David Duke…The Saga Continues

David Duke grabbed international attention when he formally entered the political fray in Louisiana on July 22, 2016. By jumping into the race for the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by David Vitter, Duke brought to an end his 17 year absence from the world of electoral politics. Duke, of course, served a three year stint in the Louisiana House of Representatives from 1989 to 1992. After winning the state house seat in his home district, he quickly parlayed his electoral success and widespread name recognition into bigger and better things. In 1990 Duke ran for the U.S. Senate against three-term incumbent democrat J. Bennett Johnston who ultimately prevailed by garnering 53.9 % (752,902 votes) to Duke’s 43.5% (607,391 votes).

An Outright Act of Theft!

Make no mistake about it...the 1990 U.S. Senate race and the 1992 gubernatorial campaign in Louisiana were positively stolen from David Duke! To be clear, it is not being herein alleged that the classic technique of improperly counting votes was the principle method through which this election was stolen. Instead...the illicit deed was accomplished through a combination of tactics that collectively amount to cheating, “stacking the deck,” and “dealing from the bottom of the deck.” Yes...every underhand and below the belt maneuver imaginable was employed in pursuit of the objective of making sure David Duke would not become a U.S. Senator!

Some of those methods include the following:

The mainstream media was skillfully and comprehensively marshalled as an unmitigated force in opposition to Duke’s candidacy. Using the media in this coordinated fashion, given its massive amount of power and influence, is a prima facie illustration and example of how cheating was employed to unfairly defeat David Duke.

High profile admonitions to the voters of Louisiana were wielded as a bludgeoning tool against David Duke. President George H.W. Bush, Vice President Dan Quayle, and consummate republican power broker Lee Atwater were among the luminaries of the then national Republican establishment who made pilgrimages to Louisiana to warn the voters of the calamity that would befall the Pelican State if they dared to elect Duke. All manner of sensational, negative prognostications were ominously delivered by these top tier spokesmen of the Republican power structure. Scare tactics plain and simple, that were in no way grounded in reality, were the manipulative and unethical means whereby the voters of Louisiana were extorted and robbed of their right to choose political representation free of coercion, intimidation, and sophisticated psychological manipulation.

The apparatus of government itself, was also utilized as a component of the “Never Duke” crusade of the early 90’s. In an often subtle, yet nevertheless very real way...the intimidating and daunting power of the state is utilized to diminish and lessen what would otherwise be the natural appeal and effectiveness of a refreshingly honest candidacy such as one executed and carried out by David Duke. The stifling effect of which we speak comes through two basic avenues. Firstly, the general perception and awareness exist that a controversial and politically incorrect candidate is himself, under higher and more intense levels of scrutiny by feared agencies of government who are presumably looking for some pretense or excuse to engage in selective enforcement or persecution against the individual in question. And, secondly...those who might be drawn to the message or agenda of the boat-rocking candidate are themselves fearful of being targeted for special treatment and oppression at the hands of rogue governmental power. Post-9/11 we now have a sprawling, shadowy, non-accountable entity called the Department of Homeland Security. A great many would-be supporters of a David Duke were and are justifiably squeamish of the prospect of getting in the cross hairs of a notoriously heavy handed agency such as the DHS.

Indeed, had it not been for the skillful and unrelenting execution of the aforementioned diabolical and unscrupulous tactics...David Duke would have doubtlessly prevailed in his two statewide candidacies of the early 90’s. In that respect, these elections were clearly stolen and Duke was unjustly and criminally deprived of that which should have been his...namely a seat in the U.S. Senate, or the governorship of the state of Louisiana.

At All Cost!

From the vantage point and perspective of the controlling elite, a David Duke candidacy for high office simply must be thwarted and prevented from achieving success. For the entirety of his public life, David Duke has courageously presented himself as a willing advocate and champion for those of European heritage. He has eloquently dismantled the myths and fallacies of the modern misguided governmental system long before the bulk of his signature policies came to be viewed as self evident. David Duke was enduring the scorn and abuse of those ultra powerful forces that work unrelentingly to hasten the destruction of white middle class America. Without question, Dr. David Duke (who has now earned a PhD.) has demonstrated a long, unbroken track record of loyalty and fidelity to the causes of racial truth and American security.

A New Era...Less Favorable Odds

Unfortunately...the odds today are less favorable to a Duke victory in statewide politics than they were in the early 90’s. Greater percentages of “minority” populations as well as an acute acceleration of the dumbing down process of youthful voters have combined to make the prospect of a Duke victory mathematically improbable. In that context, it would have seemingly made more sense for David Duke to have sought the U.S. Congressional seat in his home district. Nevertheless...we will hope for the best as David Duke seeks to elevate matters of racial import and significance to a higher level and plateau of understanding in the upcoming U.S. Senate race in Louisiana.

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  1. I met Mr. Duke in New Orleans at his "getting out of prison" celebration, along with many of the other well known National & international leaders of the White Race. He seemed more cautious in what he said in public, but still upheld his Racial views. I hope he continues to uphold those views because we do win in the end!!
  2. Still we hope and trust in the mercy of our all-mighty God to use David Duke in the battle for freedom. Rick Tyler and David Duke will make a great pair in Congress!

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