The True Abusers of Freedom and Irresponsible Practitioners of Liberty

On June 25, 2016 the Cleveland Daily Banner published an editorial under the heading “Racist Billboards Are An Abuse of Freedom.” Then, on July 2, 2016 they published another opinion piece, authored by Associate Editor Rick Norton, entitled “Reminder To Us All: Liberty Means Responsibility.”

In these two articles, the publication in question did, with gusto and determination, what liberal media is so infamous for. It seems that their chief specialty is the practice of utterly truncating the facts and the truth when the story or subject pertains to anything more profound than mere fluff or trivia. In other words, they are skillfully adept at spinning and twisting in the ultimate interest of rendering conclusions that are inconsistent with basic, conservative, traditional precepts and values.

The headlines of the editorials being analyzed are very explicit in their accusatory nature. They are clearly designed to make the blunt charge that in erecting the Make America White Again and I Have A Dream billboards, Rick Tyler has committed the inexcusable offenses of “abuse of freedom” and “irresponsible exercise of liberty.” In this overview it will be explained how, in reality, the Daily Banner and its hired gun defenders of the status quo have actually committed, in profuse fashion, the very offenses they falsely accuse Rick Tyler of perpetrating! is Rick Norton and his manipulative cohorts at the Daily Banner who are guilty of being egregious abusers of freedom and irresponsible practitioners of liberty. Allow me to explain the methods whereby they so glibly commit these serious offenses. The following constitute a partial litany of the techniques of which we speak.

One: The Setting Forth of the False Narrative

In Norton’s “Liberty Means Responsibility” piece he employs this bogus foundational method in the following manner. He begins by speaking generically about freedom...and how everyone “takes it for granted” until it is either threatened or abused. He quickly moves to the errant charge and presumptuous conclusion that my billboards constitute an abuse of freedom. Mind you, Mr. Norton never bothers to define freedom or explain how the phenomenon of abusing it would take place. His omissions are for a good reason, of course, because it just so happens that Norton is utterly ignorant on both counts.

True freedom happens to be a rare commodity in this world due to the fact that government is so proficient in the practice of violating the basic rights of individual citizens. The founding fathers understood this common tendency of government and wrote the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights, in order to put shackles and restraints upon those who would function within the apparatus of the state.

The First Amendment protection of free speech is not conditional. Congress shall make no law is an unambiguous edict imposed upon all would-be tyrants. Abuse of freedom is an offense that can only be committed by government or those acting in collusion with it. In this case, it is Norton and the Daily Banner who are acting as the partners of corrupt government by trying to silence an individual who is exposing those crimes of the state which have served to rob us of our true freedoms and liberties.

Through my political efforts I am teaching people that the white super majority of the early 1960’s was, through fraud and deceit, unlawfully dispossessed of their legitimate status and inheritance. Also being revealed is the fact that a charlatan con-artist, who worked hand in glove with the international communist movement, has been fraudulently elevated to hero status as a central component of a subversive and chaos-engendering strategy subsequently foisted upon the American nation. “Reverend” King was a whoremonger, a plagiarist, and a well-documented Marxist sympathizer.

The vast majority of Americans are unaware of King’s true nature, character, and track record. They are also totally ignorant of the fact that his FBI file was sealed for 50 years and is not scheduled for declassification until 2027! Without question, exposure of the King file would have prevented the adoption of the national holiday observed in his honor, and would have rightfully precluded him being revered and romanticized.

Needless to say, Rick Norton and his accomplices in mainstream media will work tirelessly to ensure that these revelations are never exposed to the rank and file citizenry. Yes...from A to Z, the government at all levels abuses the God-given freedom of the people, and the Rick Norton’s of our world play the consistent role of accomplice and accessory after the fact. You see, the legitimate exercise of freedom and liberty can never constitute abuse or be done abusively.

The frequently invoked example of yelling “Fire!” in a crowded theater is preposterous on its face! To yell “fire” when no fire exists constitutes a willful attempt to bring injury and damage upon one’s fellow citizens under knowingly fraudulent pretense. The act of erecting a political sign, on the other hand, whose message is designed to introduce otherwise suppressed truth or information is pure, unadulterated free speech 101!

