Liz’s Lies and Rick’s Rap Sheet

In mid-July Channel 4 out of Nashville aired a report designed to malign and discredit the Rick Tyler for Congress candidacy. At the heart of this crass piece of propaganda is a bogus narrative that has been circulated online since 2008. The gist of the baseless slander is that I “kidnapped” two children of an individual named Johnny Glazner.

With the encouragement and assistance of his current wife Deborah (#5, by the way), Johnny began in 2008 to make outrageous and fictitious accusations against me on the medium of MySpace. According to these error laden postings, I had disappeared with his ex-wife and children in the late 1990’s and had been in hiding ever since...thus thwarting his decade long diligent search.

sleeping_with_the_enemyIn reality, I had assisted his ex in escaping from his psychopathic abuse. The movie Sleeping With the Enemy offers a profile of the type of sicko that Johnny is. Needless to say...he didn’t take kindly to my intervention and before long he was facing a considerable number of criminal charges, including assault, aggravated stalking, and, yes...even kidnapping! After a court ordered visitation he disappeared with the children and kept them in hiding for more than a month before being caught and apprehended. During that period his divorce was finalized and full custody was awarded to his ex. Understandably, no further visitation provisions were granted by the court.

While incarcerated and awaiting the disposition of the bevy of criminal charges already staring him in the face...Johnny decided to escape from the jail in Fannin County, Georgia. After his jail break he proceeded to break into and burglarize local vacation homes. He was apprehended in relatively short order and, eventually, wound up serving approximately a year behind bars. Upon his release Johnny next decided to abscond from his probation requirements and spend another stretch of time on the lam.

As the years unfolded, we were all thankful that Johnny remained consumed with his wild and renegade lifestyle. It was a great relief and blessing to know that he was off doing his own thing and not interjecting his insanity into our lives for the time being. Contrary to the fiction he now advances, he was in no way “looking for his children.” In fact, his court ordered child support was now totaling in the tens of thousands of dollars and he obviously never wanted to deal with that aspect of the case.

Of course...we always maintained some level of vigilance, realizing that he fit the classic profile of the crazy, violence-prone ex who could very well go on a scorched earth killing rampage under the right mix of frustration, depression and substance abuse induced rage.

When he became involved with Deborah, he evidently felt compelled to put forth the false impression that his actions had consisted of something other than what reality amounted to. Many men do this in an attempt to cover up the actual nature of their true background and history. Thus...with her prodding and help, he began mounting his MySpace offensive...replete with all the slander and vitriol and the near complete rewriting of history.

Quite obviously...his preposterous allegations bore no resemblance to reality. I was operating in a high profile, public capacity in my business activities and would have been readily and justly confronted had there been any truth to his outrageous accusations.

My approach in dealing with these assaults upon my character was simply to consider the source, and maintain a wary and defensive posture relative to the possible danger of physical violence. Other than a website I created and maintained (, I chose to ignore his insane attacks. I knew that, ultimately, he would self destruct and dig his own pit, which now he certainly has.

In 2010 I was on the ballot for U.S. Senate in Florida and was assuming an increasingly high profile stance in the rapidly expanding internet arena. One of the mediums through which I gained exposure was the burgeoning Tea Party movement...a spontaneous response to the escalating horrors of the Obama “presidency.” At this juncture, an oafish blowhard named Daryle Lamont Jenkins featured a slanderous attack upon me through his smear mongering “One People’s Project” website.

Daryle Lamont Jenkins

Daryle Lamont Jenkins

By now Jenkins and Glazner had managed to find each other. They quickly forged a bond of brotherhood based upon their mutual hatred of Rick Tyler. The high water mark of their tortured and absurd alliance took place when Jenkins travelled to Blue Ridge, Georgia to offer testimony against Rick Tyler...someone he had never met and knew nothing about. Of course, that didn’t stop the serial slanderer Jenkins from making unfounded charges that I engaged in “cult like behavior” that somehow constituted an “endangerment” to the children. The rinky-dink court hearing in North Georgia (of which I had no advance knowledge) resulted in a civil custody ruling in Johnny’s favor.

