Trump, Jones, Duke, Ventura, and Tyler

d1As most everyone is well aware, Donald Trump is causing major upheaval in the political world by virtue of the fact that he is running neck and neck with Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential race. Of even greater significance is the increasing likelihood that he could actually emerge victorious in the general election, thus becoming the 45th American president.

This prospect is utterly terrifying to a substantial percentage of the electorate who are of the opinion that Trump is a dangerous and radical force that will likely usher in a new era of bigotry, intolerance, isolationism, and xenophobia. To the leftists, as well as the establishment elite, Trump represents the epitome of a loose cannon...someone who plays by his own rules and is likely to deviate from the long adhered to globalist, socialist, welfare, and warfare state agenda.

It is quite true that Trump is larger than life and very flamboyant. His method of communication is blunt and straight forward. He is the polar opposite of the political stereotype to which Americans have become accustomed. In that sense, he is a genuine breath of fresh air. It is also readily observable that Trump doesn’t take any guff from adversarial parties. To say he gives better than he gets is a dramatic understatement. is very entertaining to watch Donald Trump puncture pomposity, talk tough, and relentlessly put his opponents in their proper place. Because of Trump...presidential politics has become the best reality TV show to ever come down the pike. There can be no denying that he holds the corner on the market in the realm of political theater and drama.

Yes...Donald Trump has widespread appeal that transcends multiple historic divisions of gender, ethnicity, geography, and traditional political loyalties. His generic theme of Make America Great Again has near universal appeal and his meteoric ascendency is unique and intriguing to say the least.

Of course...there are legitimate reasons for concern relative to the Trump phenomenon. His overbearing persona could potentially become an unbridled threat to individual liberty and sovereignty under the wrong set of circumstances. It is not difficult to imagine an overly authoritarian Trump presidency...executed and carried out in the name of security and the pursuit of the destruction of America’s supposed enemies. The would-be President Trump has promised to employ unprecedented methods of torture (a lot worse than waterboarding) in the interest of restoring America’s greatness. He has also pledged to maintain and increase the size and strength of what Eisenhower dubbed the Military Industrial Complex.

In the not-too-distant past, Trump has been on the liberal side of issues such as gun control, the homosexual agenda, and abortion, and has been a notable contributor to Democratic politicians.

It is also unsettling to consider that a central aspect of Trump’s financial/business empire has been centered upon the gambling and casino industry and the unsavory sin enterprises that are its inevitable bedfellows. Suffice it to say, the God of scripture is not approving of the Vegas/Atlantic City subculture and all of its carnal and greed driven characteristics.

It certainly seems that Donald Trump would be an unlikely personage for Almighty God to raise up for the purpose of leading America out of the modern wilderness of sin and self-indulgent depravity. In fact...the only hope for America to return to her former greatness lies in the prospect and possibility for the unleashing of genuine spiritual revival in accordance with 2 Chronicles 7:14 which states, “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” Donald Trump may well prove to be the “lesser of evils” in the presidential extravaganza, but it should nevertheless be recognized and understood that he in no way passes the Biblical litmus test for a potential righteous, spirit-led man of God.

Of course, it is always possible that God could be using a man such as Trump to bring certain truths and principles to the foreground...and that he could even be drawing him, in a supernatural sense, into a greater understanding of truth, as well as a potential moment of decision relative to his own personal relationship with the immortal creator of the universe. History instructs us that seldom do stature laden men of the world take the requisite steps to come into a state of harmony with the God of scripture. Matthew 19 provides the account of how the rich young ruler was incapable of and unwilling to embark upon the course required of him by Jesus Christ. He was unwilling to forfeit his worldly wealth on the altar of servitude and obedience...and it is beyond imaginable that Donald Trump would ever be inclined to pass such a test. In Matthew 19:26, however, Jesus states that "...with God all things are possible," no matter how unlikely.

