The Many Faces of Modern America

Let us begin this article by stating bluntly that old America no longer exists!

freedom-of-speech-1943The America of limited, constitutional government...of justice, decency and the rule of law...that America ceased to exist long ago. Today’s America bears no resemblance to the nation originally established by the founding fathers.

Their achievement met the basic criteria of nationhood...namely, a people of common culture and ancestry...a common language, and defined borders whose enforcement was diligently maintained. At present, what calls itself America has degenerated into a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, multi-lingual hotbed of chaos and confusion whose borders (particularly to the south) are porous and not meaningfully enforced.

This new "America" is no longer a nation but, instead, has transformed into an empire...only held together via authoritarian, police state powers. The current American empire is a patchwork, amalgamation of diverse and competing entities, the vast majority of which possess nary a clue as to the true state, nature and definition of that which they have collectively devolved into.

Our purpose herein is to educate the reader concerning the realities that comprise our present predicament. Many white, Christian, conservative individuals cling to the illusion that America still lives. They make common reference to terms such as “American exceptionalism,” and they continue to maintain a belief in the notion that America somehow remains a bastion of truth, liberty and honor.

Such an idea, of course, flies in the face of the reality that the current American empire is, instead, the enforcer of a rapidly developing global order whose hallmark is the administration of brute force and merciless onslaught against those who would seek to exercise national autonomy and sovereignty. On the domestic front, the American government has also established a vivid track record of trampling upon the rights and liberties of its individual citizens.

While maintaining a surface level manifestation of certain of its historic attributes, modern America simultaneously engages in all manner of conduct and behavior that can only be described as horrific and abominable! On virtually every level of policy execution and administration, present day America consistently and devotedly advances all that is at variance with truth, decency and traditional morality.

At every turn we call good evil and evil good. Without fail, we give aid and comfort to the wicked...while at the same time, running rough shod over those righteous individuals or confederations who seek to stand in defense of our historic foundations and traditions.

Yes...we have forsaken and turned our backs on the God of our fathers. Like Israel of old we have advocated for the fashioning of a golden calf...and in so doing, have flagrantly and egregiously blasphemed the God of scripture. In accordance with Proverbs 14:3 and 33:12, we have deservedly incurred the wrath and judgment of the covenant God of our ancestors.

Tragically...great numbers of our kinsmen and brethren are living and exalting lies and distortions that in no way align with the immutable truths of scripture. Unfortunately...this is the grim reality that we find ourselves in the midst of. The profound truths upon which America was founded are now routinely trampled under the foot of man. Lies are proudly exalted and glorified while righteousness and holiness are sneered at and spat upon. Indeed...Satan is having a veritable field day in the contemporary American empire. Of course...only God’s timeless word provides the answers in such an hour of peril!

The Remnant Still Survives

Before we proceed to describe and delineate the multiple factions that compete for standing and power in the modern American empire...let us first consider the fact that miraculously...a lingering remnant of true America’s legitimate composition continues to survive...against all odds, I might add.

You see...the white Christians who established the lawful American republic would have never sanctioned or tolerated the theft and usurpation of their children’s inheritance. The fact that a residual presence of those lawful heirs remain as an identifiable entity in the corrupt, current American empire is, in and of itself, a testimony as to the strength and resilience of what we once were.

Yes...a glimmer of hope for restoration and revival can be seen and recognized among those who consciously choose to reject satanic counterfeits of the ancient landmarks of truth. The only hope for an effective reestablishment of the true and genuine American nation resides in the midst of those who are not only lawful in their biological claim upon the cultural and geopolitical inheritance in question...but who also exhibit an aptitude and action oriented commitment toward the possession and outworking of the same.

Faith without works truly is dead as God’s word makes abundantly clear. His elect remnant will be required in the days ahead to stand in the gap and fight for the reclamation of that which has been illicitly usurped. Like the inspiring accounts of Ezra and Nehemiah...we will be required to reassert our right and proper claim in the midst of a dangerously wicked amalgamation of pretentious usurpers and imposters.