The injury and fraud have already been inflicted upon an ignorant body politic by those who have worked diligently to suppress the facts that America was, by design, a white nation...that the lawful demographic that featured a white super majority was fraudulently supplanted via illegitimate social engineering methods...and that Martin Luther King was a bogus contrivance that was artificially elevated to prominence and stardom as a stepping stone along the way to the creation of the great racial divide that now rages throughout the nation.

Yes, Norton’s false narrative is patently obvious. He fails utterly and completely to address the reality that true freedom carries with it the responsibility to not be a dependent ward of the state. In the interest of defending political correctness and egalitarian falsehood, he erroneously accuses the bold proclamation of suppressed truth as being something evil and nefarious. These text book procedures are employed time and again as our culture and nation plunge increasingly into the depths of darkness, deception and despair.

In summation, the false narrative in question features an inaccurate notion of what freedom consists of, coupled with a slanderous false accusation of the very one who dares to expose ignorance, deception, and evil.

Two: Character Assassination

This technique is regularly employed in the ongoing war against truth. Rick Norton wastes no time in commencing his slanderous and defamatory assault upon Rick Tyler’s character. He begins with the purely subjective proclamation that I am an abuser of freedom. He then really lays it on heavy in a flurry of charges that include my having “gut punched” the area with “antics” that are “fitting of a slave ship captain from the 18th and early 19th centuries.” Excuse me? “Gut punched...antics...slave ship captain?” This is attempted character assassination and demagoguery plain and simple.

Norton has already alluded to my having “hailed from Miami” without bothering to mention that my parents both grew up in Nashville and that I have lived in Tennessee for almost one third of my life. He goes on to reference my “string of unsuccessful political campaigns.” Does he really believe that two qualify as a “string” of anything...and does he have any interest in knowing what mitigating factors might have contributed to a lack of success?

Obviously, he only wants to accomplish one thing...that being the assassination of my character. By achieving this goal he can divert people away from a compelling message that resonates with large numbers of the populace and, most importantly, can manipulate them away from the possibility of casing their vote in my favor.

Three: Pseudo Intellectual Historical Points of Reference

Mr. Norton segues into the utilization of this technique with a flurry of haughty, dismissive condescension wherein he speaks of “nightmares from America’s past” that are somehow embodied in the slogan Make America White Again. It is quite revelatory that to Rick Norton the America of relative recent history which happened to be over 85% white...was of nightmarish quality and character. It would be most interesting and instructive to sample his elaboration as to why that America...the one of his and my own childhood...was such a nightmare. Indeed, only a fool (of which we have no present day shortage) would argue with a straight face that today’s America is to be preferred over that of the early 1960’s.

Of course, we can’t expect Norton and his ilk to deal with facts and reality. Instead, they choose to live in the warped world of twisted illusion where countless abortions, the destruction of the family, gender-bending insanity, 20 trillion dollar budget deficits, unfathomable deceit and corruption on the part of government, a pathologically dishonest and agenda-driven media, and a headlong plunge into global governance whose ultimate purpose is to destroy every remaining vestige of national sovereignty are in some strange way a step in the right direction...and that somehow this horrific amalgamation of atrocities represents enlightenment and improvement?

Of course... this is the same brave new world that features an increasingly militant and hostile non-white population that is growing more demanding and emboldened by the day. Like pawns on the chessboard of the elite shadow government...the burgeoning army who are referred to as “people of color” are, with increasing fervor and intensity, issuing forth their race-specific edicts and demands. So-called white privilege must go...and the inherently flawed Caucasian race must step aside and yield passively to the rising tide of color!

And there, in the forefront of this absurd procession of suicidal lunacy, are the white-guilt laden intellectual hacks such as Rick Norton...who goes on to laud and disgustingly fawn upon the phony, Marxist “Dr.” Martin Luther King...a supposed “visionary” who, in reality, plagiarized his doctoral thesis and who played a leading role in the tragic destabilization of the America of the latter half of the 20th century.