Given the flagrant improprieties of the proceeding, as well as the obvious absence of credibility relative to Johnny’s past actions and history, it was no surprise that the authorities in Florida, as well as Tennessee, exhibited no interest whatsoever in pursuing the matter. Even the FBI (who were clearly not in my cheering section) had no interest in this kangaroo court proceeding. Thus...all Johnny had was an impotent, gerrymandered court ruling that was utterly worthless and unenforceable.

At one point, he even resorted to fabricating a bogus order that he tried to utilize to compel the Polk County authorities to act upon. To their credit, they immediately detected the fraudulent nature of the document and sent Johnny home empty handed. This incident took place in 2010 and since that time (and even earlier), my precise whereabouts in tiny, little Ocoee, TN have been clearly and specifically known. Nevertheless, in the utter deceitfulness that is his trademark, Johnny continues at this present moment to pretend that he carries on a mythological “search for his children.”

mawa2The recent notoriety spawned by the Make America White Again billboard enabled those googling my name to happen upon the Glazner engendered lies...thus prompting some media sources to probe me for a response. I fielded numerous media inquiries and pointed to the illogical nature of the allegations and claims at the heart of the controversy.

Granted...were the erroneous charges factual, it would certainly be newsworthy. If someone in the public eye, who is seeking election to an important and potentially powerful political office, were actually guilty of the actions asserted by Johnny and his current wife...the media would be entirely justified in their investigation and reporting of the same. The glaring problem, however, is that there is no substance whatsoever to the entire matter.

Johnny was deranged and maniacal. He justly and rightfully was prevented from destroying the lives of those who were his victims. His conduct and behavior have been blatantly self destructive for his entire adult life. Rather than acknowledge this fact, he continues to lash out at those against whom he seeks to levy false charges and blame. A sophomoric investigation will readily establish such a perspective...unless a more sinister agenda is at work.

Liz and Her Lies

When I was contacted by Liz Loheis of Channel 4 in Nashville, I provided her with sufficient background information to establish the baseless nature of Johnny’s fabricated accusations. I told her I would be happy to do a live, on-camera interview (even on Facebook if necessary) but would not agree to a prerecorded piece. I explained to her my reasons for such a stipulation and expressed my cynicism regarding big media. I cautioned her to avoid being used as a compliant pawn in tactics of irresponsible and underhanded journalism (Please see: and: )

Despite my warning, Liz plunged forward and prostituted her professional integrity. In classic disingenuous media fashion, she pretended this “tempest in a teapot” was somehow of great significance! “Rick Tyler has been widely accused of being a racist...but now faces charges of a far more serious nature,” she intoned with pious melodrama. She proceeded to grant Johnny select time before the camera while failing completely to be a journalist.

Quite obviously, she and her producers had a pre-established narrative designed to cast aspersions on Rick Tyler...hence, no effort was expended to ask Johnny the elementary questions that would utterly eviscerate his lies. For example...why not ask the following:

“So, Mr. Glazner...Rick Tyler has lived publicly and in high profile fashion for a decade a mere hour’s drive from where you reside. How can you therefore claim he has been hiding out and you have been searching determinedly for him and his family for all those years?”

Or, maybe she could have enquired, “Mr. have long made ultra serious allegations that Mr. Tyler kidnapped your children and has kept them hidden for many years...yet, it is obvious to the most cursory analysis and observation that law enforcement at all levels would have never allowed such criminal conduct to go unchallenged. How do you therefore make these claims with a straight face?”

Needless to say, Liz didn’t come close to doing her real job but, instead, sought to impugn the credibility of congressional candidate Rick Tyler.

She lied when she stated that I demanded she air the full content of our phone conversation, which was actually conducted off the record. I explained to her that I would only discourse under such provisions due to the fact that it is all too easy for even a well intentioned reporter to put forth inaccurate quotations.

(A classic example of this phenomenon occurred the very night the Make America White Again billboard went up and a Chattanooga TV reporter spoke to me on the phone. I told him the Make America White Again message was intended to connect people to a nostalgic, 1960’s, Leave It To Beaver, Ozzie & Harriet America where you could leave your doors unlocked, there was far less violent crime, no home invasions, no carjackings, and no mass illegal immigration. The well meaning but highly inefficient reporter presented my words in the following inaccurate manner. He stated that I spoke of an era where there was “no crime, no violence, and no mass immigration.” In other words, he totally butchered the quote! To compound his sources the world over repeated his inaccuracies verbatim.) Of course, you can’t unscramble an egg. Thus...scores, if not hundreds, of stories are now archived online with these very significant misquotes.

