A Hit Piece In the Making

It appears that Channel 4 out of Nashville is working on some kind of hatchet job, hit piece against me. I deduce this based on recent efforts by reporter Liz Lohuis to garner my cooperation via the granting of an “on camera interview.”

The principle subject matter they are delving into revolves around past circumstances of my personal, family life...specifically regarding a bevy of bogus accusations by a psychopath named Johnny who has spent years falsely accusing me of being a kidnapper! A smattering of this nonsense has found its way onto the internet (what hasn’t?) and it is frequently seized upon by those foolish enemies of truth who, in turn, invariably wind up with egg all over their face.

In this current situation I talked for some time with Liz and gave her considerable background information...off the record, off course. I advised her that I would only do live interviews in the interest of being assured of getting truth out on the front end of the story. I explained to her that experience had taught me to distrust the media and that I simply wouldn’t be a party to the “60 Minutes” style smear jobs that have long been standard operating procedure in mainstream media.

Liz seems sincere and nice enough (sometimes that is merely a façade) and I have reiterated to her my policy regarding on camera interviews being “live only.” Her superiors have nixed the live interview prospect and may well proceed in their efforts without my participation. I have sent a message to Liz via e-mail which is being posted on the Rick Tyler For Congress website.

We shall see how the enemy maneuvers on the tactical chess board.

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  1. All the mass media, including local news stations should be treated as potential enemies and treated as such. Yes, some reporters may agree with what you say. but they do not have the final say on what gets shown, as you well know. Even those who agree with part of what you say may turn on you over some part with which they don't agree.

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