Looking At the Infowar

d2Now...let us move on to Alex Jones...the founder and driving force behind and Prison, which happen to be two of the leading websites in what is known as the alternative, or non-establishment media. Jones reaches multiple millions on a daily basis and has put together a formidable and impressive news/editorial organization. For more than twenty years Alex Jones has been laboring in the trenches...broadcasting, producing, and often literally leading the charge in an ongoing crusade to expose the shadowy machinations of the diabolical new world order.

Though many believe Jones to be possibly the most sophisticated manifestation of controlled is undeniable that he traffics effectively in enormous quantities of shocking and suppressed truth. His subject matter runs the gamut...encompassing everything from fluoride, vaccines, political intrigue, and treasonous internal conduct at all levels of the conspiratorial dimensions of such sea change events as the Kennedy assassination, the Oklahoma bombing, and the tragedy of 9/11/2001.

Jones exudes passion and sincerity in a seemingly indefatigable manner. He is without equal in his ability to hammer away with a never ending torrent of facts and anecdotal evidences to undergird the assertions he regularly puts forth through his rapidly expanding media empire. What is most troubling to many of the detractors, however, are the crucial subjects relative to which he consistently and uncharacteristically drops the proverbial ball.

Specifically...when it comes to those profoundly controversial issues of race and the Jewish/Israel question...Alex Jones stops radically short of hard core truth. Such a notable deficiency, of course, would be an unspoken requirement if Alex Jones was indeed intended to function in the capacity of yet another gatekeeper in the world of the pursuit and discovery of greater levels of truth.

We know that in Anglo-Saxon jurisprudence the standard is supposed to be rooted upon an unrelenting commitment to the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Hose4:6 states..."My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children." Paul commanded in 1 Thessalonians 5:21 that we should “prove all things”...and “hold fast that which is good.” In this context...if Alex Jones is falling short of the full spectrum of can thus be reasonably deduced that we have a very serious problem. He is either knowingly complicit in the withholding of controversial and inflammatory truth...or he fails to grasp the broadest dimensions of truth...his keen intellect and extraordinary talent notwithstanding.

It is proper that we should refrain from passing judgment in this article on this most critical point of evaluation. Regardless of how the ball bounces on this fascinating subject, Jones is a pivotal and crucial voice in the continuing battle for the advancement and exaltation of truth. His influence is not to be underestimated Donald Trump...the heart and mind of Alex Jones are also in God’s sovereign hands to do with as he sees fit toward the outworking of the work of his kingdom.

The World's Most Infamous "Racist"

d3Moving forward...we will now cast an investigative eye toward yet another intriguing individual named David Ernest Duke...a man, in his own right...every bit as significant and enigmatic as Trump and Jones. Duke, of course, is probably the world’s most well known white “racist.” Nearly forty years ago, David Duke gained notoriety by donning the costume of the KKK and waxing eloquent about issues pertaining to the subject of race.

His specific interest and priority were the security and wellbeing of his very own Caucasian race. Duke’s central premise was the painfully obvious reality that the white race, in general, was diminishing in its power and influence both in America as well as throughout the world. Duke was young, energetic, and highly intelligent. He quickly gained a mastery of his subject of interest which, coupled with his admirable skills of communication and debate...made him a highly effective spokesman for his cause.

Prior to his identification with the KKK, and while still a student at LSU, Duke had worn a swastika arm band while delivering his controversial message at the campus’ Free Speech Alley. Obviously, Mr. Duke understood that the first obstacle to getting one’s message out is being relegated to the realm of obscurity and anonymity. By pushing the visual and psychological envelope...he discovered that the iron curtain of censorship could be circumvented, thus enabling his well-reasoned message to be heard.

(As an important aside, it is critical to note at this juncture that there really is no viable KKK in America. Contrary to what the race hustlers of the left want people to believe, the modern Klan is largely a creation of provocateurs who are sponsored by agencies of the federal government as well as subversive and manipulative entities such as the Anti-Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Center. This highly infiltrated KKK is designed to be an elusive bogey man whose ongoing existence is for the primary purpose of advancing the liberty-destroying agenda of statist power.)

