Secret Service Protection Requested During Final Stage of the Rick Tyler for Congress Campaign

On Thursday, September 29th, I mailed a priority letter to Secret Service Director Joseph Clancy requesting the provision of protection from his agency. In this communique (please view the PDF by clicking on the link below this article) I sought to lay out the well-reasoned yet brief presentation as to why departure from otherwise routine policy is justified relative to my candidacy and its singularly unique characteristics.

A Candidacy Like None Other

My congressional candidacy is inseparably linked to the ultra-emotionally charged slogan of Make America White Again. Astute observers have no trouble realizing that the Make America White Again message readily elicits the most dramatic and reactionary of responses from those who are repulsed, alienated and offended by it.

It would seem that nothing could be more threatening or unsettling to them than the prospect of restoring a white super majority in modern America. The mere mention of such a concept causes them to come completely unglued and they can scarcely contain themselves from acting out expressions of anger, hatred, and violence.

It is truly uncanny and astonishing. And...quite puts me squarely in the cross hairs of potential acts of hostility and aggression. It is no exaggeration to say that if I take to the streets in an overt campaign life is subject to greater endangerment than Donald Trump’s. It is sobering to witness the phenomenon in question.

Reaching Out To the Secret Service

While I don’t expect the Secret Service to agree to my request for protection, I do believe it would be in the best interest of all parties concerned. My life truly is in jeopardy...and the Secret Service is certainly up for the job. Unfortunately, I am unable to provide my own private security due to extreme financial limitations.

At the same time, the nation can ill afford to allow mob violence to reign supreme. If anything is worth defending and preserving it would certainly include our First Amendment right to free speech. If I can be silenced through threats, intimidation, and would follow that everyone is in ultimate danger of losing rights.

It is important to understand, as well, that political assassinations are toxic and detrimental to the Republic as a whole. The Secret Service, having recognized the very real threat I face, would be wise and responsible to afford me the benefit of their expertise and unique ability.

Enemy Within the Gate?

Some might react to this story by questioning the wisdom of allowing the Secret Service such close proximity as would be necessitated by a protective detail. All things considered...I would consent to the professional protocol whereby survival odds are maximized. As much as preventing an outright frontal assault by a would-be assassin...Secret Service presence would be highly effective in deterring mob and crowd reaction that might otherwise cross the line into life threatening violence.

Is God Still In Charge?

Quite obviously, Almighty God occupies the throne of the universe, and presides over all matters, great and small. What we must remember, however, is the manner in which he routinely chooses to work through other men. I am certainly open to him working through the Secret Service to fortify the likelihood of my physical survival and safety. If I am denied help, I will interpret that as the sovereign will of God and will carry on, nevertheless. And if, surprisingly, my overture is accepted, it would certainly underscore, yet again, the uniqueness and unprecedented nature of the Rick Tyler for Congress campaign and its highly provocative Make America White Again message.

The October Surprise

As this article is being written, I am making plans and preparations relative to my own October Surprise. During the final two weeks prior to the November 8th election date, I intend to engage in activities that are likely to generate considerable news interest...possibly to the extent of catapulting the Make America White Again message back into the national spotlight. It is my sincere hope that in the waning stages of the campaign I might succeed in captivating the interest of the electorate in such a manner as to drive considerable votes in my direction.

The 2016 Rick Tyler for Congress campaign is but a single battle in what promises to be a long, protracted war for the exaltation of hard core truth. Although my First Amendment right to free speech has been greatly diminished by a fear-driven mindset of acquiescence and intimidation, my intent is to press forward in the final stages of the campaign with courage and determination.

To those who identify with my message I welcome and encourage your support and would ask for your prayers concerning my physical safety.

Click here to view U.S. Secret Service letter.

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  1. Where are the friends of Rick Tyler when he needs you?
  2. Possibly, those of us who agree with Mr. Tyler can provide moral and physical support when necessary as well as financial support? Please provide times and places where you will be and those who are able may come to protect you.
    • Rick Tyler Rick Tyler
      This is deeply appreciated. Details of upcoming events and needs will be forthcoming.
      • Your freakin nuts Sir. America is made up of diverse people from around the world, not whites and whites only. Go back in your hole.
        • Yes, America is made up of "diverse people" and always has been, which has nothing to do with having a "super White majority" in America, as we had when America was at it's greatest. But ever since the traitorous Ted Kennedy and his liberal, jew traitors changed the makeup of our immigration laws, we have had a steady decline in the White Americans and America's "greatness". It is degenerate, disgusting, douche bags like you who should "go back in your holes" and back under your rocks and back in your septic tanks until evil again raises it's ugly head and calls you back to your dishonorable duty.

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