In her sensational report, Liz fails entirely to note that I insisted on a live, on-camera interview or none at all. is quite clear that she was knowingly and willfully complicit in the production of a hit piece intended to diminish my standing via the mechanism of unfounded, unsubstantiated allegations of a scurrilous nature.

Rick’s Rap Sheet

The finishing touch on Liz’s yellow journalism was a somber reference to my “3 page long rap sheet” which included “obstruction of justice” and “hazardous dumping.” In reality...there are no such charges on my record. The only item that remotely resembles what she stated was a code enforcement case in Florida from 2006 wherein I was charged with “illegal dumping.”

This matter stemmed from an incident wherein an individual doing work for me failed to follow my instructions regarding the moving of 40 to 50 nonworking appliances outside of a privacy fence encircling my store. Chris (who had a master’s degree but lacked the common sense to come in out of the rain) placed the appliances helter skelter outside of the gate instead of doing what I instructed him and lining them up neatly along the back of the fence where they could await being loaded on a trailer to be sold for scrap metal. In order to comprehend the significance of this detail, a bit of background information is necessary.

Liz has chosen to cite this item on my “rap sheet” as prima facie evidence of what a nefarious character I supposedly am. When the facts are established, however, it becomes obvious that the “illegal dumping” charge was a big joke...albeit a sick one. You see, the charge was only levied against me as an act of revenge. Bear with me as I provide a brief summary of this amazing tale of spite, vindictiveness, abuse of power and...ultimately...of the outworking of divine justice.

scogginsA short time prior to this bogus charge, I had dealt with Danny Zimmern of Scoggins Realty in Pensacola, on a lease purchase deal for a property and building on Mobile Highway. The building was half gutted and was owned by a black dentist whose name escapes me at present. Scoggins was his agent and in the aftermath of the commencement of this rather profound business undertaking on my part, the Gulf Coast was ravaged by a continuing sequence of hurricanes and tropical storms. I became incapable of meeting the terms of the agreement and informed Danny that I would be vacating as quickly as I was able. Though he was agreeable and accommodating at first, his impatience began to manifest itself quite quickly.

I had paid somewhere approaching $10,000 on a property that had sat vacant for several years. (Interestingly, it continued to sit vacant for several years after my departure until Scoggins eventually was terminated in their representation of the property.) I felt entitled to some leniency from Danny and was surprised when he called one day as I was driving from Tennessee to Pensacola. During that call, Danny informed me he was sending in a locksmith to change the lock on the front door and went on to inform me of what a decent, fair, and magnanimous person he was. I responded that, in reality, he was nothing but a salesman and that I begged to differ with his biased, ultra favorable self assessment. Furthermore, I instructed him that my response to his action would be to change the lock back since there had been no formal eviction/repossession action filed in the local court. I reiterated that I would be moved out in full as quickly as was humanly possible but that more time was required by the fact that I had a great deal of inventory stored in the building.

Within days of my return Scoggins proceeded to formalize eviction proceedings and my exit was ultimately coordinated with the terms of that court action. So, how does this tie in with the code enforcement case at my business location at T Street in Pensacola? It so happened that Danny Zimmern was good friends with Neal Nash, who owned the vacant lot behind my store. Nash was also a principal partner of a consortium that owned an impressive litany of properties in the Pensacola community. To put it bluntly...Nash was powerful and influential, and more than willing to do some dirty work on behalf of Zimmern.

Prior to this incident he had never said anything about our comings and goings through our back gate, which happened to open into his property. The only reason a complaint ensued relative to the appliance mishap was that Zimmern smelled blood and was quick to enlist the services of his well connected friend and confidant.

escambiaSources within the Code Enforcement Department who knew fully well that I was on the receiving end of a raw deal informed me of the following details. Nash contacted George Touart, the Administrator of Escambia County, Florida. Touart then instructed Charlie Wilson (head of Code Enforcement) to drop the hammer on me...and Charlie dutifully complied with this thoroughly illegal and abusive directive.

Upon learning of my worker Chris’ boneheaded actions and the fact that an issue was promptly made of the situation...I immediately moved every appliance back inside the privacy fence where they had been taken from earlier in the day. There never was any “dumping,” period...either legal or illegal. The illegal dumping statute is intended to thwart and deal with those who might, under cover of darkness, divest themselves of trash, demolition debris, etc. on another person’s land. Everyone involved knew that I was in no way guilty of such action yet, in corrupt fashion, they all did their part in the raw exercise of abuse of power.