Doubtlessly...David Duke understood this insidious reality and, very early in his career, he shed the uniform of a long defunct and impotent KKK in favor of a new entity named the National Association for the Advancement of White People (NAAWP). For those who remember, David Duke gained considerable traction via the cleverly devised NAAWP vehicle. Through this educational apparatus, he connected with a growing army of whites who were becoming thoroughly disenchanted by the manner in which the America built and established by their racial forefathers was being systematically dismantled and transformed into a multi-racial, multi-cultural polyglot.

David Duke got considerable mileage out of the NAAWP organizational construct and essentially used it as a springboard to launch his political career. In 1988 Duke ran for President in the 3rd party/independent realm. During this general time period he also capitalized on the racially charged events that unfolded in Forsyth County, Georgia (for more information see,_January,_1987), emerging as the leading spokesman for the “interests of the white race.” All of this led to his timely entry into a political contest in his home congressional district in Metairie, Louisiana. The State House of Representatives seat was open and up for grabs and, amazingly, David Duke emerged victorious and was sworn in to the Louisiana State House on February 22, 1989.

Of course, he wasted no time in leveraging this official position into bigger and better things. In 1990 and 1991, respectively, he carried out highly impressive, statewide candidacies for the U.S. Senate and the governorship of Louisiana. In both races, it required sweeping corruption and below the belt tactics to prevent a Duke victory. In the later stages of the Duke phenomenon of the early 90’s, he attempted a presidential run but was very much overshadowed by the insurgent Republican candidacy of Pat Buchanan.

Duke would later be criminally charged by the federal government and ultimately pled guilty to tax related charges in exchange for a six month sentence. In the aftermath of this ordeal he went on the earn a PhD at the Interregional Academy of Personnel Management in the Ukraine and also authored an autobiographical work entitled My Awakening.

Now 66 and clearly past his prime, David Duke has once again entered the political arena...qualifying to run for the U.S. Senate in Louisiana. Prior to making this announcement, he had stirred up controversy by making an indirect endorsement of Donald Trump. Without a doubt...David Duke occupies a unique position in the history of modern American politics. He is slandered and maligned beyond comprehension and, yet, continues to enjoy a tremendous amount of respect and admiration from substantial numbers of white Americans who are keenly aware that powerful forces are ceaselessly at work in the interest of facilitating the diminishment and destruction of their race. It must also be remembered that despite overwhelming odds and unprecedented dirty tricks, David Duke came impressively close to winning two statewide political races in the early 1990's.

The Billionaire and the Wrestler

d4We will next turn our attention toward yet another intriguing individual who shocked the political establishment by winning the gubernatorial race in Minnesota in 1999. Jesse Ventura (his real name is James George Janos) came out of nowhere to mount a successful candidacy against two opponents who epitomized the tired, old profile of American politics that so many have grown weary of. A gifted showman from the world of professional wrestling as well as a smattering of cinema roles...Jesse was able to capture the imagination of enough voters to ascend to the state’s governorship!

Interestingly...he prevailed in the contest with significantly less than an electoral majority. 37% was sufficient to seal his victory and Jesse Ventura became the 38th governor of Minnesota. In many ways he was a direct extension of the Ross Perot phenomenon, winning the office as the official standard bearer of the Reform Party in 1998.

Perot was a refreshing, albeit somewhat quirky, billionaire who burst on the national scene in 1992 as what was perceived to be a viable, independent alternative to the Republican/Democrat duopoly. He announced his presidential candidacy through the widely viewed Larry King cable TV program and immediately spawned a national movement. Although he appeared with the major party candidates in the '92 presidential debates, his candidacy faltered after a bizarre withdrawal from and reentry back into the race revolving around allegations of intrigue and conspiracy emanating from the campaign of George H.W. Bush. Perot wound up garnering 18.9% of the popular vote and continued promoting his endeavor into the 1996 election cycle. The effort evolved into the formal establishment of the Reform Party in 1995 and Perot became its official candidate for the 1996 election. By now, the political establishment had successfully maneuvered to exclude Perot from the debate stage and his vote total diminished to 8% in the November election.

