Press Conference Draws Notable Attention

On Monday, June 27th, at 2 p.m., Rick Tyler conducted a press conference for the purpose of responding to the events of the previous week wherein his Make America White Again and I Have A Dream billboards were forced down via contractual violation and terroristic threats.

The press conference was held at the scene of the crime...namely the location on Highway 411 in Polk County where the controversial Make America White Again billboard was erected on the afternoon of Tuesday, June 21st. Despite the sweltering heat, the event was attended by channels 3, 9, & 12 out of Chattanooga. A 12 x 12 canopy was provided to shade the reporters and cameramen, as well as the handful of other attendees.

Channel 3 streamed live on Facebook for almost an hour with 13,000 viewers looking on. By the end of the press event over 1,000 comments had been made by these viewers. Quite obviously there is considerable fascination with the Rick Tyler for Congress candidacy.

At the press conference the media was informed of the following:

The matter at hand was a vicious assault on the enormously crucial First Amendment...specifically as it pertains to free speech.

The campaign would be erecting a roadside cross reading "R.I.P. First Amendment" as a memorial to our lost and dying liberties.

The month of July would witness the holding of a fundraising event that would feature as a door prize, an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle. Similar events were to be planned throughout the district as the campaign season progresses.

July would also see the unveiling of the Rick Tyler For Congress, Make America White Again, I Have A Dream, Save the First Amendment campaign tour bus, featuring 8' x 16' billboard type signs. The bus will be scheduled to tour the Third District and be a lightning rod for attention everywhere it goes as it will courageously feature the two billboard messages that were so viciously assaulted by the enemies of truth and the First Amendment!

In the aftermath of the June 27th press conference, some have hoped that Rick Tyler would cave in to the despicable, anti-American attacks upon the hallowed institution of free speech. Nothing, however, could be further from reality! In the coming weeks and months, Rick fully intends to boldly traverse the territory of Tennessee's Third District. In so doing, he will provide an example to friend and foe alike that truth and freedom are alive and well...and that they will be stood for and defended at all costs by the grace and power of Almighty God.

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  1. Your position and persistence are admirable, but in a state where even The Knoxville Horror got no press coverage, I am not optimistic regarding the outcome of this election. Bless you for fighting the good fight!
    • The media did black us out in 2010 when he ran for Senate Joyce, but this time around it was a bit harder for them to ignore. Even though the turnout for the press conference wasn't as big as it could have been, some 13k people saw it while it was being streamed live to facebook.
      • Thank you for the good news about Facebook, not that I think Facebook promotes only good things. Do you have any way of quantifying how many of those 13,000 viewers are Mr. Tyler's potential constituents? Many thanks to all of you in the campaign!
  2. Is there any news on a criminal charge for the person who took down your billboard?
    • It's a point for consideration Adam, but there's been bigger fish to fry for the present. A lawsuit were certainly be totally justifiable though.
  3. I watched the entire event. Thank you Mr Tyler.

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