I learned of the depth of the conspiracy when, several weeks later, while exiting from a courtroom in the local justice building where I was attending a civil hearing, I was met by a deputy with a warrant for my arrest on the charge of illegal dumping. As I scanned the immediate surroundings...there was Danny Zimmern standing off to the side with a smug look of satisfaction on his face.

As I was led through a series of makeshift hallways into the bowels of the building, I was bracing myself for the possibility of being worked over by the handful of law enforcement goons who were escorting me to somewhere uncharted and unknown. I was relieved when we came to a detention cell in the inner sanctum of the building, where they proceeded to lock me up. As I waited for the next installment of the ongoing harrowing situation, I heard a nearby officer sitting behind a desk state repeatedly that he “didn’t understand why this guy was even here given that his status was ROR (release on own recognizance).”

After a couple of hours I was released and told to report to the jail to be booked and then released with no bond. Interestingly...because of my powerful enemies, I was subjected to “special treatment.” Of course, I went straight to the county jail, told them who I was...went through fingerprinting, processing, etc...and then was on about my regular business. Eventually...I elected to enter a “no contest” plea in exchange for probation and a “withholding of adjudication.”

My reasons for resolving the case in that manner were as follows. Even though the case was totally trumped up and fraudulent, it was, nevertheless, a low caliber felony that I was facing. In our corrupt and wicked police state system it is very easy for an upright and law abiding person to become unjustly tagged with a false allegation of this nature. For those who know anything about the so called American “justice” system, it is readily obvious that the deck is massively stacked in favor of the state and the prosecution. Those who lack sufficient personal resources are saddled with completely incompetent representation from the office of the “public defender.” In Escambia County, at that time, the average public defender was handling a case load of approximately 500 defendants! Quite obviously...there is no way they can be involved in anything other than mass production. The defendant doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in the lake of fire of getting thorough and competent representation.

And...of course...everyone knows that if you gum up the works by insisting on due process and a trial by jury, they will really endeavor to carve their pound of flesh. is commonly understood that the average jury tends to be in the hip pocket of the prosecution. Sadly...they don’t understand the concept of “jury nullification of law,” the process whereby the jury judges the facts of the case, the validity and constitutionality of the law itself, as well as the motives and actions of the state.

If genuine due process were a reality, one would never need fear going to trial in a case such as mine. It would be an immediate slam dunk resulting in total exoneration and vindication. Unfortunately, however, nothing could be further from reality in our present circumstances. For these reasons...I chose to “play it safe” and invoke the principle that “a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.” I insisted on a “no contest plea with adjudication being withheld” which would guarantee no felony on my record.

(Though an additional book could be written on this subject...countless Americans are denied their sacred right to self defense due to some “paper crime” that has been hung upon them. As is becoming increasingly obvious, such a circumstance may readily place someone in dire peril in this rapidly disintegrating society where when seconds count...the police are just minutes away!)

The entire incident I have been recounting was a great hardship to which I should have never been subjected. Danny Zimmern is typical, in many respects, of the type of person who is cultivated by and flourishes within our corrupt and compromised system. In the eyes of the community he is esteemed and highly thought of. He belongs to and is a member of a local Jewish temple. He plays a leading roll in the affairs and activities of the local Pensacola Mardi Gras observance and organization. He is successful financially and in business. In sum, like so many others, he postures and presents himself as an honorable pillar of the community. In reality, though, he is a man who thinks nothing of running rough shod over one less powerful who has dared to puncture pomposity and speak the unvarnished truth about who and what the Danny Zimmern’s of this world really are. As far as I can tell, to date, Zimmern continues to enjoy his favored status among men. He plays the game effectively and has been dutifully rewarded by the evil world system. There can be no doubt, however, that he will ultimately stand before the eternal Judge and will be fully exposed.

Not everyone suffers overt and rapid consequences in this life. For some...God has a different plan. For others...the cause and effect results come forth sooner. Charlie Wilson, for instance, was quickly exposed and implicated in a sexual harassment charge brought by a woman subordinate to him in the department. As a result of this action he was removed from his position.