Despite its declining fortunes, the Reform Party received sufficient vote totals in 1996 to qualify for substantial federal matching funds in the subsequent election. In combination with Jesse Ventura's surprising victory and the accompanying reality of now featuring a high office holder among its ranks, the 2000 Reform Party presidential nomination had now become a coveted prize.

The primary contention for the Reform Party nomination initially featured three candidates. They were media personality and former Republican Presidential contender Pat Buchanan, Iowa physicist and 1995 Natural Law Party Presidential candidate John Hagelin, and none other than current political superstar and possible future U.S. President Donald Trump, who elected to withdraw from the competition in February of 2000. Other notables, such as newly elected Minnesota Reform Party Governor Jesse Ventura; party founder and two time Presidential candidate Ross Perot; Texas Congressman Ron Paul; and former U.S. Congressman from Illinois and 1980 Presidential candidate John Anderson, all flirted with the prospect of vying to secure the party’s nomination but, ultimately, decided against such action. The race played out between Buchanan and Hagelin and climaxed with a contentious schism between the two factions that led to the necessity of court intervention after an alternative convention was hastily called and carried out by Hagelin’s out-maneuvered supporters.

Buchanan prevailed in the ensuing legal fight and went on to serve as the Reform Party candidate in the 2000 general election. Badly bruised and wounded from the recent internecine conflict, Buchanan only managed to draw 449,885 votes nationwide...a mere 0.4% of total ballots cast. The weak and unimpressive Buchanan vote total was insufficient to maintain federal matching funds totals and, consequently, the Reform Party gradually faded into its present obscure status.

Of course, the events of 9/11/2001 doubtlessly had a great impact on the demise of the Reform Party as well. In the paranoid and fear laden post-9/11 America, the nation was easily herded into a majority mindset of believing it to be necessary and prudent to render unquestioned support, however grudgingly, to the only entity that could effectively protect America from a nameless, faceless terrorist enemy. That great protector, quite obviously, would be none other than the corrupted, bloated, abusive, and oppressive federal government.

Jesse Ventura finished his term as Governor and chose not to seek reelection in the post-9/11 climate of fear, intimidation, and an emerging phenomenon of knee jerk loyalty to opportunistic and self-serving policies and actions of the national government. Although he intermittently has floated the idea of a Presidential run in recent years, it seems increasingly unlikely that Jesse Ventura will once again be featured on the national political stage.

Ventura embodies an interesting blend of characteristics and qualifications that combine to render a unique profile and persona. He is colorful, macho, charismatic, and daring enough to have plunged headlong into conspiracy research and exposition in the areas of 9/11, the JFK assassination, and assorted other lesser known revelations of a stimulating and shocking nature. Additionally, although fiscally conservative and libertarian in his economic policies, he lurches leftward where social issues such as abortion and homosexual related subjects are concerned. Regarding gun rights and the Second Amendment, he has seemed to remain consistently on the right side of the fence.

All things considered...Jesse Ventura is deserving of noteworthy recognition for the accomplishment of having achieved his stunning Reform Party victory in the 1998 Minnesota Governor’s race. Had it not been for the ultra-dramatic events of 9/11/2001 he would have likely sought the 2004 Reform Party Presidential nomination and could have possibly emerged as a formidable national contender.

As a final observation, Jesse Ventura’s greatest weakness and deficiency is in the realm of spiritual awareness or lack thereof. Whenever I have heard him weigh in on matters of a theological nature, my impression has been that he is quite indifferent and unenlightened...even to the point of coming across as borderline atheistic. It is painfully obvious that he fails to comprehend the veracity and authority of the Bible as God’s holy word.

And Then There Was Make America White Again

rick-tyler-constitutionIn June of this year I was able to transition from the realm of near total obscurity to the attainment of a decent modicum of name recognition and notoriety. This accomplishment was hastened by a singular political act of erecting a billboard featuring a slogan that touched the ultimate raw nerve! Make America White Again proved to be so stunning, shocking, and provocative...that it instantaneously went viral...spawning a plethora of stories and news reports. Admittedly, roughly half of the populace tended to recoil in horror at a message they deemed and interpreted as overtly “racist.”