A Profile of the Opposition

There is an old saying that goes as follows: “We have met the enemy...and the enemy is us.” How true it is that our demise, disinheritance, and destruction always comes to pass as a direct result of betrayal and abdication from within. is so common and routine for our own people to reject and forsake their precious birthright and all its attendant responsibilities.

korahRebellion against patriarchal and Biblical authority is at the root of all that constitutes an abject and utter threat to our survival. Of course...such rebellion can only establish traction in a climate wherein truth has come to be suppressed and forsaken. Such has occurred in wholesale fashion for multiple generations...and now...a significant majority percentage of the Caucasian descendants of America’s founders have actually come to comprise a major and exceedingly powerful force among the variety of factions who make up the ranks and fight for the acceptance of the wholly illegitimate, modern American empire.

This rejection of one’s birthright...the sin of a wretched stench in God’s nostrils. Great judgment and chastisement will inevitably accrue to those who are its architects, purveyors and practitioners. The wrath of almighty God that is destined to be visited upon those who have perfected their stiff-necked rebellion and rejection of truth promises to be stunning and comprehensive in nature. In all likelihood, it will be upon such a foundation of smoldering ruins that the work of rejuvenation and rebuilding will occur.

Like the treasonous rebels of Exodus who were swallowed up by the earth in a momentous display of God’s judgment...the traitorous Caucasian faction of the contemporary American empire will doubtlessly be dealt with in similar, astonishing fashion. We certainly don’t know the precise form the outworking of God’s divine judgment will assume...but can assuredly surmise that it will be both creative and terrifying!

Those who profane and make war against God’s exacting truth and standards will simply not be fit to inherit the kingdom and, thus, their purging by the sovereign hand of the Almighty will be a necessary prerequisite for the reclamation of the inheritance that awaits the remnant.

The Collective vs. the Individual

collectivismOf all the “ism’s” that exercise power and influence in the modern American empire, the most pervasive of the lot would certainly be statism. Yes...most people today are, at the very least, unwitting members of the cult of the omnipotent state! Unlike America’s progenitors, people today are reflexive in their propensity to view government as the source of solutions to all the problems and challenges that confront humanity.

Instead of abiding by the Jeffersonian axiom that “the government that governs best is the government that governs least,” modern society exhibits near blind faith in the institutions of government, naively presuming that the state will naturally act in the best interest of the people they ostensibly represent. Never mind the historical reality that government has always gravitated toward abuse, oppression, and usurpation of the rights of the rank and file citizenry. In his blissful ignorance of true history, today’s ill-informed citizen embraces the unfounded notion that the state will somehow automatically conduct its affairs in a lawful and responsible fashion.

Of course...nothing could be further from the truth. The real history of the exercising of governmental power is a story of unbridled and virtually limitless encroachments upon the rights and dignities of man. The oppressive apparatus of the state is notorious for plundering and killing in what can only be categorized as epic level proportions. To add insult to injury, government is seldom, if ever, held accountable for its monumental crimes and injustices. How or why people, in the general sense, fail to recognize this reality is, in its own right, a mystery of the utmost significance!

Suffice it to say, there is no good reason for the modern American to harbor and exhibit anything but antipathy, wariness, suspicion and distrust toward government at all levels of its manifestation. Power corrupts...and absolute power corrupts absolutely! So said Lord Acton in one of history’s most profound and poignant observations. Yes...the state will abuse and exploit at every turn...all in the name of a bogus pursuit of justice and supposed “public service.” This is the unfortunate “nature of the beast” in our fallen and sinful world.

For this reason, our founding fathers fashioned a template for limited, constitutional governance...based on the construct of separation of powers between equally endowed branches that would consistently exercise the powerful tool of checks and balances. our initial breakdown and analysis of the competing factions of the modern American empire, we must take specific note of those two utterly dissimilar categories...namely, those who view the state as the potential source for the answers to our seemingly myriad problems...and those, on the other hand, who understand the governing power to be the actual source of the vast majority of all that ails and afflicts us!

The respective world views of these two groupings are diametrically opposed one to another...and can never hope to be reconciled. Of course, the one seeking to champion limited, constitutional government happens to be consistent with the philosophy and principles of the framers...while the other represents a wholesale abandonment and rejection of the very legal framework upon which the republic was predicated. Those in favor of the collectivist model have no evidentiary basis or foundation in support of their proposed model for governance. Despite this fact...they gallop insanely forward, ever in pursuit of an elusive, phantom quest that is rooted in nothing more than wishful thinking and blissful naiveté.

