Rick Tyler…The Best Choice For All Tennesseans

As voters prepare to weigh in for the upcoming November election, they will do well to remember that the "party line" is almost always wrong and detrimental to the well being of the general electorate. Specifically...this article seeks to address the question of why Rick Tyler is the congressional candidate who would best serve the real needs and interests of all voters of the Third District in east Tennessee.

It's the Constitution, Stupid!

With apologies for having to be so blunt and gruff...let me remind the reader that our present perilous circumstances being faced as Americans can almost all be traced and linked to wholesale departure from the tenets of constitutional governance. Yes...the U.S. Constitution is the "law to govern the government." When elected officials, who have taken a solemn oath to uphold and defend the Constitution from foreign and domestic enemies, proceed to wilfully violate that same oath...they have become nothing short of "criminal government."

Such corrupt and criminal government is at the root of what plagues our nation at present, and only one candidate in the Third District congressional race has the conviction and courage to abjectly and forcefully champion and defend the Constitution that our forefathers established through the laying down of their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor. Without question...advocacy for and restoration of the U.S. Constitution will be in the best interest of all Tennesseans, regardless of their ethnicity or religious foundations.

Speaking the Truth in Love

Rick Tyler is a throw back to the American statesman of old. He is not for sale and is willing to give his very life for the cause of truth and justice. Like no one else on the political stage...he is willing to speak the plain, unvarnished truth concerning all the paramount issues of the day.

Taxation without representation, the slaughter of the unborn, runaway and abusive federal power, the radical Muslim invasion besieging the nation...these and many other critical issues are all squarely in the crosshairs of Rick Tyler's principle-based agenda. No other candidate (and most certainly not the incumbent) is willing to take on the corrupt and treasonous forces that are leading us steadily toward destruction.

A Rising Tide Raises All Boats

While making no bones about the need to seek restoration of a white super majority, the Rick Tyler For Congress campaign is very much the wise and common sense option for non-white voters as well. A robust and rejuvenated America will benefit citizens of all backgrounds and ethnicities. A courageous and honest congressional representative could very well provide the spark that would be necessary to engender spiritual renaissance and revival throughout the region and nation as a whole.

The Caucasian race has been used by God to impart untold blessings to all the peoples of the earth. The Rick Tyler For Congress campaign will boldly advocate for restoration of sanity and reason in an otherwise insane and unreasonable world...and in so doing will provide the best opportunity for all Tennesseans to bask in the restored favor of the just and righteous God of our fathers!

2 Responses

  1. In this jumbled world of political correctness and deceit Mr Tyler speaks obvious truths. The elites must be astonished!
  2. Mr. Tyler, Sorry to disagree with you on The Constitution, but it was a trap for sheep built by wolves. If you have read "The Anti-Federalist Pamphlets", then you know that many of our Founding Fathers were against "The Constitution" and supported only amending The Articles of Confederation that they fought for independence under. Patrick Henry was just one among many who would not attend the Con Con. He said, "I smell a rat"! The only way The Constitution was passed (illegally) was when they added the "Bill of Rights" which contained added clauses that would be used to annul our so-called Rights.

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