A Disgrace to the Journalistic Profession

The Polk County News and its owner/editor/chief cook and bottle washer Cheryl Beuhler are an utter and complete disgrace to journalism and the First Amendment protections within which its honorable manifestation is intended to flourish. At the heart of Beuhler’s problem is the fact that she is afflicted with the modern scourge of liberalism. This woman is cut from the cloth of modern leftist ideology and philosophy.

On the issue of abortion she aligns with the pro death position. Make no mistake about it…abortion stops a beating heart! It has nothing to do with a woman’s “right to choose” relative to her own body. Instead…abortion involves the cruel and merciless killing of an unborn human being. Our forefathers of old would have found it incomprehensible that future generations would tolerate the wholesale slaughter of the unborn. Cheryl Beuhler has no moral authority whatsoever. She is an apologist for and an accomplice to murderous and gruesome practices that take place under the euphemistic label of “Termination of Pregnancy.” Of course…it should not come as a surprise that she would be equally misguided in her ardent support for the systematic destruction of the Caucasian racial family.

Myopic Ineptitude

Beuhler runs the paper which has been under ownership of her family since they came to the area as transplants from up north. From the outset of Beuhler ownership the Polk County News reflected editorial content inconsistent with the historic conservatism of the area. Were it not for various notifications that are required by law to be published and circulated, the Polk County News would probably go the way of the dinosaur. The publication in question will certainly never run the risk of functioning as a beacon and bastion of First Amendment protection and strength. Instead…Cheryl Beuhler will most likely continue to use the Polk County News as an organ of censorship and a forum for her own misguided political opinions and sentiments. In so doing…she will continue to exhibit her own affront to journalistic integrity.

Why Not the Truth?

Like the majority of socialistic liberals, Cheryl Beuhler chooses to live in world of illusion and falsity. She is so prejudiced by her own beliefs and opinions that she simply can’t stomach the reality that a majority of the electorate happens to disagree with her liberal ideology. On the front page of the June 29, 2016 issue of the Polk County News she announces that “Locals Shun Racist Message” when, in reality, such is simply not the truth! There can be little doubt that the majority of the regular population of Polk County are very much desirous of the preservation of a white super majority in the county. Even the small percentage of those who might vocalize indifference to the prospect of a non-white influx into the county, demonstrate through their own behavior a disingenuous nature. After all…if they truly believe there is no advantage to be gained from maintaining an overwhelmingly white demographic…why don’t they move to a multi-racial community? Or better yet…why did they choose to live in a county that is 98.6 white? Only an imbecile would argue against the reality that an increase in non-white population would guarantee an escalation in the crime rate within the county.

The Social Media Echo Chamber and the Liberal River Sub Culture

Much of the vocal opposition the Make America White Again billboard has emanated from the left leaning river community. This transient element certainly doesn’t represent or reflect the traditional, conservative sentiments of the indigenous Polk County population. In fact…they are routinely referred to in disparaging terminology…being labeled as “River Hippies” and “River Rats.” The Tyler family and the White Water Grill have always treated the river community with the utmost of courtesy and respect. They have been well cared for and accommodated at every turn. Overwhelmingly youthful…it is not surprising that they would tend to be co-opted by liberalism and confused socialistic dogma. Like the majority of their age bracket, they are very much indoctrinated and brain washed by modernism and its myriad support systems. Apart from their shrill, online rantings…there has been little tangible opposition to the Make America White Again advertising effort.

The Strong-Arm Tactics of the Left

The Make America White Again billboard has become a textbook casualty of a vicious assault on the First Amendment. In violation of both civil and criminal law, Make America White Again billboard has been taken down and stolen under cover of darkness. The overwhelming opinion of the community at large is that Rick Tyler has the absolute right to express his political opinion and stance, regardless of how controversial it might be. Cheryl Beuhler and other advocates of strong arm tactics, simply must pretend that the removal of the billboard was somehow an expression of something noble and admirable…instead of dealing with the reality that...instead…it was the handiwork of those who are de facto enemies of the truth, the first amendment, and the American Republic that has afforded them so much in the way of blessing and opportunity.

Can the Leopard Change its Spots?

No…not likely. As a rule of thumb…statist liberals will not come around to the biblical, historic truth upon which America was founded. We have allowed them to gain a foothold and it will not be easy to prevail over their corrupting presence in the fabric of our modern society. What must be done, however, is the putting forth of tireless and determined advocacy for truth. Lies are from the satanic, demonic forces spoken of in Ephesians 6:12. The power and truth of Jesus Christ will ultimately prevail over ALL treachery and deceit. The modern multi-cultural, multi-ethnic tower of Babel will fail just as did its forerunner in times of old. The righteous must prepare to rebuild on foundations of truth when opportunity is made manifest.

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  1. A local newspaper usually has a large influence on local opinion...as long as it adheres to the local culture most of the time. Too many jews have gained a choke hold on America's mass media outlets and use it to denigrate those views with which they don't agree and to make derogatory comments under the color of the 1st Amendment. Take a page from Mr. Trump and attack those who attack you and do it harder!
  2. We can only hope that the Cheryl Beuhler's of the world will be exposed for there perverted ideology and there media outlets bankrupt for the lies they print about our Christian values and the good people that are trying to remove this evil that is swallowing up our land. When the non-white factor are placed in our communities they become extremely unsafe.

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