Dealing With the Swastika and the KKK

In the battle for truth and the soul of our nation, we are pitted against enemies that possess enormous power and earthly resources. They enjoy the utilization of a fountainhead of financial prowess that is virtually limitless in its proportions. Through the phenomenon of the private bank charter and its unique ability to create “money” out of thin air...the power structure is able to finance and execute a ceaseless barrage of propaganda and disinformation...all of which is cleverly designed to lead the masses of humanity into bondage and de facto slavery.

An Unwitting Army of Foot Soldiers

Through its ability to direct and control the flow of many trillions of so called “dollars” (real dollars are actually units of measure, meted out in precise quantities of gold or silver coinage) the globalist control mechanism is able to marshal legions of loyal and obedient servants who, in turn, execute and carry out the broad and sweeping policies of a slowly evolving “new world order.”

mp-emblemTo better understand how such a massive master plan for the enslavement of humanity can even be a possibility...the reader is encouraged to remember America’s atomic bomb program...the Manhattan Project. You will note and recall that the unveiling of the mushroom cloud took America and the world by great surprise! And yet...prior to Hiroshima and Nagasaki...multiple thousands of highly intelligent workers were engaged, around the clock, in the broad and extensive efforts that culminated in the production of the atomic bomb. And how was it that so few people were aware of or understood the full scope of the program they were a part of. Compartmentalization is the method whereby extraordinary endeavors are executed and carried out. The vast majority of participants know only of their own task. Furthermore, they instinctively realize that their own best interest is served by not knowing details relative to the larger project of which they are merely a single component. Multiplying the illustration of the Manhattan Project to the 100th power begins to give us a glimpse into the reality of the utter pervasiveness of the network through which the new world order architects execute their agenda and strategies for global conquest.

Mid-Level Conduits

When we hear the names of George Soros, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Ted Turner, T. Boone Pickens, Morris Dees and the Southern Poverty Law Center, etc...our reflexive reactions is to think of these individuals and organizations as though they are autonomous powers beholden to no one. In reality, however, the aforementioned and countless others of seemingly monumental stature, are merely mid-level conduits through whom the real “power behind the throne” chooses to operate.

DAVOS/SWITZERLAND, 27JAN10 - George Soros, Chairman, Soros Fund Management, USA, captured during the session 'Rebuilding Economics' of the Annual Meeting 2010 of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, January 27, 2010 at the Congress Centre. Copyright by World Economic Forum by Sebastian Derungs

For example...George Soros renders the impression of being a self made, albeit highly unscrupulous operator, who has made multiple billions through manipulating currencies and entire economies on an international level. The truth of the matter is that Soros is routinely on the receiving end of classified, insider trading type information that enables him to cash in at gargantuan levels of monetary reward. As part of the ongoing arrangement, he also receives a steady stream of directives relative to whom specifically he is to finance and underwrite (such as Black Lives Matter) through the mechanism of his protected and untouchable foundation. Like Hillary, he is too big for jail and never has to worry about legal repercussions for his criminality.

Through this basic template the overarching luciferian power is able to exert dominance and control over all the world’s they governmental, academic, industrial, military, educational, entertainment, or ecclesiastical. It all ties back in to the fictional construct known as legal tender, which is intangible, limitless, and enjoys exclusive monopoly status.

Patsy’s and Provocateurs

Immediately prior to being gunned down by Jack Ruby, Lee Harvey Oswald was attempting to inform the world that in the matter of the JFK assassination...he was nothing more than a patsy...a fall guy who was skillfully handled and set up to take the blame for the elaborately contrived and sophisticatedly executed killing of an American president. Indeed...Oswald was probably the most notable and classic manifestation of the patsy phenomenon...which, tragically...we have witnessed on all too many occasions. The patsy, of course, is a vital component of the contrived incident that has been engineered for purposes of bringing about paradigm shifting events.

rayJames Earl Ray and Sirhan Sirhan were two other noteworthy examples of the process whereby patsy’s are carefully positioned to serve as simplistic solutions to otherwise complex, history changing, conspiratorial crimes. Absent the strategically placed patsy, onlookers and investigators would be compelled to dig deeper into the high profile crime in question...raising the probability that in depth truth might be forthcoming as to the genuine nature and essence of the event in question and all its implications. Yes...patsy’s are crucial to the alternative reality narrative designed to cover up the real conspiracy or crime. These occurrences are contrived and executed for diabolical purposes of the utmost importance to the would-be illicit rulers of the ignorant and brainwashed masses of humanity. As a rule they leave little to chance as they plot and carry out their insidious long term agenda.