Norton claims the Make America White Again and I Have A Dream billboards were “removed about as quickly as they were erected.” He incorrectly states that they were “dismantled by the billboard owners without his permission.” In fact, only the Make America White Again billboard accurately fits this description. The I Have A Dream billboard was standing tall for a month prior to becoming a casualty of the mindless hysteria engendered by the Make America White Again billboard on Highway 411 in Polk County. The owner of the billboard that featured the I Have A Dream message was contacted by anonymous personages who threatened to “burn down his business” if he failed to capitulate to such terroristic demands.

Needless to say, Rick Norton is utterly unfazed and disinterested in such genuine injustice and alarming criminal violation of an individual’s rights. Instead, he postures and pontificates on behalf of some mythological, superior, contemporary America where loathsome scoundrels the likes of Martin Luther King are idolized and exalted by brainwashed legions who are completely ignorant of the man’s history...including the contemptible 50-year suppression of his FBI file.

But, never mind all this critical information. If you are the high and mighty Rick Norton your only concern is to piously lecture Rick Tyler about the limitations on free speech and the First Amendment. After all...we wouldn’t want that pesky little encumbrance to endanger the hallowed institutions of modern liberalism and political correctness.

Norton arrogantly intones that “Freedom of speech is not absolute. It carries the weight of personal accountability.” And what historical authority does he marshal in support of his un-American theory of free speech limitations? None other than early 1900’s Fabian socialist and slow-motion revolutionary George Bernard Shaw...who, Norton reminds us, made the statement that “Liberty means responsibility. That is why most men dread it.”

A piece of timely advice for Mr. Norton...if you want to invoke sage wisdom on the subject of liberty, try going with the founding fathers instead of an irreligious, irreverent socialist pioneer in the modern push toward world government. Shaw possessed barely a thimbleful of understanding relative to the subject of true liberty...and yet...he becomes Norton’s go-to guy for inspiration and authority.

Yes...vastly superior to Shaw’s contorted interpretations are the words, “the price of liberty is eternal vigilance,” provided courtesy of America’s founders...those men, incidentally, who would have been in full agreement with Rick Tyler while doubtlessly viewing Rick Norton as an affront to much of what they pledged their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor in defense of. Rick Norton’s invocation of George Bernard Shaw as an historical point of reference falls flat on its face when subjected to fact-based evaluation. But, it gets even worse!

Four: Specious Extrapolation and Argumentation

From his Shavian tripe, Norton moves forward with all manner of inane conclusions, starting with the baseless notion that we somehow have more freedoms today than in the past. He then shares with us the Nortonian observation that “where there’s so much of anything, there’s bound to be abuses of almost everything.” Oh, really? Sounds clever...but this statement is actually nothing more than mindless mumbo-jumbo laying the groundwork for a far more insidious premise.

Norton proceeds to state that “Our nation - our people - are so accustomed to living, and to loving, freedom everyday that abusing this privilege probably gets just a little too easy.” Wow! Did anyone notice that, according to Rick Norton, freedom is a privilege? Unlike God-given, unalienable rights...privileges can be revoked and rescinded...which is precisely the remedy that would be employed by the likes of Mr. Norton in response to the irresponsible and abusive “antics” of Rick Tyler!

In his next barrage of sophistry, Norton rehearses a litany of interpretations that the collective “we” supposedly attach to the concept of freedom. Six of his seven citations happen to be erroneous interpretations that only a fool subscribes to. When we slander and defame there are consequences. When we don apparel that violates standards of modesty and decency there are consequences. When we act in a manner that constitutes a violation of the physical or property rights of others there are consequences. And, when we employ language that crosses the aforementioned lines of demarcation relative to slander, there are potential consequences. In his seventh point, Norton alludes to “hurting others” while declaring “violation of my rights” if they respond by “hurting us.”

Completely lost in Norton’s diatribe is the issue of truth and its central role in the overall equation. 1 Thessalonians 5:21 states that we are to “prove all things,” and to “hold fast that which is good.” Thus, the overriding question is whether or not the offended party has been “hurt” by the bringing forth of truth. After all...what is it about the Make America White Again message that causes “hurt?” Is it the unwelcome reality and realization that from its inception until the mid-1960’s America was an overwhelmingly white nation...and that the means whereby the transition to multi-ethnic demographics was accomplished was corrupt, dishonest, and unlawful? the “hurt” caused by the I Have A Dream message engendered because a sacred cow, false demi-god is being exposed as the fraud that he was and is? If such be the case then the “hurt” in question is both justified, proper and necessary. Paul said, “Am I therefore become your enemy because I tell you the truth?” (Galatians 4:16).