Republican vs. Democrat/Conservative vs. Liberal

6a00d83451af9f69e20133f5106d8b970b-640wiThe political map of the modern American empire is now portrayed in tri-color fashion. Solidly Democratic states are blue, soundly Republican are red, and those which are capable of going either way are purple. At present, things are approximately even between conservative, red America and liberal, blue America. The trend, however, is toward an increasingly liberal, democratic, blue America. Of course, a major reason for this phenomenon is the continuing influx of non-white immigrants into the empire’s borders. You see...non-whites vote in overwhelming percentages for the political party or politician who most flagrantly embodies or represents policies of a liberal and socialistic nature. After all...they are migrating from failed nations and civilizations that have exhibited nothing other than authoritarian, usurpatious governmental activity throughout the entirety of their life! It is completely natural for them to opt for the political choice that offers a continuation of their dependency on ceaseless governmental intervention in their lives. has only been in the midst of the Caucasian peoples of the earth that nation states have evolved whose policies and actions have been established upon foundations of fiscal conservatism, traditional morality, and limited government based upon the rule of law. Non-white people, the world over, have gravitated throughout history toward big government, strong man leader type modalities. Once they arrive in the west they are readily disposed toward supporting the political faction that promises the most benefits and giveaways, which happens to be the liberal, democratic coalition.

The slice of the modern American empire that seeks to champion and defend traditional, constitutional, Christian oriented governance is becoming increasingly diminished in its stature and numbers. It is the face of contemporary America that is representative of our only hope...namely, the reclamation of our downtrodden traditions and foundations. Regrettably...too much of America has become riddled with subversive corruption to the extent that sweeping rehabilitation and restoration are a virtual impossibility.

A Lost Generation

family-tech-1One of the most disturbing aspects of the present state of affairs in the modern American empire is the frightening level of ignorance that typifies the average young person, or millennial, as they are referred to. Sadly, they have been born into a world that is so inundated with lies and deception that it is next to impossible for them to escape the sophisticated brainwashing they have been consistently subjected to. As a result, this age bracket is prone to being thoroughly ensnared by the globalist, big government, political correctness coalition that is rapidly galvanizing its vast and pervasive control over the entire planet. These young people are hopelessly addicted to the technology to which they have been tethered throughout the entirety of their existence. A shocking percentage of their waking hours are spent frittering away precious time on their I-phones...either texting, playing games, or interacting on social media.

Individuality and independent thinking are becoming virtually extinct as group-think rapidly becomes the order of the day. It is truly grievous to consider that this particular “face of America” is quickly moving toward the point in time where they will be the principal and dominant component of the overall population. Even more alarming is the prospect of what is slated to follow the millennials in terms of generational evolution. The modern American empire is breeding and producing an army of mind-numbed robots that promises to be complete putty in the hands of the new world order elite. If hope for a return to sanity is up to them...our doom is utterly inevitable.

Rural vs. Metropolitan

rvm2Another great divide in the modern American empire can be observed in the vivid contrast between the diminishing rural population as contrasted with those who are content to dwell in the major population centers. The cities of the empire constitute the environment that is most conducive to maintaining comprehensive control over the teeming masses of modern American humanity.

All that is dehumanizing about congested city life is actually glorified and exalted in the philosophy and propaganda of today’s world system. Government, and its seemingly unlimited extensions, has become the de facto false god of contemporary humanity. The “public good” is the ostensible ultimate priority that is routinely marshalled in advocacy of the varied mechanisms of control that government seeks to maintain over the lives of the citizenry.

A rapidly growing majority is becoming increasingly reliant upon the state for everything from womb to tomb. To the average, newly emerging member of the modern American empire would be inconceivable to envision an existence not regulated and prescribed by “the authorities”...right down to the most basic and fundamental details. In everything from A to Z people are deliberately induced to look to government for initiative, direction, provision, and resolution.

Once again...the city dwelling faction being described in this section of our analysis represents a grouping that is completely malleable in the hands of those who operate the levers of power.

Dependent vs. Self Sufficient

dependAs we consider the overriding characteristics of those who comprise the population of the city...we can readily conclude that they are most typified by the fact of their sheer and utter dependency. In general, city dwellers are extremely reliant on the actions and provisions of others for their daily survival. They are particularly in need of governmental oversight and the routine allocation of resources from the apparatus of the state. Such persons are vastly unfamiliar with basic survival skills and, thus, live their lives under the tutelage of various arms of government. Quite obviously...such dependent individuals are utterly helpless when abnormal or threatening circumstances arise. In the midst of such conditions they turn reflexively toward government as the only hope for their salvation and deliverance!