And then there was George Touart...a corrupt power broker who operated just inside the confines of the law for purposes of personal enrichment. Touart was driven from his authoritative position when it was divulged that he was steering county business to enterprises in which he held financial interest in neighboring Mississippi. Touart was also caught up in a scandal involving other local personages (including Sheriff Ron McNesby) who went on a hunting foray out West wherein they violated various federal laws and ultimately faced criminal charges. Touart’s offenses included illegal interstate transporting of wild game. Of course, they all got off with minimal consequences but Touart, in particular, suffered a diminishment of reputation sufficient to bring him down from his official perch of power and influence. In a subsequent election he suffered a humiliating defeat but was finally reappointed to county administration in 2012. In 2014 George Touart died in the care of hospice. Death, the great equalizer, visited him at age 65, and delivered him to that place where man stands stripped of all pretense and worldly stature before the God and Creator of the universe.

It must be truly horrifying when all these self confident characters living in their false sense of security must suddenly come face to face with a righteous Judge who holds their feet, quite literally, to the fire! No secret signs or smooth spin on reality that disguises truth in all its ugly proportions and dimensions. Yes...George Touart has probably found his Roman Catholicism of little benefit in terms of currying favor and being able to sidestep consequences in the hereafter. All those little, powerless nobodies that he steam rolled over from his elevated position of power are not apt to fall through the cracks from the perspective of the ultimate, divine Judge!

If only men could understand and live according to this reality, they would be far less inclined to sell out to mammon and kowtow to the dictums of political correctness and compromise. Yes...the enjoyment of personal reward and the fear of losing material comfort and status are the guiding forces that keep men from exercising conscience and searching for the truth in all realms of endeavor.

But, going back to the lies that Liz Loheis has been the purveyor of...I hope to enable at least some to see how important it is to seek after the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth! In her drive and desire to serve her own master, mammon, Liz has joined herself to the dubious ranks that include the late George Touart, the disgraced Charlie Wilson, the egotistical, delusional, serial slandering Daryle Lamont Jenkins, and Johnny Glazner...who, since his latest round of scurrilous attacks upon Rick Tyler, has now been diagnosed with a level of cancerous presence in his body that casts a foreboding shadow on his likelihood of surviving much longer among the living.

Though in his late 50’s, Johnny has deteriorated physically to a truly frightening extent. For so many years he has lied, fabricated, fictionalized and borne false witness against me with the clear and obvious intent of bringing destruction upon my life, family, and circumstances. I have long realized that he had no conscience or ability to empathize or think rationally in this matter. As a result, he and others like him simply dig themselves deeper and deeper into the pit of destruction and deceit. At some point...they pass the proverbial point of no return. It is truly heartbreaking to contemplate modern man’s sad state of delusion.

“Woe unto you, lawyers...” (Luke 11:52)

This article would not be complete if I failed to talk about those extremely evil individuals who comprise so much of the ranks of the legal profession. Jesus didn’t mince words in his scathing denunciation of the lawyers of his day. Like Frederic Bastiat sets forth so The-Law-by-Frederic-Bastiat-Book-Coverpowerfully in his masterpiece treatise entitled The Law, it is undeniable that the perversion and manipulation of what is thought to the “the law” is a primary mechanism through which justice is routinely trampled asunder, and evil...cleverly disguised as allowed to reign supreme in the affairs of men. How interesting that my two principal opponents in the 2016 congressional race are both lawyers!

Chuck Fleischman and Melody Shakari are all too typical of the lawyer profile that Jesus unambiguously condemned. They and their sold out ilk are a critical component of the malignant disease that threatens our destruction. You see...the legal profession does everything in its power to subvert and undermine the true law of God as is set forth in scripture. In that context...they are the enemies of truth, justice, and of Almighty God himself! Indeed...theirs is not an enviable seat to occupy in the ultimate unfolding of time and in the face of divine judgment.

Another Noteworthy Member of the Cast

In Liz’s slanderous report, she included comments rendered by yet another member of the evil lawyer roster...former North Georgia prosecutor Roger Queen. According to this man...I have some kind of power the likes of which he has never seen in his decades-long prosecutorial career. I would hasten to state that Queen has formed his condemning opinion and passed judgment upon me in the manner in which he outworked his long tenure as district attorney. Instead of seeking out the full spectrum of truth, lawyers like Roger Queen presume the powers of omniscience and formulate judgments in the absence of critical and mitigating facts and information.