In addition to the patsy...the cunning forces that exert undue influence on world affairs also make common usage of what is known as the provocateur. This, of course, is the skilled operative who insinuates himself into situations and circumstances that are subsequently diverted toward the larger purposes of the powers that be. In extreme type political movements, the provocateur plays an indispensable role. It is he who gives the shadowy, manipulative governmental agencies a bird’s eye view into the inner workings and internal machinations of groups and organizations that might serve the larger purposes of the social engineers and elitest operatives.

Provocateurs are busily at work in both leftist and rightest circles as well as among the ranks of the rapidly accelerating domestic Muslim jihadist movement. In almost every instance wherein the FBI or DHS claims to have “prevented a terror event”...the facts ultimately reveal that those very would-be incidents were of the contrivance and outworking of those very same agencies via the actions and handiwork of the provocateur.

And Now...To the Point of the Article

As you recall...we began this piece by referencing the swastika and the KKK in our title. These two symbolic expressions have played an important role in the historic, psychopolitical, shadowy actions of the American federal government. In short, they are utilized in a “guilt by association” methodology that is employed for the purpose of marginalizing and discrediting crucial truth and information.

nazikkkBoth the swastika and the KKK epitomize discreditation...having been carefully crafted as the ultimate symbols of unjust hatred and intolerance of non-whites as well as those of Jewish heritage and ancestry. Hitler, of course, is the penultimate historical figure for whom near universal rage and blind hatred is reserved. To be pro-Hitler and the Third Reich is portrayed as the ultimate expression of “could care less” type rebellion.

Without question, Hitler’s swastika and the flowing robes of the KKK are the most dramatic facilitators of knee-jerk, Pavlovian, reactionary type behavior. If you want to discredit the messenger...simply link him to the Nazis or the Klan...plain and simple!

Enter the Unsolicited Associations

To the exceeding minimal degree that any real Hitlerian or KKK activism actually exists in modern is a virtual certainty that clandestine governmental operatives are positioned near to the epicenter of whatever organizational template there might be. Bear in mind...these groups are automatically and immediately linked to the most extreme emotions and sentiments as pertain to considerations and subject matter of a racial nature. For this reason, they are apt to attract the interest and involvement of individuals that are seeking for means and opportunity to express sentiments and convictions as pertain to the issue of race.

Of course, there is never an opportunity to conduct a rational, general discussion about the actual history of the Third Reich or the KKK, simply because of the manner in which they have been woven into the fabric of modern extremist political movements. What is undeniable, is that certain individuals who have hitched their wagon to these unpopular symbolic entities, are completely sincere in their interest and concern for the well-being of the white race. As is not surprising that they would hone in like radar on a news generating candidacy focusing on an overtly racial theme such as Make America White Again.

While desiring to explain to all such individuals where the shortcomings and deficiencies lie in their respective organizational affiliations...I in no way want to shun their financial support or willingness to cast their vote in my favor. Inclinations toward extreme conviction or commitment can often be tempered and channeled in more legitimate, healthy, and beneficial directions. Many fail to understand that a particular organizational framework might be fatally flawed in some way, shape, or form. While national socialism may be preferable to international is still socialism...a political philosophy to which I am opposed and the Constitution certainly doesn’t sanction.

Additionally, there is the highly controversial subject of the Jewish people, Israel, and the emotionally charged accusations of anti-Semitism. Prior to World War II the World Jewish Congress declared war to the death on Germany. Jewry had been designated as persona non grata by a variety of European nations within which they had gained inordinate power and influence while simultaneously failing to assimilate as a people into the fabric and culture of the host nation.

jewish-influenceThe Third Reich was very much driven by antipathy toward the profound degree to which Jewish influence and power had gained such a stronghold in Germany...especially in the realms of finance and entertainment. World War II Germany is believed to be synonymous with a plot to exterminate the rank and file Jewish population and all else is relegated to the periphery of discussion.