Of course...such dependency is the very antithesis of what gave rise to such a great civilization as America once was. Contrary to the virtual helplessness of the average city dweller in the modern American empire, our predecessors were rugged and resourceful. They were well acquainted with the basic skills of survival and would have shunned and rejected the intrusive over reach of government. An independent spirit was their hallmark characteristic and, as autonomy increased, a corresponding rise of innovation flourished in their midst.

Those who continue to live in rural surroundings and conditions are the rightful heirs and successors of the pioneers of old. In a great many circumstances, they continue to plant and grow their own food, and exhibit and use those skills necessary for living off the land. They can hunt, fish, and purify water. They know methods of food storage and preservation that ensure an ability to weather and survive possible future periods of scarcity and shortage. They tend to be well armed and highly proficient in the skills of self and home defense.

Clearly...the independent population of rural America is far more difficult to regulate, propagandize and control than their city dwelling counterparts. For this reason, government is on a never ending quest to ultimately compel the rural populace to undergo a gradual migration toward the city.

Race and Ethnicity

immigration-law1A scant fifty years ago, America’s population was more than 85% Caucasian. In the mid 1960’s federal immigration law underwent a comprehensive overhaul that resulted in a reversal of the previous statutory mandate that incoming migration would, at minimum, maintain that base level 85% Caucasian super majority. Yes...America was a white nation as recently as a half century ago and, quite obviously, this was one the nation’s greatest strengths. In order for America to be subverted and weakened to its present floundering state...the historic white super majority had to be eliminated.

Fifty years of insane, criminal, treasonous immigration policies have now resulted in the evolution of the precarious realities being explained and exposed in this article. We have become the criminal American empire largely as a result of the destruction of the lawful white super majority established by our forefathers. By calculated design, vast quantities of non-whites are being flooded and infused into the American population. These distinct races and ethnicities are encouraged to do that which comes natural...namely, to maintain their unique identity, customs, and languages.

Those facilitating this rampant flood tide of foreign immigration have no intention for these groups to assimilate. Instead, the plan is for them to become part of a rapidly growing balkanization process that will serve to set the stage for the final crushing blow against what little remains of true America’s heritage, history, and potential for the outworking of her legitimate calling and destiny.

The varied racial groups of the modern American empire break down along the following lines. Quite obviously, there remains a significant sub group of the American empire population that is correctly identified as “African” or “African American.” Though blacks are being steadily eclipsed in numbers and influence by the rapidly increasing Latino population, they remain a very sizeable and significant sub set of the overall population. The fact that their presence in America dates back to the earliest days, as well as the unfortunate role played by slavery in their collective history and experience, both combine to establish characteristics of the black face of America that are singularly and unavoidably unique. Among the races of mankind, those of black origin and ancestry are arguably the most pitiable and heart wrenching in terms of their overall history and group experience. To this very day Africa languishes in poverty, brutality, oppression and a seeming inability to escape from such monumental suffering and despair.

The arrival of blacks in what became the American nation was made possible by the odious institution of slavery. Nevertheless, the net result for those members of the black race who were filtered through the American slave phenomenon and experience was positive in nature. Very few blacks were interested in being repatriated to Africa once slavery ended. Instinctively, they realized and understood that they faced a much brighter and promising future in this new territory and civilization...established and presided over by members of the white race.

Blacks in America have consistently been exploited and manipulated by political demagogues who disingenuously claim to be acting in their best interest, while repeatedly maintaining policies that ensure the perpetuation of their enslavement and dependency.

From the comparative standpoint of race as a whole, it is quite obvious that Caucasians have greatly surpassed and made accomplishments on a far greater scale and level than Africans. This readily observed fact constitutes a never ending source of and reason for insecurity and resentment among the ranks of Africans in general.

Whites, at the same time, are ready made victims for the manipulative forces that ceaselessly seek to foment unjustified emotions of white guilt and sympathy. White American men from the revolutionary era right up to the mid 1900’s were keenly aware of the inherent inequality and incompatibility of the Caucasian and African races. It is most unfortunate for all parties concerned that our predecessors have fallen short of being able to proceed toward a solution of the problem of racial conflict that would be based on analytical truth and fact-based reality.