Over the years, Roger Queen brought untold and incalculable misery upon the lives of so many that he ran through the turnstiles of his apparatus of supposed law enforcement and justice. And then...he encountered someone who was different than the legions whom he had dealt with for so very long. When the FBI came to Roger Queen in the late 90’s, offering to joint venture with him toward the arrest and apprehension of Rick Tyler...he evidently enthusiastically drank the kool aid! His office had built and prosecuted the case against Johnny Glazner based on clearly established facts and evidence. Assault, aggravated stalking, parental kidnapping in violation of court order, jailbreak, burglary, absconding from probation...all of these criminal actions were flagrantly committed by Johnny while I, on the other hand, was engaged in a fight for the advancement of truth that had been waged my entire adult life.

Part of that truth centered on the fact that agencies such as the FBI are criminally usurpatious, operating in extra-Constitutional capacity as the actual enemies of the true republic. For this reason, they seek to demonize individuals, such as myself, who are adept at exposing the extent to which those in federal law enforcement are actually a big part of the problem in modern America. Yes...Roger Queen became an irrational nemesis of a man whom, on the basis of false witness, he presumed to become the judge of. So blinded by his antipathy toward me was Roger Queen, that he felt compelled to become an ally and advocate for a man whose entire life was rooted upon lies and self delusion.

Roger Queen went so far as to offer up a preposterous deposition against me...which was instrumental in influencing the impotent court ruling in North Georgia in 2010. At that time, Queen had long been harboring and nursing a vendetta against me. In 2000, when I appeared in court, divine intervention prevented him from carrying out his customary kangaroo court machinations. A visiting judge who had come out of retirement was presiding when I went to court in North Georgia. I was facing bad check charges that resulted from my own failure to follow up on taking care of seven returned checks in the aftermath of my departure from the area in 1998.

I had suffered great hardship in the form of withdrawal of major financial support by a wealthy patron who had been underwriting a significant portion of organized constitutional restoration activities. At the time, I had built a somewhat impressive organizational structure that included quality and effective publishing, broadcasting, and activism. I led an eclectic group called CCG (Citizens for a Constitutional Georgia) whose members all rallied around the common desire to see the Constitution reestablished as the supreme law of the land. My belief was, and remains, that officialdom “got to” my benefactor (as they are uniquely capable of doing) and frightened him into pulling the rug out from under me. I was left in a highly untenable position and forced to scramble desperately for survival and security. It was through this adversity that I was led into the world and subculture of buying and selling and open air flea market type venues. I followed that pathway and opportunity to Pensacola, where we wound up operating stores and rather large flea market endeavors.

Seven checks (with an aggregate total less than $500.00), drawn on my Kentucky bank account, were returned to Georgia businesses. State law at the time stipulated that any bad out-of-state check would constitute a felony...regardless of how small the dollar amount. Tentative arrangements made to deal with this shortfall fell through and because of my own precarious circumstances, I failed to adequately follow up on the matter. In the summer of 2000 I was arrested in Loxley, Alabama on an outstanding federal warrant (of which I was unaware) for unlawful flight to avoid prosecution for deposit account fraud. I was held for seven weeks in an Alabama jail under $200,000 bond at the direct behest of the FBI.

A North Georgia based FBI agent tried his best to have the Alabama cops kill me the night of my arrest by lying to them in profuse fashion. He had them briefly convinced that I was the most dangerous desperado in modern history and they were all visibly shaken and wrought up with fingers on the trigger. If I had made one false move I would have been riddled with bullets. Fortunately, the officer with whom initial contact was made eventually saw through the FBI deceit and realized he was being played for the fool. By the end of the night we were casually interacting and I was sharing my own unique insight into matters political and constitutional. (There is so much more detail relative to this incident that must be left out of this account. Suffice it to’s an amazing story.)

After seven weeks in Alabama I was extradited on a Governor’s warrant to North Georgia. From that point I spent another seven weeks in the Fannin County jail courtesy of Roger Queen’s stalling tactics and refusal to grant me court appointed counsel. When I did finally get an attorney and a court date, it turned out that my lawyer was a very meek, caspar-milk-toast type guy. In court, as Roger Queen was accusing me of everything but the Kennedy assassination, I finally spoke up and asked the sitting judge out of Atlanta if he would please instruct my attorney to make an occasional objection on my behalf. As it turned out, Judge Armstrong was somewhat of a civil libertarian in his judicial outlook and my lawyer marveled to me that he had personally never encountered a judge who was so “pro-defendant.”

