Victory in Defeat

Over the course of the past several months I have frequently stated that, in competitive contests such as my congressional campaign, you don’t have to win to win. What I meant by that observation was that victory comes in varied forms and manifestations. Of course, outright victory on election day would be the ultimate embodiment of success

It would appear, however, that now is not the appropriate moment for such an overt and obvious victory to be achieved. In his sovereign plan, God has a perfect time for all things...and I have lived and outworked my 37+ year Christian life in full recognition and acceptance of this fact. Romans 8:28 states, “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.”

As the vote tabulation was finalized for the November 8th general election, the fully-expected reelection of Chuck Fleischmann was confirmed as an absolute fact. The incumbent Congressman garnered the anticipated percentage of the vote (66.39%), leaving his Democratic rival, Melody Shekari, in the proverbial dust (28.85%).

In third place, among the five candidates, was yours truly with 5,091 votes (1.93%). I was pleased to have bested the other two Independents, Cassandra Mitchell and Topher Kirsting. In order to put the election results in proper perspective, the following points must be considered:

(1) The Rick Tyler for Congress campaign was as much about interjecting hardcore truth into the political discourse as it was about seeking electoral victory.

Not to be misunderstood...I would hasten to emphasize that my sincere desire and intent have never wavered in principled determination to win the election. Outright victory is not impossible...even with a central message that is comparatively radical. What is vital to understand is the fact that progress en route to success is often incremental and gradual. “Rome wasn’t built in a day,” as the old saying goes.

When preparing to move mountains, we must be committed to the “long haul” proposition. Along the way we must be cognizant of and thankful for all the opportunities to propagate truth and challenge the thinking of those who are yearning to grow.

5,091 voters cast their ballot in my favor. A significant majority of them were, doubtlessly, thoroughly familiar with the Make America White Again campaign slogan and recognized its importance and relevance in the context of our nation’s present perilous circumstances. What is all the more intriguing is the consideration of how many additional tens of thousands of other voters would be supportive of this message to the point of casting their vote in my favor, if purely tactical considerations were not the guiding force behind their actions.

Without question, there are vast numbers of Third District voters who are firmly persuaded that the maintaining of a white super majority is vital for our future best interest and survival. Of more immediate concern to most of these voters, however, is the goal of making sure that the Republican incumbent not be picked off in a surprise upset by the Democratic candidate. To a substantial extent, votes for Rick Tyler would come at the expense of the Republican incumbent. Therefore...if Rick Tyler is unlikely to be able to win in his independent, no holds barred and votes for him could actually increase the possibility of a Democratic upset in an otherwise “safe” Republican district. we now begin the Rick Tyler for Congress in 2018 campaign, a central goal will be the presentation of a realistic manifesto for electoral victory. As was described in the 6/27/16 article, 34 in 16: Can Rick Tyler Actually Win?, victory can be accomplished with as little as 34% of the vote...which happens to be a very doable objective.

It is significant to note that there is little time to waste. Victory in 2018 will likely require an enormous amount of time spent traveling and campaigning throughout the 11-county district that stretches from the Tennessee/Georgia to the Tennessee/Kentucky state lines. God willing...I intend to begin this process very soon!

(2) 5,091 votes is an impressive and noteworthy beginning. is most encouraging to reflect on the fact that this significant number of fellow Tennesseans were energized and inspired by the Make America White Again message and all that it touches and encompasses. previously noted...they are the mere tip of the iceberg as concerns the overall total of those possessing the aptitude for racial awareness.

Bear in mind that the amassing of the 5,091 vote total occurred as a result of little more than a single attention-generating event...the controversial erecting of the Make America White Again billboard in late June. In less than ten hours (when it was illegally taken down), this extraordinary billboard managed to spawn a widespread, albeit fleeting, publicity windfall and sensation. Indeed, in one fell swoop, the Make America White Again billboard catapulted the name Rick Tyler to a status of significant levels of recognition and familiarity among voters of the district.

Name recognition happens to be a crucial component of viability as a political candidate. The Make America White Again billboard has succeeded in surmounting the name recognition hurdle and, as such, has laid the groundwork for bigger and better goals and accomplishments.

(3) Hostile and vitriolic opposition spawned by the Make America White Again billboard effectively paralyzed the campaign for the remainder of the election season.

