A Message From Rick Tyler to a Nashville TV Reporter

Hey Liz...

I got your recent message and am just getting around to responding. Sorry for the delay.

As I told you, I am only interested in a live interview, in the interest of minimizing my vulnerability to underhanded, below the belt tactics. I know that you are coming from a position of sincere desire to do your job well...but you are part of a much larger entity that does not operate in the overall interest of truth. We live in a world and nation that are ruled by and sold out to mammon and earthly corruption. The mass media, of which you are a part...simply trying to outwork your career...isn’t interested in getting to the bottom of that which controls and governs the affairs of this world.

Award-winning journalist Gary Webb learned this when he authored the Dark Alliance series of articles. He was attacked, discredited, drummed out of his profession and ultimately murdered for having dared to expose ultra powerful evil forces. He was shot twice in the head but they still had the gall to rule his death a suicide. Liz...if you were to decide to report the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth about the Rick Tyler phenomenon...they might well try to do the same to you.

As I pointed out to you on the phone...isn’t it odd that the establishment media would concern itself with the accusation of Rick Tyler possibly having had an extra-marital affair almost twenty years ago? In a time when men “marry” men, women “marry” women, and a well documented closeted homosexual and his tranny “wife” illicitly occupy the Oval Office...why would anyone possibly care about the marital status of Rick Tyler?

As I told you...I don’t hold myself up as a paragon of virtue. I am a mortal man with feet of clay...a broken vessel completely dependent on the blood of Jesus Christ for my salvation and redemption. Despite my frailties...I have never been a whoremonger, philanderer, or serial rapist like William Jefferson Clinton. I don’t hobnob with convicted, billionaire pedophile sex offenders the likes of Jeffery Epstein...flying on the Lolita Express to a private island for the purpose of engaging in fleshly relationships with underage girls, as does the former president. Surely...my story couldn’t hold a candle to the lurid details of Hillary’s legendary lesbian exploits with young women and her principle partner in perversion and criminality, Huma Abedin.

No...the controlled media has no interest whatsoever in these real stories of titillating decadence and debauchery. Instead...they would devote significant resources toward an effort to fabricate fodder for an attack/hit piece on Rick Tyler. It’s all too transparent to those who have eyes to see.

Liz...I stand by my offer for a live interview if your superiors should decide to go that route. If your station employs its considerable resources and sophisticated infrastructure in an effort to discredit and bring injury to my effort to champion the truth...I will simply rely on God’s sovereign will and power to guide me in my response.

Thank you, again, for your sincere interest in my campaign, crusade, and overall story. I wish you well and trust we will continue to cross paths as the future unfolds.

Sincerely yours,

Rick Tyler

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  1. Make your stand and stick to it. We win in the end!!

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