The judge conveyed through my attorney that I should rely on his perspective in terms of being reluctant to any plea proposal Roger Queen might offer. I pled on the first offender statute (no criminal record at age 43) and got one year of unsupervised probation to be carried out from afar back in Pensacola. At the successful culmination of my probation my record would be entirely expunged. Of course, I also paid fines, court costs and made complete restitution to the merchants to whom the checks were returned. Roger Queen was not a happy camper, as the saying goes. Even though at that moment in time Johnny was missing in action, having absconded from his probation reporting requirements...Queen doubled down in his malevolence toward me...eventually being willing to offer up his grossly distorted deposition.

Of keen interest in this saga, is the ultimate fate that befell Roger Queen. In 2003, he fell and fractured his neck coming down stairs in his work place and from that time forward has been a quadriplegic. It has been observed and noted that great irony exists in the fact that Queen, a man who caused so many to be unjustly and mercilessly incarcerated, has now been relegated by the sovereign hand of God to a far more creative and comprehensive form of imprisonment.

To be fair, I want to express recognition of the fact that Roger Queen certainly carried out countless justified prosecutions during his career. The most objectionable characteristic of Queen and his colleagues is that they violate the law in the name of enforcing the law. To them, God given and constitutionally enshrined rights are an obstacle and impediment to be thwarted and overcome. As a result of this spirit and mentality, they become a tyrannical force and a law unto themselves. Ultimately, they serve to facilitate the accelerated demise of the lawful republic purchased with the lives, fortunes, and sacred honor of our forefathers.

Could it be that, like the cancer ridden visage of Johnny Glazner, Roger Queen...wheel chair bound and paralyzed from the neck down, is a symbolic, poster child type warning as to the dangers of going off half cocked in vicious opposition to someone who, even according to their own testimony, is unlike anyone they have ever encountered? Of course, in their own self serving mode...they must, of necessity, conclude that I am the bad guy! Otherwise...they would be compelled to acknowledge who Rick Tyler really is...namely a devoted and committed servant of the God of scripture...who has for 37 years cut against the grain...marched to a different drum beat...and sacrificed all material and earthly wealth to the cause of establishing the will of God “in earth as it is in heaven.”


In her twisted and distorted report, Liz Loheis failed to perform her due diligence. Instead of being a genuine journalist and professional, and ferreting out the real story...she swallowed the pre-established, bogus narrative that Rick Tyler is the bad guy...the evil “racist” who dares to express the benefits of restoring a white super majority in America. In her zeal to fortify that false, baseless construct, she readily seized upon the Johnny Glazner engendered slander as though it were the indisputable truth. In the outworking of her report, Liz employed all the sleazy, slimy tactics of the loathsome controlled propaganda mechanism that calls itself the media. The icing on the cake in her lamentable offering to the gods of slanted journalism comes in the form of her cheap shot, utterly unfounded reference to my three page “rap sheet.”

Come on, Liz...surely you know what a real rap sheet is...don’t you? Please tell me you are smart and sane enough to realize that a “rap sheet” can only exist if there is genuine “criminal” activity. You are no journalist, Liz but, instead, a prostituted propagandist who is acting as an agent of disinformation and misdirection. As you proceed from this juncture, please do yourself a favor and consider what a dishonorable spectacle you stand to make of yourself. In case you haven’t noticed...the national and international news are making the Make America White Again message appear more and more prescient with the passage of each day. If the Caucasian race fades into oblivion, the world will pay an incomprehensible price...and you and your fellow travelers will be proven to have been on the wrong side of true history.

And, finally, I would be remiss to not emphasize the point that, to make war against the truth...and those who are its champions...can ultimately prove to be a dangerous, debilitating, and sometimes deadly proposition.