Modern man has sought to create and establish an artificial reality wherein all men are the same, individual races are equally endowed, and everyone can ultimately assimilate and amalgamate into one big, happy family living in selfless bliss and harmony. This utopian dreamworld will never come to fruition because it only exists in the naive imaginations of truth rejecting mankind. God has never ordained or advocated for a racially integrated manifestation of his covenant body upon the earth. Those who advance the premise that God is “color blind” and views all races through a prism of uniformity, are sadly ignorant and mistaken relative to actual Biblical truth.

Blacks in the modern American empire are being consistently cajoled into a posture and mindset of grievance based militancy and hostility. They would, instead, do well to follow after the model and example set forth by the Canaanite woman in Matthew 15:22-28, wherein she exuded humility and acknowledgement of the limitations of her own origins and identity. The baseless and prideful egalitarianism of our modern era only serves to guarantee a continuing downtrodden status among those who collectively shake their fist at God.

The grass roots level black militant is simply acting out on the erroneous historic and philosophical foundation that has been selfishly advanced by those he looks toward for inspiration and leadership. Overall, the ranks of such individuals present an ominous and dangerous threat to the wellbeing and survival prospects of a diminishing Christian Caucasian remnant. Though long on passion and sincerity, the black militant is a mercurial and potentially deadly force to be reckoned with as he increasingly moves beyond the boundaries that have historically controlled and constrained him.

An indicator of this growing threat was recently exhibited by a relative of a black man who had been shot dead by a black law enforcement officer in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The woman was quite specific and unreserved in her recommendation that fellow members of her race should advance to the white suburbs for purposes of looting, burning, and destruction . Make no mistake about it...such mob actions are inevitable to commence in the not too distant future of the modern American empire.

Another distinct and identifiable face of modern America consists of those who are of Hispanic or Latino heritage and ethnicity. The ranks of the Latino population throughout the nation today are swelling with great rapidity. The overwhelming majority of illegal immigrants who cross the southern border are of one of a variety of Hispanic ethnicities. Mexicans, Nicaraguans, Guatemalans, Hondurans, Chileans, and assorted other Latino nationalities are abundantly represented among the multitudes that regularly pour into America by crossing the Rio Grande. These multitudes...many suffering from want and deprivation...are flocking to the land of milk and honey that lies to their north. They are leaving the squalor, poverty, corruption and violence that are all too typical of their countries of origin. Yet, very few among them are possessed of the motivation or ability to step back and ponder the cause and effect phenomena that have induced the circumstances of their adversity.

They are not pressing forward, as did the American pilgrims, determined to humbly seek a place of refuge from which they can begin to worship and serve the God of scripture. Instead, they are clamoring for undetected entry into the American welfare state that will afford them unearned resources and benefits at the expense of those who are the producers and innovators among the American populace. Of course, as illegal aliens who will ultimately help to strengthen the socialistic fabric that is becoming increasingly entrenched in America...these needy immigrants are essentially welcomed with open arms by their new host nation. As a result...the snowball of illegal immigration continues to gain mass and momentum and the Latino face of the modern American empire grows larger and stronger with the passing of each day. Very soon, in fact, they are slated to become the single largest non-white sub set of the overall population.

A significant number of Latinos are immensely enthused by this prospect as they equate such a development as being synonymous with the galvanization of greater power and leverage for their unassimilated ethnic category. La Raza...which translates into “the race”...can scarcely contain their exhilaration as they contemplate the growing likelihood of being able to solidify their control, occupation, and dominance of the southwestern quadrant of the current American map. Believing that this territory was previously stolen from is their ignorant and misguided conviction that to retake that same area by force would merely be an exercise in justice. Thus...they have no qualms about doing whatever might be necessary to usher such a proposed scenario into actual reality. In the evolving balkanizing process of the modern American empire, the future promises to include a Latino stronghold in the southwestern part of the nation that will be anything but hospitable and charitable to Caucasians. California is already an example of what is yet to come in those states adjoining it where burgeoning Latino populations are growing by leaps and bounds. As we consider the realities and ramifications of future life in what we refer to as is imperative that we not ignore the grim prospects implied by an immigrant Latino population that is spinning utterly out of control!

