Just As Was Expected

A recent local unscientific phone survey has born out what Third District congressional candidate Rick Tyler has confidently asserted since the unveiling of his news-generating Make America White Again billboard on Highway 411 in Polk County, Tennessee. In random, confidential samplings of Polk County residents, the indicators are overwhelming that at least 90% of the county population desires that the local area remain pervasively white in its demographic make up and composition.

Of course...this confirmation will only come as a surprise to those who insist upon burying their heads in the sand for the purpose of denying obvious truth and reality. The simple fact of the matter is that "super majority white" is synonymous with a peaceful, lawful, tranquil, bucolic, and orderly community. How could anyone in possession of their sanity oppose such an environment?

Of equal interest is the fact that the primary resistance to Rick Tyler's common sense message emanates from the liberal leaning, transient, morality challenged river sub-culture. While the white water raft guide community and its individual representatives have many good qualities, they do tend decisively toward substance abuse, sexual promiscuity, and a very real manifestation of the classic Peter Pan syndrome.

Thus, it comes as no surprise that they would gravitate toward opposition to the bedrock conservative foundations of a bygone era. Little else could be expected in light of their youthful inexperience, naivete, and lifetime exposure to cultural liberalism and subversion.

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  1. Can you share how many people were included in your survey and what questions were asked?
  2. Mr. Tyler, your criticisms of the liberal/left/communist agenda are very statesmanlike. In my opinion these traitors need be subjected to the treason clause of the US Constitution.
  3. I think more surveys like this need to be run. My guess is that most communities would yield similar results. But the survey question is rarely asked by pollsters.
  4. Of course, most White people prefer to be among other White people. Even the White libterdtards who say they "love diversity" don't want to live among the non-Whites. Too bad we can't make every White libterdtard live in a black ghetto for a month. LOL
  5. "Make Africa black again!"

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