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  1. God bless you, dear Christian brother.
  2. It is always dangerous for anyone outside the "mainstream" to get involved with a married woman with children, especially in today's world. Many people I know have found that out the hard way. When you become sexually involved with the woman you are helping, it will usually bring troubles upon you. David Koresh found that out, as have you. That being said, you obviously know that the establishment media will never be on your side and so you should always treat them like the snakes that most of them are.
  3. Just so I understand this article, you: 1. are running for political office; 2. have people running around saying things about you; 3. say that they are all lying, and you are telling the straight-up truth - you have never done any of those naughty things they claim; 4. don't understand how reporters work. You are also big on 'law and order' - except when those danged courts discriminate against you! To have a look at some of your other political views, you say income tax is unlawful - apparently the idea of wealth redistribution is an abomination to you - an alleged Christian. So much for a rich man and heaven - or giving away all you have... You state that income tax "comes straight from the words of the Communist Manifesto which advocates a heavy, graduated, progressive income tax in its 2nd plank". Ah - a man who has read a little. (I wonder if you've heard the quote "a little knowledge is a dangerous thing"?) Of course, it is very important to know thine enemy. Okay, I have dusted off my copy and searched for its 'planks' - nothing. Wait, what? Time to turn to Wikipedia. (Side note: It appears that you had a Wikipedia entry, Rick, but it was deleted as being 'unimportant'.) So - Wikipedia does not discuss planks in the Manifesto. Fortunately, it does point me to the Manifesto's section on progressive taxation - which reflects the concept of 'from each according to his ability, to each according to his needs'. Hey, that sounds almost Biblical - sort of like the rich man being unable to enter the kingdom of Heaven. Oh, but it's communist so... [Ten minutes later] Hey, the Communist Manifesto also proposes FREE EDUCATION in public schools for all children! Dammit, I knew the country was weakening against those commie scum! Rick, when are you going to add the abolition of free education to your campaign planks? Your views on race are well known - but are you aware that Jesus was not white? As for his apostles, yep - them too! And that Paul dude was Greek! Ah - I see you have stated your views on this subject in your discussion of the swastika and the KKK. Okay - modern Jews are not real Jews.. uh-huh; the KKK and swastika are misunderstood (or is that misunderestimated?), and are actually our friends; and what happened to the real Jews? I'm puzzled, here. Do you ever eat pork, or seafood? (Oh, wait - a RESTAURANT! You're gonna burn, man!!!) Heard about a woman who had sex outside of marriage and not stoned her? For that matter, living with a divorcee is definitely a stoning offence (as, of course, is divorce itself). I see you claim that "Public servants take an oath before God and men to obey the Constitution". Do they? That sounds illegal to me, breaching the wall between church and state. Why are you more concerned about prosecuting the public servants than enforcing the constitution? Rick, I can understand you're pretty annoyed that all these people are writing all these lies about you. Unfortunately, there is very little reliable information out there on what actually happened. That leaves me, along with other readers, wondering why all these people are persecuting you so. Court records would be great, if you happen to have the details of all your court appearances readily to hand - just so we don't have to go through all this 'he said/she said' stuff. To summarise, Rick, I am fascinated by your campaign for Congress and will be watching it with great interest. I expect that you probably censor quite a lot of the comments that are made on your website, and suspect this will be one of them. While that would be disappointing, if it occurs I can always say my piece elsewhere. You know - first amendment and all that. For the moment, though, best wishes for your future.
    • Stevie, stevie, stevie...too busy attempting to be witty that you must not realize the absolute stupidity and ignorance that you are showing. I had no problem pulling up many sites giving the 10 "planks" of the Communist doctrine. Of course, the communists wanted "free education", because the parents were forced to send their children to these schools to be indoctrinated. And maybe you would like to work in order for The State to take from you and give to someone who won't work? Didn't Paul say something about not taking care of those who will not work? And your canard about the Race of The Messiah and His Disciples. Yahshua and all of His Disciples except Judas of Kerioth were Caucasian Israelites from Galilee. Most of he Judean jews were mixed breed Edomites, but you already knew that the Maccabean Israelites conquered Edom and forced them to convert to Hebrew Torahism about a century before The Messiah's arrival, right? It was they who started the Judaic Talmud religion. And even a foolish person like you can Google Khazar Empire and find out about them converting to Judaic Talmudism about 700 AD. Now, don't you feel so very foolish that Mr. Tyler allowed your hit piece to show up, thus making you an even bigger idiot than before? You should!
  4. Not sure what happened to my formatting! Go go wall of text:(.

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