And if, on the other hand, the hurtful response to the bearer of the unwelcome messages is viciously meted out in a manner designed to terrorize, intimidate, and violate the physical and property rights of the bold truth-teller...then such tactics should be forcefully opposed and condemned!

Rick Norton is either incapable or unwilling to make these distinctions and in the process of the outworking of his content and predisposed to champion lies, deception, and sleight of hand treachery. Yes, Mr. Norton, “with freedom comes accountability” and “liberty means responsibility.” We are accountable to the standards of truth and the rule of law. And we are responsible for the defense of liberty...even at the cost of our very lives if necessary. Those who spin a convoluted, unsubstantiated web of historically inaccurate, warm and fuzzy, feel good, politically correct nonsense happen to be the true abusers and violators of genuine freedom and liberty.

Five: Buzz Words and the Pavlovian Dog Response

As Mr. Norton proceeds in his editorial he begins to move in for the kill. His approach is methodical and systematic. He has laid the groundwork for what amounts to his closing argument...that Rick Tyler is an anachronism...a reprehensible throwback to America’s shameful past...a time when the ultimate evil of human history...racism...actually held sway in the ebb and flow of human affairs.

Of course, the terms “racism” and “racist” have evolved into the most powerful of buzz words that are routinely employed to stifle conversation, discussion and debate. To merely label someone a “racist” is the intended equivalent of pronouncing all that they have to say as being irrelevant and inconsequential. The mental programming has reached such advanced levels of development that, often, simply levying the “racist” accusation produces a purely reflexive response on the part of the hearer...much like the textbook model of the Pavlovian dog who begins salivating at the mere ringing of the bell.

Yes...successfully pinning the “racist” label on someone is the absolute coup de grâce. Once besmirched by the “racist” identifier, an individual is finished...thoroughly discredited and marginalized...or so the theory goes. Quite obviously, Mr. Norton is following this playbook strategy in his anti-Rick Tyler thesis.

At first, he feigns possible, partial acquiescence to some of his ideological adversary’s notions. Perhaps, Norton muses, Mr. Tyler is “just taking advantage of his rights to free speech” “focused more on the big picture of righting an America that’s listing more toward the wrong” “just being misunderstood by those unprepared for such brutal honesty”...and is genuine in his claim that “he’s not a racist.”

But, concludes Norton, “his words sure don’t help his cause.” He then begins what is intended to be his rhetorical slam-dunk. “Let’s review that first billboard,” says he. “Make America White Again. Hmmm. Sounds racist to me. Don’t bother with any further political spin, Mr. Tyler. Racism is racism. Make America White Again is racism.” There you have it...straight from the mouth of the oracle, Rick Norton. Make America White Again is racism and Rick Tyler has been commanded by his intellectual and moral superior to cease and desist from any further dialogue regarding the matter. Case closed! End of report! Rick Norton...would be judge, jury, and executioner, has pronounced the final verdict. Rick Tyler is a racist...and that’s that!

In reality, however, (a concept Norton and his type don’t readily grasp) we have some very real problems with the Nortonian model of evaluation. For starters, like all the others who purport to be authoritative on the subject of racism...Mr. Norton fails to define the term. After all, since it functions as the be-all, end-all buzz word of condemnation...we wouldn’t want to limit our ability to irresponsibly throw it around and apply it at would we, Mr. Norton?

The truth of the matter is that the failure of today’s would-be policemen of political correctness to bother to define racism is, in and of itself, an absolute disqualifier. Indeed...Rick Norton has no right or authority, whatsoever, to hang a label on anyone while failing in the most basic sense to even remotely define his terminology. His is an exercise in intellectual dishonesty of the most extraordinary proportions!

No, Mr. Norton, Make America White Again is not racism...because you, sir, refuse to define what racism is. Furthermore, the slogan in question happens to be an indispensable tool for introducing the endangered public to a profound truth that has been willfully and maliciously withheld from them.

