Hillary vs. Trump…Either Way We Lose

As we enter the home stretch of the 2016 presidential election there is one thing that is utterly certain. Regardless of who emerges victorious in the November 8th vote...America will galvanize her descent into slavery and be the big loser. While Hillary Clinton is clearly the “greater of evils”...Donald Trump also provides inordinate cause for concern to the discerning analyst. For starters, he has long been beholden to the Zionist banking cartel who, quite literally, have made him the great financial success that he is. It is quite safe to say that, in today’s world, only by making the proverbial “pact with the Devil” can someone become a multi-billionaire such as Trump. Additionally, Donald Trump has achieved much of his success in the hospitality and gaming industries...certainly not even remotely consistent with the ways of righteousness and holiness. And, of course, no one is more ideally suited to play the starring role in what has evolved into the most massive of reality media productions.

Yes...it is painfully obvious that Trump has long been groomed and prepared for the part that he is so effectively playing. In a bygone era, he would have been utterly unacceptable as a potential president. When compared to the indescribably corrupt profile of Hillary Clinton, however, Trump almost resembles a choir boy. Sadly, an election such as this offers a shocking glimpse and realization of how abysmally and pathetically low the standards of America have sunk to.

Telltale Signs

Donald Trump says many things that are refreshing and soothing to the ear. He rails against the long history of globalist policies and international trade deals that have been so detrimental to America. He lambasts insane immigration policies that have driven the nation to the brink of destruction. He pays overt lip service to nationalism and even dares to broach subjects that have heretofore been taboo and verboten. The suppressed 28 pages of the 9/11 investigation, the need to audit the Fed, the mysterious death of Vince Foster, shady aspects of the Kennedy assassination...these are among the topics that Trump has dared to make public reference to.

Of course...all this, as well as cozying up to Alex Jones via his proxy, Roger Stone, could be nothing more than psy-op maneuvering for purposes of engendering confusion and disinformation. An age old centerpiece of Satan’s strategy for subjugation and subversion involves the innovative creation and placement of false leadership and controlled opposition within the ranks of those who are supposedly devoted to the preservation of truth, justice, and the American way. If elected, Donald Trump could very well emerge as the most profound manifestation of this phenomenon in all of history.

For those desiring greater detail concerning alarming aspects of Trump’s past relationships with powerful interests within the realms of international finance and the global Zionist power structure, it is recommended that the related linked material be reviewed.

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Contrary to the carefully crafted image of a self-made tycoon, Trump is, instead, a creation of the money power that cleverly and surreptitiously runs the world through an elaborate network of agents and emissaries. Trump has been smiled upon propitiously at critical junctures throughout the unfolding of his career. He has adeptly evolved as the enigmatic, bombastic, colorful character that is now poised to become the ostensible “leader of the free world.” What is exceedingly likely, however, is that Trump is merely following the carefully contrived script that has been skillfully fashioned by the shadowy and diabolical “powers that be.” In a world and nation facing incalculable threats and dangers...the potential image of an ultra powerful, authoritarian Donald Trump looms large on the horizon.

As contrived chaos engulfs the nation, increasing numbers of individuals from all walks of life will become evermore receptive to the implementation of raw force and power as the proposed method for solving problems that otherwise seem to threaten our ability to survive.

The Solution Remains the Same

Truth remains the only viable antidote to the structured wickedness that surrounds us. In certain respects, evil must run its course before we can begin the rebuilding process. All the while, we must continue to do that which is within our power and ability to accomplish in pursuit of undiluted, uncompromised truth. We must cling to the lofty precepts of God’s word and his truth...and refuse to acquiesce to the temptation of compromise and sell-out.

The deck is stacked against us in overwhelming proportions and...on paper...our plight would seem to be utterly hopeless. Let us take heart, however, in the reality of the power of truth. Ultimately, it simply cannot be defeated...and the final victory belongs to those who, guided by a Biblical vision, are able to stay the course and endure unto the end.

Yes...truth is vastly superior to the lies of this world system. Additionally...light thoroughly overpowers darkness in the fullness of time and...most importantly...life is of immensely greater potency and significance than the spirit of death and destruction that presently holds sway throughout the world!

May we stay the course in our holy war against the devil and his minions. The victory eventually will be granted to those who remain faithful to the cause of righteousness and truth. In closing...remember the words of 2 Chronicles 17:14.


7 Responses

  1. Hillary, the lesser of two evils????? In what planet???? I much rather vote for the devil I don't know vs. the devil I know. This year's election is like Russian roulette. Hillary is an AK-47 fully loaded and on auto, Trump is a six-shooter with three bullets in it. Which one would you rather play roulette with? Let's simplify it with a bowl of Corn Flakes, on one side you have a bowlful dipped in potassium cyanide, on the other only a few flakes have been poisoned. Again the question, which one will you eat from? The evidence is all there. I have Trump, he is a buffoon, no doubt, but I detest the Clintons and they will finish what Obama started, it will be a third Obama term. ARE YOU INSANE????? I stand firm and espouse what Rick Tyler is doing but calling Hillary the lesser of two evils is madness.
    • Rick Tyler
      WHOOPS! I apologize for the glitch in this article. Hillary is most definitely the "greater of evils." The text has now been corrected to what it was originally intended to be. Thanks, JayMar, for bringing this to light. Rick Tyler
  2. Spoken like a true prophet standing alone among unbelieving worldlings.
  3. To paraphrase, "Politics is a corral for sheep built by wolves". We are given a "Hobson's Choice" by They Who Must Be Obeyed and nothing will change until we do follow 2nd Chronicles 7:14..."If MY people will call upon MY NAME, humble themselves, pray and seek MY FACE, turn from their wicked ways; then I will hear from Heaven, shall forgive their sins and will heal their land". Secession then, secession now!!
  4. Hillary is the "lesser of evils"? Are you on drugs?
    • Rick Tyler
      Sorry...I am certainly not on drugs, but possibly affected by sleep deprivation. Please note the corrected text. Rick Tyler
  5. I knew "Hillary is the lesser" was a typo when I read it. P.S. no use voting.

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