Of course, this faction is marked by double-mindedness, philosophical superficiality, and a reactionary tendency. They have been systematically brainwashed throughout their relatively short and inexperienced lives and are woefully disinclined toward the skill of objective, critical thought. To their exceedingly limited mindset and perspective...politically incorrect truth is all but unfathomable and virtually impossible to comprehend. They are the hapless victims of government schools, state sanctioned churches, a soulless humanistic entertainment industry, a controlled media comprised of propaganda specialists and, finally...a social media monolith that has refined group-think and herd instinct to a level that would have been incomprehensible prior to its advent.

With the exception of the growing, but still quite limited, ranks of the internet-based alternative right, the younger faction of the body politic is hopelessly adrift in a state of abject ignorance and ill-informed confusion. They can be counted on to continue offering vehement opposition to the Make America White Again message. To a great many of this ilk, Rick Tyler is a hideous character...a dinosaur and Neanderthal who should probably be summarily executed and put out of his misery!

Yes...these ignorant, arrogant, spoiled, pampered, narcissistic, growth-stunted children (who happen to be running around in adult bodies) constitute a major problem that must eventually be dealt with. At the same time, however, there exists a segment of the population that is in a state of disbelief that someone has actually exhibited the courage and temerity to utter the pure, unadulterated truth. The number of such individuals is actually quite significant, and their potential strength being manifested in the anonymity of the voting booth is a latent nightmare that exists in the twisted minds of the elitist power brokers who have labored so determinedly for the dismantling of western, Christian, patriarchal civilization.

Quite obviously, the architects of globalist enslavement are acutely cognizant of the special place occupied in world history by the Caucasian race. They have toiled long and devotedly to destroy and tear down the bulwark against world government that has been consistently manifested among the ranks of the white nations of the earth.

Indeed...the powers that be would feel duty bound to oppress and defeat the growth of the Make America White Again message. In their state of haughtiness and condescension...they can scarcely comprehend the rise of racial truth and awareness. And what if the Make America White Again message begins to gain a foothold and platform for growth and expansion?

The bulk of this article has dealt with case histories of notable political mavericks in recent American history. Alex Jones, of course, hasn’t run for political office...but has, nevertheless...served as a conduit and facilitator for a great deal of important truth that has helped form an intellectual foundation upon which political agendas and endeavors, such as the rise of Donald Trump, might go forward and flourish. Along with Trump and Ventura...Jones has skillfully sidestepped hardcore racial large part because it can be very bad for business. But now...on the rapidly approaching eve of the November 8th general election...we find ourselves in a unique and interesting set of circumstances.

Will Trump defeat Hillary...and the seeming intent of the elite to install her in power by any means necessary? Will the election be stolen via flagrant fraud and criminal subversion? Will David Duke achieve any level of success in his effort to reestablish his relevance in Louisiana and national politics? Will Alex Jones continue to ride the Trump wave to ever increasing heights of professional success and the amassing of personal stature, wealth, and influence? Will the forces of evil instigate an overdue false flag...possibly of such a magnitude that it will be to 9/11 what 9/11 was to the Oklahoma bombing? Or, will Hillary, in all her grotesque and hideous proportions, be installed at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue to become the point of the spear in the unfolding Luciferian agenda of the new world order?

And, a concluding consideration of this will the Rick Tyler for Congress campaign fare when votes are tabulated and all is said and done? The oppressive and menacing reaction to the unleashing of the Make America White Again message has hamstrung, undermined, and restricted my ability to move forward in any kind of proactive posture. Despite this reality...the Rick Tyler for Congress campaign and the Make America White Again message represent the single most significant threat to the wicked designs of the evil powers that be. By combining the urgent and foundational message of racial realism with the essential and indispensable cornerstone of Biblical truth and authority...this effort, above and beyond all others, affords the potential for the divine favor, empowerment, protection, and accomplishment that will be required in our quest and struggle to storm the gates of hell...and vanquish the forces of evil.