To understand the challenges of the present (and they are both numerous and ominous) we must accurately comprehend the realities of our recent past. Why is it that such significant numbers of Americans (especially the young ones) do not know that from its inception until a scant fifty years ago...this was a white nation? And, why do those same ignorant masses not know that it was only through dishonest, unjust, and illicit means that the demographic cornerstone of a white super majority was supplanted and undermined via calculated and subtle means?

The answer to these questions is that a force has long been at work...whose purpose and design it is to engage in a process of social engineering toward the end goal of transforming America into a majority non-white nation. The buzz words “racist” and “racism” have been coined for the purpose of stifling and beating down all who would dare to interject knowledge and common sense into the discussion of what presently threatens to hasten America’s destruction.

Rick Norton and his ilk won’t define racism because to do so exposes the real racists...who, for the most part...happen to be non-white! Yes, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, the United Negro College Fund, Black Entertainment TV, the Black Congressional Caucus, Black History Month, 100 Black Men of Bradley County, black churches, black colleges, ad infinitum, ad nauseam...are overtly racist in their essence and composition. Their defense and justification requires an ongoing double standard which is obvious and reprehensible to all decent and intellectually honest people. The Rick Norton’s of our world turn a willful, blind eye to this reality. Theirs is an “end justifies the means” mentality that winks at flagrant hypocrisy and double-mindedness.

In what quite possibly qualifies as the most asinine example of Nortonian folly, the Daily Banner’s chief propagandist suggests some alternative slogans that might have been chosen had Rick Tyler not been such an evil racist. For instance, “Make America Whole Again” or “Make America Love Again” are supposedly viable alternatives to Make America White Again that would meet with Mr. Norton’s approval while not offending the tender sensitivities of non-whites and the young social justice warriors who seek to be their champions.

Never mind the fact that these ridiculous, ingratiating, limp-wristed sayings have nothing, whatsoever, to do with the real message of treachery, deceit, betrayal, and outright theft that are the core issues addressed by the Make America White Again message. Of course...true Biblical love and wholeness only become a possibility when we deal squarely and definitively with the lies and subversive actions that have brought us the brink of destruction.

In his continuing effort to dismantle Rick Tyler’s standing and credibility, Mr. Norton extols the supposed wisdom of “some folks” (unnamed, of course) who have “suggested to the news media that we are falling for Mr. Tyler’s trickery...that we’re giving him exactly what he wants: publicity.” Those same anonymous personages also advise Mr. Norton, “Just let it go, ignore the fool, like any pest he’ll finally get tired and slither away like a snake.” From these alleged quotations from concerned, unknown parties who have taken it upon themselves to render professional journalistic advice to the Daily Banner, Mr. Norton extracts third person assessments of Rick Tyler to the effect that he is a trickster...a publicity hound...a “fool”...a “pest”...and a “snake” that, if ignored, will “get tired and slither away.”

But no, no, a thousand times no, lectures the gallant and principled Mr. Norton. There are simply occasions where you “can’t just look the other way...can’t just ignore...can’t just cover you ears, close your eyes and wait for the next two-legged calamity.” He goes on to instruct that there are times when you “have to respond, to react...and call it what it is: racism - the most vile of loathsome oddities to afflict mankind.”

Now there is a statement worth excising from the body of the text and holding it up as the signature expression of Nortonian philosophy! read it correctly...straight from Rick Norton’s keyboard. Racism...which he refuses to define so as not to be held to a standard of intellectual, according to Rick Norton, “the most vile of loathsome oddities to afflict mankind.”

Of course, those who read between the lines know that he doesn’t really mean racism in general (which would encompass all the nasty, non-white hatred, bitterness, and resentment directed toward the Caucasian race) but, instead, refers only to those expressions of affinity toward and concern for the white racial family as expressed by its own members. That, you see, is what Mr. Norton and those who adhere to his twisted logic find so unbearable, toxic, and worthy of the utmost condemnation!