And Then...To Make Matters Even Worse

muslim-girl-america-resizedThe modern American empire has long been on a collision course with disaster. We have watched passively as the white super majority has been systematically dispossessed of the nation established by their own racial ancestors. Welfare state policies have gone unchallenged, the purposes of which have been to enlarge, fortify and strengthen all the non-white ethnic groups throughout American territory at large. For fifty-plus years, we have tolerated immigration policies that have rolled out the red carpet for non-white influxes from virtually every corner of the globe. African, Asian, Hispanic, Indian, Arab...all of these umbrella racial categories have experienced massive increases of their respective ethnicities.

The major cities of America are scarcely recognizable...having become a haven for transplanted cultures and communities from all over the planet. Whites have quietly exited from major urban centers and sought to reestablish themselves among their own kind in the more rural areas outlying the big cities. Such action, however, is being increasingly exposed as an exercise in futility as the teeming multitudes of the third world continue to rush forward in record breaking numbers. Caucasians, who have dipped below ten percent of the global population, are now on the verge of being overrun and dispossessed in the last remaining primary bastion of their strength...that being what we are herein referring to as the modern American empire.

And compound the utter severity of our grim plight and circumstances...we must also deal with the foreboding and terrifying prospects represented by the Muslim invasion that is now penetrating into the very heartland of the nation! The evil architects of America’s demise and destruction are now unleashing a force that is intended to embody a coup de grâce against the nation established by our forefathers.

Driven and motivated by their fanatical, violent and oppressive religion...the Muslims are different and more dangerous than any other faction that threatens our survival. They tend to be very serious about their Islamic faith...which, according to its tenets, sanctions conquest, enslavement and destruction of all other religions. The average brainwashed white American has no comprehension whatsoever of the dreadful peril that is encircling them...much less any understanding of the enemy force that is being positioned to move in for the kill. Already...Islamic enclaves are being established and fortified throughout the modern American empire in mind numbing fashion. 100,000 Muslim Somalians now live as a cohesive force in Minneapolis, Minnesota! Dearborn, Michigan is now home to in excess of 200,000 Muslims of Arab ethnicity! All throughout America, Muslim communities are digging in and rising up...building their mosques, madrasas, and laying the groundwork for the establishment of Sharia law! The growing Muslim/Islamic face of modern America is clearly the most ominous and deadly threat being levied against white, Christian Americans. It is hell bent on conquest by any means necessary...and, shockingly... is being enabled and financed by our own criminal, traitorous federal government!

Behold the Red Dragon

As if our overview has not been terrifying enough...we haven’t yet touched upon the threat represented by the emerging global super power known as Red China. Napoleon is credited with having said, “Let China sleep...for when she awakens the world will tremble.” Indeed...China has now awakened...and, with her massive population (1/4 of the world’s total), she represents a towering threat against any and all who might stand in the path of her unquenchable ambition and insatiable appetites. Yes...China is marching forward on a global scale...preparing to assume what she perceives to be her rightful destiny of power and hegemony. Ruthless exercise of brutal force and power are the typifying characteristics of the Chinese superstate.

One of many massive ghost cities in China. Who are the intended occupants?

One of many massive ghost cities in China. Who are the intended occupants?

Via the treasonous conduct of Bill Clinton’s presidential administration, China has come to possess sophisticated technologies that have been marshalled in the building of their increasingly state-of-the-art military machine. They also possess the former naval base at Long Beach, California, courtesy of the criminal traitor Bill Clinton, and have long utilized that facility in preparation for their future plans to exert influence and control throughout America. Through massive treason, extortion, and wholesale theft of patent information via hacking and espionage, China has succeeded in building a massive industrial infrastructure throughout their sprawling territorial land mass. Gigantic ghost cities (the purpose of which remains a mystery) have been constructed throughout their nation, and they have developed population control and denial of human liberties to a meticulously refined science. A high ranking Chinese general recently referenced the fact that China would ultimately take western women by force to alleviate the chronic shortage of females spawned by their long term one-child population control policy. In unparalleled, ghoulish practices, the Chinese routinely harvest and sell the organs of condemned prisoners and utilize mobile execution/surgical units for that purpose.

