Make America White Again

Who in their right mind would argue that the Leave It to Beaver, Ozzie and Harriet, Mayberry America wasn’t superior to America in 2016? That America of yesteryear was one where you left your doors unlocked...and where there was inordinately less violent crime. There were no home invasions, carjackings, Muslim mosques, or radical jihadist sleeper cells. And...most was an America that was in excess of 85% white in its demographic composition.

Interestingly...even in modern America...when the population of a given area is overwhelmingly white...there continue to exist the qualities of a safe and peaceful Norman Rockwell America. As tyrannical federal power has systematically maneuvered to force feed their social engineering schemes to an unsuspecting public, America has steadily devolved into something more akin to the violence prone, impoverished third world.

In response to government’s attempts to impose mandatory integration upon the white population, Caucasians have typically resorted to a low key, no fanfare exodus from the cities and urban centers.

No Place Left to Retreat To

As the years and decades have unfolded, the Caucasian race has very much begun running out of havens to which they can retreat. Yes...the swelling ranks of non-whites have become so great that whites are moving rapidly toward becoming a statistical minority in the nation their racial ancestors established. Legal and illegal non-white immigration are growing by leaps and bounds.

White super majority localities are decreasing at an alarming rate and national government is accelerating the pace of official programs designed to hasten substantial minority influx into localities alleged to be “lacking in diversity.” These insidious and unconstitutional programs will most assuredly go forth unabated in the absence of determined and forceful resistance. White Christian Americans must awaken to the reality that forsaking and squandering one’s birthright is serious sin in the eyes of God.

Specific Policy Advocacy

The Rick Tyler For Congress campaign advocates for the following policy directives in the administration of governmental activity.

- The cessation of all non-white legal immigration.

- Promotion of maximum Caucasian immigration, primarily from Europe, South Africa and former Rhodesia.

- Termination of domestic policies that subsidize non-white birthrates.

- Strict enforcement of the southern border.

- Deportation of illegal immigrants currently in the nation.

- Elimination of birthright citizenship for those born of illegal immigrants.

Such action on the part of government would send a clear and unmistakable message concerning the need to return to an historically proper white American super majority.

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  1. Thanks to generations of jew propaganda and false preachers, White Americans now believe that their Race, culture and society are no better than the Race, culture and society of the non-Whites and in some cases even worse than them. We need to take back America's education system immediately, if we are to have a lasting effect on our future.
    • I have noticed this same problem, be it debating Christians conservatives or liberals. Both have been brainwashed with this self-hate, guilt, Marxism, etc. The liberals are just more nasty about it and more hypocritical than the Christians are, from my observation. It's not logical why so many White Americans have this guilt. Decades now of Jewish propaganda and we need to reverse it quickly. Time is not on our side!
  2. I agree 100%. btw, sinceyou were on myradio show, trolls are now accusing you of being Jew. This is how the ADL tries to discredit people in the eyes of gullible whites.
    • I got those same comments too, especially on the Renegade forum when Rick was on Kyle's show. It really annoys me when these anonymous posters (yeah, I know I'm one too) who insult and complain all the time when a white person (like Mr. Tyler) has the balls to publicly talk about race and willing to risk their financial and personal status in the process. I've not had to suffer for my beliefs, other than being called a 'hater' or 'bigot' or 'racist', but I have the utmost respect for Rick and other whites who are open with their views. Especially for the Europeans as they are getting in criminal trouble for speaking their minds.
  3. It doesn't require a high IQ to understand Mr Tyler's argument. It is low morality and lack of character quality among the people which has brought about this intolerable state of affairs in our once-great land. Mr Tyler's solution to America's problems is exactly right-- America needs to repent and believe the gospel of Jesus Christ. This will instill in our hearts the will to live according to God's righteous laws.
  4. You should add to your platform the restoration of the constitutional right of free association, and the repeal of all civil rights laws that are in conflict with it. The right of free association is what lets you choose whether (or not) to buy from someone, or sell to someone, or let someone rent or borrow or use your property, etc., based on any reason you like. You don't have to justify your decisions, or your preferences, in any way. The liberals have collectivised (something they do a lot) the notion of association. When America started out, your business was with individuals, with specific other people. Whomever entered your shop was a potential customer, and an actual one if he bought something, but "the public" was not. The liberal rationale for much civil rights law depends on the idea that a person sacrifices his right to free association when he chooses to do business with "the public." That rationale is a socialist fiction, and all of the laws that this fiction has spawned must be repealed.
  5. Sieg heil! Down with spics and niggers!
  6. Vote Rick Tyler! Down with spics and jigaboos and kikes! Tennessee Juggalo gang!
  7. Rick Tyler and David Duke will make a great pair in Congress.
  8. Wow, you're flippin' crazy!
  9. Dan
    It's about time someone said it. Way to go. Posting far and wide!
  10. You do realize that "Leave It to Beaver", "Ozzie and Harriet", and "Mayberry RFD" were fictional TV shows? They were about as real as your chances to get elected to public office.
  11. i agree with most of what this guy says, but the god stuff has got to go. America can't be great as long as religion is here. We are moving in the right direction, and certainly should not be electing leaders that are so immature and easly brainwashed that they believe in or need a "fake friend" to show them the way.
    • Dan
      God is not a religion. Belief in God is what made America what it once was.
  12. Is this site for real? Drinking the koolaid there, Rick Tyler?
  13. I agree with that. America needs to be white again. Afer getting robbed a couple of times by one black-ass bastard, who has even stolen from his own family, I have become convinced that America must be made white again., Donald Trump will make America white again. We do need to encourage white immigration from Europe, Canada, and Australia. I say bring back White America.
  14. Some Americans may have thought that tyranny would never come to the US because the rich, celebrities, media, politicians, and American people would resist. Who would have thought that the rich would loot the country by getting bailouts and subsidies while being the ones conspiring and building the police state by paying actors, singers, and atheletes to distract Americans with bread and circuses, using reporters to push propaganda, real crises, and false flags, and buying off and corrupting politicians with campaign donations and cushy job promises to start wars, import refugees that weaken and divide the US, drive up the debt, make laws that enslave Americans, and throw crumbs to pacify the 99% in the form of food stamps, Obamacare, Obamaphones, and public housing? The destruction of the USA is nearly complete.

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