Once Norton’s own words, racial consciousness by whites is “the most vile of loathsome oddities to afflict mankind.” heard it right...more vile than war profiteering by the military industrial complex, the slaughter of scores of millions of unborn babies, outright war on the Christian family via the perverse redefining of what God sets forth as marriage, the theft of trillions of dollars from generations yet unborn through the mechanism of confiscatory and Marxist taxation, the poisoning of countless millions through the production of genetically modified foods...through geo-engineering on a global scale...and through the introduction of chemicals and other toxic substances into the air we breathe and the water we drink! Yep...according to Rick Norton, none of this even holds a candle to that most vile scourge upon humanity...that elusive, undefined phantom called racism.

Norton goes on to allege that Rick Tyler dispenses his own “brand of racism” which he has used to “hurt many good people”... and has “helped a troubled America take yet another step back”...and so has “secured his seat in the back alley hall of shame” and “opened yet another divide among a people whose biggest need is each other.”

Exposing Enemies of the Truth

Well, Mr. Norton, you are a sickening liar and a serial bearer of false witness! Truth is the foundation of all that is good and virtuous. You have proven yourself to be a cunning and determined enemy of truth. The Make America White Again message that Rick Tyler has dared to force into public dialogue happens to reflect and represent the sentiments, convictions, and heartfelt beliefs of tens of millions of loyal, patriotic, and God-fearing Americans. They are sufficiently intelligent and informed to have not fallen for your delusional assessment that so thoroughly ignores the real problems that threaten our Republic, while simultaneously creating a false construct of imaginary offense, culpability, and victimization.

Nary a word do you devote to the raging epidemic of violent black on white crime, Jihadist terror and planned Muslim subjugation of Christian America, or the cop killing rampage, and the calculated reign of terror being orchestrated by the Soros-funded, Obama-supported Black Lives Matter organization.

Yes...Mr. is only in your weak, white-guilt afflicted mind that the “back alley hall of shame” exists. is the Hebrews 11 Hall of Faith that the one upon whom you heap such vitriol and slander is to be accurately identified with. Make America White Again has not “opened yet another divide” but, instead...has dared to expose the truth about, along with the criminality of those who have defied natural law in the process of the dispossession and theft of a distinct people’s legacy and inheritance.

Rick Norton moves toward the conclusion of his editorial hit piece by reflecting on the fact that he has never “met,” “talked to,” or “known” Rick Tyler. He has, however, “read Mr. Tyler’s words,” “seen Mr. Tyler’s work,” and “felt the pain of Mr. Tyler’s intolerance.”

It is quite likely that Rick Norton and other quisling apologists for and supporters of the criminal element that has supplanted our lawful Republic have, in fact, read the words of Rick Tyler, and take very seriously the threat they represent to the status quo. The Rick Tyler for Congress campaign dares to address the elephant in the living room that precious few are willing to acknowledge. The Make America White Again message confronts, head on, the vital subject of race...and the God-ordained role that it plays in the analysis of and proposed solutions in response to America’s otherwise terminal condition.

A established and identified by Biblical definition, can no more be redefined than the institutions of marriage and family. National identity and definition are established by commonality of culture and well as defined and enforced border integrity. A multi-racial, multi-ethnic polyglot such as that which America has devolved into can in no way qualify as a true nation. It can only be held together by force and police state power. By allowing for the destruction of America’s white super majority...the demise of the Republic was made inevitable.

Rick Norton and his extensive cadre of accomplices and associates simply cannot stomach the real truth. They prefer to sell out to mammon and the temporal comfort it provides them with as they continue to mortgage the future sustenance and freedoms of generations yet to come. Rick Norton is a traitor to his ancestors, his lesser informed contemporaries, and those who will emerge as our future posterity. His allegiance and obeisance to the modern tower of Babel paradigm will ultimately earn him the retrospective condemnation he so richly deserves.

In concluding...Norton speaks disingenuously of the possibility of being wrong in his assessment and condemnation of Rick Tyler. He claims to have “little patience for short-sighted minds” and “even less for narrow-minded words.” is the man that he unjustly condemns and defames that exhibits a long-range vision that foresees the train wreck that awaits the fraudulent manifestation of a bankrupt (morally and economically) America that has been severed from her Christ-centered, racially homogenous moorings. Rick Tyler short sighted? Sorry, Mr. Norton...saying it is so in opposition to mountainous evidence to the contrary...simply doesn’t make it so.