The American Christian world, in particular, feels an intense sense of loyalty to Israel and world Jewry, based primarily upon the conviction that they represent the contemporary manifestation of the Israel people of the Old Testament. Scholarly research actually raises fascinating questions as to the accuracy of this notion. Throughout history it has been widely embraced by notable and influential personages in the Christian world that the bulk of true Israelite descent is to be found among those of Caucasian, European ancestry. The book, Who Hath Believed Our Report, does an excellent job of advancing this school of thought and its implications are truly momentous.

13thAlso of great profundity is the thesis put forth by the late Jewish author Arthur Koestler in his book The Thirteenth Tribe wherein he builds the impressive academic and historical case that much of modern Jewry isn’t even Semitic in its origins.

Understanding these historical perspectives helps many national socialist types to overcome their built-in aversion to Christianity...a religion they have automatically assumed to feature a “Jewish” messiah and progenitor. In reality, Jesus, in his humanity...was an Israelite of the tribal designation of Judah. This happens to be of substantial technical differentiation from the widely believed notion that Jesus was a direct ancestor of those known of as Jews in our modern world. Satan has a counterfeit for everything...including the chosen people of the God of Scripture. is crucial that all sincere parties understand that the average, rank and file Jewish individual is not complicit in the various unscrupulous activities routinely engaged in by an elite faction of the Jewish intelligentsia. All Jews, however, are bound by the same requirements that apply to the sum total of humanity where the subject of Jesus arises. Apart from complete recognition of Jesus as the incarnation of God (Hebrews 2:16 and John 1:14) there can be no approaching the true God of the universe. He is the one exclusive mediator (1 Timothy 2:5).

Concerning the KKK...its modern incarnation in no way embodies the continuation of the reconstructionist vigilante organization established by Nathan Bedford Forrest. Once the mission was accomplished and order was restored to the post-Appomattox South, Forrest disbanded his invisible empire. Subsequent KKK variations that purport to be legitimate successors to Nathan Bedford Forrest’s initial endeavor exist on dubious historical foundations. Nevertheless, a great many present day participants in Klan-type activities are very much motivated and compelled into involvement by racial beliefs and concerns of the utmost sincerity. Their financial support and willingness to cast votes in my favor will certainly not be rejected.

In Summation

southIf trends continue unabated we may well experience the need for the advent of a new and fresh organizational effort for the purpose of defending the white race and the historic Christian faith. Like the South during Reconstruction, we are living under a very real form of occupation. An abusive and tyrannical national government routinely oppresses us while providing legal cover for the crimes of those who seek our destruction. Fears of reprisal at the hands of an authoritarian government serve to induce silence and passivity on the part of those who are suffering the routine violation of their rights. America is dangerously close to the point of no return. Our very survival hangs in the balance and we must soon decide what manner of sacrifice we are willing to make for the sake of future generations. May we only hope that God will once again choose to work through heroic individuals the likes of Confederate General Forrest that we might witness the advent of timely solutions to our present debilitating circumstances.

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  1. Thanks for this clarification. Very enlightening.
  2. Hitler was a great nationalist leader. WW 1 & WW 2 were fought to enrich the jew and the European nations who had colonies all over the world. Both are truths that won't be accepted by most Americans today. Today's Americans are so blinded that even when the jews come right out and tell the truth, the blinded sheeple will not believe it. For examples; 1925 Jewish Encyclopedia, Volume 5, page 41- "Esau-Edom is modern jews" or 1980 Jewish Almanac, page 3- "Strictly speaking, it is incorrect to call a contemporary jew an Israelite or Hebrew or an ancient Israelite a jew". The willful blinded will not even believe The Messiah in John 8:44-45, Rev. 2:9, 3:9.
  3. This article was well put and on point. A great afternoon read! Rick Tyler for Congress!
  4. Great article, great website, and great job. America needs Rick Tyler and David Duke more now than ever. I want to be proud to be an American again, until then my pride resides with my European heritage.

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