They are cunningly and diabolically brilliant the same time...being utterly devoid of Biblical constraints upon the usage of raw and unprincipled exercise of power. America’s would be destroyers have gerrymandered our economic house of cards in a fashion that has engendered massive, multi-trillion dollar debt. Part of the subversive, suicidal template for the modern American empire has been designed to include a process whereby a billion dollars has been “borrowed” each and every day from Red China! As part of the “payment plan” for the satisfying of this escalating” debt obligation, “ America has begun ceding domestic American territory in large land tracts and quantities to China...which, in turn, is quietly amassing resources and manpower in remote locations throughout the nation! It should be painfully obvious that we are being set up for the kill by insidious and powerful forces. Make no mistake about it...God is allowing all this to transpire and take shape in direct response to our rejection of truth and birthright responsibility as the spiritual and biological descendants of his anointed and chosen people.

In Search of Solutions

It is not our purpose to simply depict a portrait of hopelessness and despair. Scripture states in Matthew 19:26 that “with men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.” To be sure, our only hope resides in the potential for a sufficient manifestation of God’s extraordinary mercy, protection, and empowerment. To say we are hopelessly outnumbered, out-financed, out-gunned, the epitome of understatement. And yet...the scripture affords great hope and encouragement to us when it states in Romans 8:31, “If God be for us, who can be against us?” Yes, no matter how small our number or meager our resources might be...our mighty God is more than capable of vindicating and exonerating our courageous and unrelenting stand for truth! He is thoroughly able to thwart and vanquish all who come against us in pursuit of the destruction of his seemingly miniscule remnant. All the while...we are required to implement strategies and actions designed to enable us to fulfill the command set forth by Jesus when he stated in Luke 19:13 “...occupy till I come.” If we are to be positioned in obedience to his will and his word, we must be found articulating, delineating, and striving toward the enactment of a dominion agenda. All that we possess and consist of must be consecrated and marshalled in the interest of the advancement of the kingdom and the truth of Almighty God. To do anything less...especially in light of the ominous conditions staring us in the wholly inexcusable and inadequate. At bare minimum, we must seek to take the following steps.

- Acknowledge the central thesis of this article...that America of old no longer exists...and that we must embrace this reality and stop clinging to a false and delusional hope that somehow we can reform the unreformable.

- Recognize that God’s provision for remedy and recourse lies in the Biblical provision for territorial secession as an initial step toward the reestablishment of a sovereign, Christian, Constitutional Republic through which a Biblical dominion mandate and blueprint might be pursued and undertaken.

- The setting forth of the fact based indicia against individual professing Christians, ecclesiastical bodies, societal institutions, governmental bodies and powers, as well as the wayward nation as a whole. (Such an indictment will focus primarily upon the pervasive rejection of God’s truth and his holy law.)

- The declaration of intent to repair the breach (Isaiah 58:12), make straight the crooked path (Isaiah 45:12), return to the ancient landmarks, (Proverbs 22:28), and restore the foundations of old (Psalm 11:3).

- Commencement of the process of humility based repentance in accordance with the terms of 2 Chronicles 7:14.

- A conscious and willful consecration of all that we are and everything that we possess toward the lifelong pursuit and attainment of the aforestated goals. (John 15:13) (Matthew 4:20) (Romans 12:1) (Philippians 2:12)

- The determined implementation of a blueprint and manifesto for action in calculated, principled pursuit of the advancement of the will, power, truth, and kingdom of Jesus Christ under anointed and God ordained headship and authority.

The journey that we face promises to be long, challenging, and arduous to a momentous degree. Those who have been miraculously endowed with the ability to understand both the dangers and the opportunities before us are invited to redouble their efforts, energies and commitment to this sacred and unique endeavor. The ongoing experience promises to be ultra-fulfilling and the ultimate reward, quite literally, out of this world!

patrick_henry“I am willing to know the whole truth; to know the worst and provide for it.” Patrick Henry


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  1. To sum this all up in two sentences. Anglo Saxons are the true Israelites, and Jews are and have always been the enemy. Until Anglo-Saxons wake up to the truth of who we are and openly acknowledge the imposterous, destructive, parasitic nature of the Jew that walks among we will never defeat.
  2. What can be added to this epic assessment of our present peril than to resolve to join Rick Tyler by rising to his earnest challenge?
  3. This article was well worth waiting for. Keep up the good fight because we win in the end!
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