And...if Rick Norton really has even less patience for “narrow-minded words”...then let him show forth honesty and integrity by retracting his shameful false witness, rendered against Rick Tyler in violation of the 9th Commandment. Indeed...when it comes to narrow-minded words...Mr. Norton is the glib and cavalier master of this sordid art form.

If Rick Norton ever experiences the opportunity to speak directly to Rick Tyler, there will be no rules, limitations, or restrictions. The full spectrum of truth...including all those inconvenient subjects he chooses to obfuscate and sidestep...will be squarely at the center of the table. God, religion, the Golden Rule, people...and every other subject of relevance to the discussion will be fair game.

And, no, Mr. debunk one of your final erroneous suppositions...people are not “what this is all about.” is all about the truth that you and countless others are determined to subvert and tap dance around. God will not allow you to mock him by using the lawyerly tactic of redirection as you seek to avoid your inevitable collision course with hard core truth and its profound implications.

The growing legions of people who are of an alien color, creed, culture, and custom...and who are dramatically “different” than the Caucasian super majority of fifty years ago, have been deliberately imported into America in defiance of the natural law of well as the express will of our forebears as codified in law for almost two hundred years! They have been used, abused, and exploited by an elitist faction whom you serve, whether unwittingly or not, as an apologist and defender. These non-white masses, after being plucked from their respective cauldrons of human misery and degradation...have been sold a bill of goods about a supposed America that, in reality, has never existed. Shame on Rick Norton for his role in justifying such egregious exploitation and manipulation.

By God’s grace, Mr. Norton, there will be more billboards that unflinchingly declare the life-giving and liberating truth about America’s true history and intended destiny. “Racist propaganda” will unfortunately continue to be a curse upon us as long as publications like the Daily Banner insist on advancing the double standard wherein they give favorable exposure and exalted status to the shameful, non-white racist organizations previously alluded to.

And what about “intended hurt?” Once again...Rick Norton and his well-funded publication will doubtlessly proceed to dispense massive quantities of the blight of unjustified intentional hurt upon all those multitudes of Americans who long for revival and restoration of the nation’s rightful and legitimate status.

Be will remain Rick Tyler’s express goal and mission to facilitate healing through the proclamation of Biblical and common sense-based truth. If those who despise our foundations, heritage, and exacting Christian faith are angered and “hurt” by that same truth...they will be afforded no safe space by Rick Tyler.

As political office continues to be sought after, the same high road of truth and unyielding conviction will be faithfully travelled...regardless of the cost. Neither I nor the God of scripture stand in need of the road that is lined with the shoulders of those who outwork their existence in opposition to that hallowed truth that happens to constitute the surface of that genuine high and exalted road that leads to restoration, deliverance, and liberty. The road travelled by Rick Norton and all enemies of truth is, in fact, the lowest of low roads.

Yes...people of all races, creeds, and ethnicities laugh, cry, love, and die. This factual observation, however, proves nothing as concerns the Biblically mandated principles by which we are required to live and abide. By making the enemies of the God of our fathers his misplaced priority, Mr. Norton stands guilty of the indictment set forth in 1 Timothy 5:8 and is worse than an infidel. He and all others would be well advised to take measures to escape the fate that awaits them as just recompense for their error.

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  1. I couldn't sleep so I got on the computer and read your message Mr. Tyler. One thing we must always remember about our enemies is that they believe "the means justify the ends". And they feel justified in doing everything they can to bring about what they consider a good goal. It makes them feel good and so superior to the rest of us and they just can't understand why we can't see that they are right and just doing it for our own good. Truly, did The Messiah call them "liars and hypocrites"!
    • Adam, you made a wonderful reply and I admire you and agree with everything you said. It always gives me hope that there are still many true Americans. God bless you.
  2. Mr. Tyler, I loved your brilliant article and most enjoy reading all that you write. It is informative and educational. I am really hoping you win your election race so that we can have some honest and decent politicians for a change. Wishing you all the best.
  3. Thank you once again, Brother Tyler, for telling the truth and exposing the agents of Satan!

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