Yes...penetrating truth concerning the subject of race tends to elicit a dramatic and irrational response from the ranks of the brainwashed and propagandized element of the body politic. In this particular situation, the liberal-minded and youthful river community was quick to rally in opposition to my seasonal business. They maliciously sought to bring destruction upon myself and my family through their boycott efforts and actions. In light of the fact that they are, in large part, a band of godless reprobates, it is not surprising that the “river hippies” would be so readily disposed toward mindless, ignorant hostility to such crucial and vital truth.

The hardship and injury they have inflicted upon me are nothing more than a textbook phenomenon that will ultimately serve to greatly augment and fortify the cause and crusade for truth! Overcoming adversity is a challenge that, of necessity, always accompanies the achievement of great and noble causes. The mindless and ignorant faction that has worked with determination to destroy my business have unintentionally provided me with profound and valuable assistance.

Had I been spared the financial hardships engendered by their hateful and malevolent behavior, I could certainly have conducted considerable campaign activity and received many more votes on election day. Despite this fact, it is still preferable that circumstances have played out in the manner we witnessed and experienced. In retrospect, I will have these enemies to thank for helping to create the following blessings and benefits:

As the German philosopher said...”That which does not destroy me only makes me stronger.” Thus...I can thank my foolish and ignorant enemies for enabling me to grow in strength.

When called upon to suffer, financially and otherwise, for that which we believe...we are given the opportunity to prove the depth and sincerity of our convictions. True character is evidenced not only by one’s ability to recognize profound and unpopular truth...but by our willingness to suffer for the cause and sake of that truth as well! Thanks to my enemies are therefore in order for helping me establish my bonafides.

The dramatic lessening of seasonal clientele necessitated the expediting of other business and organizational endeavors that happen to be important facets of long term dominion strategies in my home location and territory. For this reason, I owe my enemies a debt of gratitude for helping God’s overall plan for occupation and dominion to proceed in a timely and comprehensive manner.

In conclusion of this article, I want to offer my sincere expression of thanks and appreciation to all who have supported the 2016 Rick Tyler for Congress campaign. Your prayers, financial help, and other tangible acts of assistance have been a tremendous blessing and inspiration. I hope and pray that you will understand how the results of the election represent anything but failure. In light of the massive opposition and hostility that is typically leveled against hardcore have done as well as we did with so little expenditure of time and resources is nothing short of amazing!

Without breaking stride...I plan to commence my 2018 campaign for this very important political office. With your continuing help and support I will proceed to execute systematic and methodical activities that will accrue toward the likelihood of notable success...possibly even outright the 2018 race!