Irrespective of the election is my absolute intention to forge ahead in the ongoing battle for truth and liberty. Romans 8:28 instructs us that “we know all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.” It is very comforting to know, understand, and accept the fact that the covenant God of our fathers is reigning supreme on the throne of the universe and that nothing can possibly thwart his overarching, perfect will. Regardless of how the election turns out, he will continue to drive humanity toward the ultimate cause and effect results that are destined to unfold in the days ahead.

Sinful man will doubtlessly continue to justify and rationalize his own error, rejection of truth, and general indifference to the word and will of our Sovereign Creator. We should certainly desire and pray for whichever sequence of events might best facilitate a wholesale turning back to Almighty God in a genuine spirit of humility and repentance. And...we must continuously pray with our hand on the plow...ready to act as if it is all up to us, while praying as if it is all up to God. As Jesus commanded in Luke 19:12-13, we must occupy until he comes. Of course, occupying carries with it the connotation of being methodical, premeditative, and detailed in our approach.

Beyond 2016

If I fail to win this election, a decision process will ensue as to which elective office should be pursued in 2018. It will either be the very same Congressional seat I am now running for or, possibly, a statewide race for the U.S. Senate or for the Governorship of Tennessee. Of course, in the Rick Tyler for President 2020 sidebar section of this website the announcement has already been made that I am seeking the 2020 Presidential nomination of the American Freedom Party. The goal in that pivotal year of potential vision (note the significance of 2020) will be to work indefatigably to develop this established political party into a viable alternative to the two party monolith that is woefully incapable of ever granting proper attention and devotion to the full spectrum of hard core truth.

No matter what...the future promises to be extraordinarily challenging, exciting, and fraught with momentous opportunity! In closing I would say,

Hail the exaltation of truth!

Death to the new world order!

No king but King Jesus!

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  1. God has already declared his promise, "I will honor them that honor me." We appreciate Rick Tyler and his inspiring vision for the future of a free, white America.
  2. Mr. Tyler, You are obviously a well read, talented writer with a pension for phraseology. I'm impressed. What I'm not impressed with is the fact that you SERIOUSLY think that this nation has any intent on moving any further BACKWARDS in time from a civil rights perspective. Being a Black man, I don't find it unusual that, after reading your POSITIONS on your website, I absolutely agree with the following: - Gun Rights - Income Tax - The Federal Reserve - I really want to agree with you on the Government Schools position, but, I'm NOT Christian and I do believe that government should be responsible for providing a GOOD, competitive education for our children - The Patriot Act I & II (Amen, bro!!) - 9/11 - Department of Homeland Security (Amen, again!!) - Territorial Secession Where we TOTALLY disagree: - Immigration (Get over it. White Europeans stole this country from the native population. What goes around, comes around.) - Homosexuality (Let people love who they love. Get out of my damned bedroom. No, I'm NOT gay!!!) - Abortion (I don't believe sustainable life begins at conception.) The Constitution (Take GOD out of the mix and we agree!!) I hope that your lunatic vision of a White America never EVER manifests. Actually, mother nature will make SURE it doesn't. But, as crazy as I might think YOUR vision of America is, I respect your position nonetheless. Too bad you're gonna spend so much time on a fruitless, pointless, exercise in trying to turn America back into an ignorant, intolerant White rule state. Someone with your intellect would best be served in making America great-er!!
    • Rick Tyler Rick Tyler
      I greatly appreciate Mr. Ford's honesty and insight. He raises numerous, very important points which I intend to address in sufficient detail to render an appropriate and necessary response. I am pleased that we have such a considerable quantity of common ground and hope to be able, through logic and fact-based information, to persuade him as to the accuracy of my perspective on other points where we don't see eye to eye. Like the fine-tuning dial on an old, analog TV set, sometimes a relatively small adjustment can make a profound difference in our perspective of the big picture. Once again, I commend Mr. Ford for his willingness and desire to be a truth-seeker and to march to a different drum beat. More commentary will follow...God willing. Rick Tyler

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