinsically hypocritical. Its composition and makeup are both towering symbols of racial prejudice and exclusivity. Though it may well perform deeds of benefit and worthiness on behalf of black youth who are floundering in a sea of rebellion and confusion, it nevertheless, fails to acknowledge foundational truths and realities that underlie the reasons black Americans find themselves in such dire peril.

Rick Tyler 13592763_495640020641073_6058713917647775023_nis committed to the task of laying out the truth which reverses the baseless charges being irresponsibly levied against him by these racially driven, black leadership figures. By God’s grace, it is hoped that many of their innocent victims will be liberated from their deceitful and manipulative tactics.

The original article as it appeared in the Cleveland Daily Banner can be read here.


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  1. The NAACP was created by communist jews.
  2. Rick Tyler you are a wonderful person!!!
  3. Run Rick Run, you are the one!
  4. History may well place Mr Tyler among the great ones (i.e., the Founding Fathers) who were not only mental giants but also men of sterling character and unwavering conviction and courage. We have pitifully few of such leaders today.
  5. I have met Dr. William Pierce, Mr. J. B. Stoner, Mr. Butler, Mr. B. Delay Beckwith, Mr. E. J. Steele and many of the other great men of our Race who have given their lives in defense of their Race. I write their names not to appear important myself, but to honor their names before everyone lest they be forgotten. Men like Mr. Tyler and Mr. David Duke are still continuing to defend our Race against those who wish to enslave or exterminate us. Let us support them in their vital endeavor with all of our might and resources.
  6. In our effort to disseminate The Racial Loyalist Manifesto, as well as implement it likewise. I believe firmly that it is one of the greatest books ever written and that it is imperative that we get it into our comrades' hands. In that vein, can you obtain for me email addresses for the following individuals? Jared Taylor Kevin MacDonald David Duke Tom Metzger James Edwards Andrew Anglin Don Black Rick Tyler As well as any other leaders in the pro-White movement these days of whom I am unaware? And can you check with Matthew Heimbach and find out whether he has received and read RLM? You see, our effort now must be to get RLM into every White leader's hands, worldwide, and I want us to do our part to make that happen! We must build the Party ASAP. There is no time to waste. My emails are really slow right now in their processing, just so you know. Yours For Our Folk! Rev. Matt Hale
  7. All Tennessee Juggalos should vote Rick Tyler and eradicate the nigger menace!
  8. This has to be a joke.... It's a joke right??
  9. You do realize that the highlander folk school was set up by two trade unionists and a baptist minister to train UNION activists and organizers. It wasn't set up by communists. Your argument is a) inaccurate and b) a logical fallacy

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