Beuhler Announces Intent to Cease Masquerading as a Journalist

On July 18, 2016 this website published an article entitled A Disgrace to the Journalistic Profession wherein we laid out the case that Cheryl Beuhler, owner and editor of the Polk County News, is in no way deserving of respect or admiration relative to the manner in which she carries out her publishing endeavor.

Of course, in the immediate aftermath of the unleashing of the Make America White Again message, Beuhler authored a scathing, slanderous editorial to accompany a front page article that represented the distortion of truth concerning Rick Tyler, the Rick Tyler for Congress campaign, and the overall message of truth for which I take a bold, dangerous, and principled stand. In her emotionally charged writing...Beuhler completely misrepresents the real news in a pathetic propaganda attempt to manipulate the story into conformity with her own twisted and distorted view of reality. The zenith of her egregious, non-journalistic methods was exhibited when she irrationally determined herself to be qualified to censor the mere mention of my name!

It was this preposterous act that galvanized the fact and realization that Beuhler is, in fact, not a real journalist but...rather...simply a self-serving, arrogant, condescending, and borderline delusional liberal who doesn’t hesitate to employ an “end justifies the means” protocol that clearly violates even the most basic principles of decorum and even-handedness.

In light of the atrocious professional conduct of Cheryl Beuhler...and our exposé of the was most satisfying and gratifying to read in a recent issue of the Polk County News that she was planning to put the publication up for sale and divest herself of a title and position for which she is manifestly ill-suited.

Conservatives and Constitutionists Need Not Apply

One thing that is made quite apparent in the article in question is that Beuhler intends to be certain that the suitable candidate she is seeking to pass the baton to is a fellow liberal. Nevertheless, it is most encouraging and a step in the right direction that Polk County might be delivered from the scourge of Cheryl Beuhler’s crass propaganda and her ongoing pretense of practicing professional journalism in the Southeastern Tennessee region. May God hasten the going forth of Beuhler’s divestiture.

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  1. Hopefully an honest publication will ensue.

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