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  1. It must be true. If you are quoting the Bible, Satan read to.
  2. I think 5,091 votes is a great beginning for a campaign such as yours. Is there a way for you to get the mailing list of those voters? Now, we need to build a donor's base and continue having events such as the one in Cleveland. We have 2 years to build upon this "rock" and remember, at one time there was only 7,001 Israelites that had not "bent the knee". YAHWEH bless us as we deserve.
  3. 1. You and your family have suffered at YOUR hand. 2. YOU are the leader of YOUR family/organization. 3. YOUR decision to affiliate your family with "dominion" ideology ultimately caused the hardships your business faced this summer. Most residents of Polk County wouldn't qualify under your definitions of "Rivers Hippies" and "Godless Reprobates." We are normal tax paying citizens and we simply want you and your agenda to go away. Too bad YOU ruined everything for Jessica and the children. YOU can't blame the consumer for chosing where they spend their money. YOU have to make your business desireable. 4. I recommend that you don't rely on a consumer driven business in this area. We think you are undesireable and you if you are teaching your vitriol to your family, shame on you.
    • Rick Tyler Rick Tyler
      In responding to Mr. White, I feel it best to address his points in reverse order. In his 4th point he states, “I recommend that you don’t rely on a consumer driven business in this area. We think you are undesirable and you if you are teaching your vitriol to your family, shame on you.” In typical fasion, this critical and condemning individual fails to define the “we” that he purports to be a member of. Whoever they are, however, they find me to be “undesirable.” Surely Mr. White doesn’t believe that the entirety of the county harbors that opinion...right? Maybe what he means is that, in his estimation, a large percentage of the local citizenry somehow holds me in low regard. I would certainly affirm that a noteworthy number of county residents bear some degree of resentment or animosity toward me. This was already the case prior to the Make America White Again billboard phenomenon. For starters...I wasn’t born and raised in Polk County. For many locals, that factor alone makes me undesirable! And then...I started a restaurant across the road from the Ocoee Dam Deli and have been greatly resented and maliciously slandered by the Gormans and their loyalists from day one. Their antipathy only escalated as the Whitewater Grill became the obvious favorite of the river community...who overwhelmingly considered the Deli to be over-priced and sorely lacking in the areas of food quality and customer service. It was also known throughout the community that my independent, non-denominational views and theology were critical toward much of the local ecclesiastical structure and presence. When you are different and insist on marching to a different are guaranteed to be ostracized and shunned by the modern-day Pharisees of the contemporary professing Christian world. It simply comes with the territory. Of course...when I proceeded to ratchet up the advocacy of controversial truth, there was all the more reason for a variety of local individuals to resist and oppose me. Some were offended by the Make America White Again message because they have interracial breeding going on within their own family. Others reacted negatively because they suffer from white guilt and are incapable of exercising healthy pride in the nature and achievements of their own racial family. There were also significant numbers of Polk Countians who recoiled in fear that the Make America White Again controversy would rekindle, resurrect, and reinforce the past stereotype of Polk County as a backwards haven for racism. It is uncertain precisely how many people in the local area count themselves as my unequivocal enemies...but, that there is something very distasteful to Mr. White, I know to be an absolute certainty. Regardless of how many enemies or detractors I may have, there are, nevertheless, large numbers of locals who love the Make America White Again message and have nothing but admiration for my willingness to stand for truth in the face of opposition and persecution. Many of these individuals are acutely afraid of suffering a similar unjust fate if they dare to openly identify with me. They have come to me in large numbers and explained, apologetically, their perceived need to lay low and remain under the radar. I understand their fears and their plight. For the most part, I have completely let them off the hook, and have assured them of my total lack of resentment toward them for having followed their survival instinct. In time, many of these individuals will overcome their fear and grow more confident in taking a stand. As it turns out, the “we” that Mr. White is a part of is much smaller in number than he would like to believe. Much to his chagrin, I have many admirers and supporters. Through thick and thin, the Whitewater Grill has continued to have a significant base of local supporters. These people are diametrically opposed to the opinion and assessment of Mr. White...who also makes the serious mistake of bearing false witness against me by levying the accusation that I teach “vitriol” to my family. Maybe he should break out the dictionary in order to define vitriol. The Cambridge English Dictionary defines vitriol as violent hate and anger expressed through severe criticism. defines it as harsh, nasty criticism. And where, Mr. White, is there any evidence of me expressing or teaching to anyone that which measures up to the definition of vitriol? How in the world could any rational person interpret the slogan Make America White Again as being vitriol? After is nothing more than the expression of a desire to restore the lawful demographic of an America that existed and thrived until 1965. Obviously, neither Mr. White nor any of my other critics can produce evidence of me being vitriolic because none exists! It is interesting, however, that Mr. White and his ilk are, themselves, guilty of meting out vitriol against me! How very interesting to observe their hypocrisy. In reality, it is Mr. White who deserves to be shamed for his lies and false accusations against me! Mr. White also opines that I shouldn’t “rely on a consumer driven business in this area.” I think he means to say a retail business since all business is consumer driven. What he fails to comprehend is that not all men are petty, resentful, small-minded egotists such as himself. In time, he will come to witness the process whereby perseverance, grit and determination prevail over the scourge of ignorance and cowardice. Yes, Mr. White, by God’s grace and mercy...we will continue to provide stellar service, quality, and performance to those whom we find desirable and who share the same attitude toward us. Though it may be hard for your conceited and prejudiced mind to comprehend...we don’t need you and your kind to succeed and survive. You can lead the horse to water, but cannot make him drink. If Mr. White and others insist on opting for mediocrity in terms of who they choose to patronize...then so be it. After is their own foolish loss! In point 3, Mr. White states the obvious fact that most Polk County residents don’t “qualify” under my definitions of “river hippies” and “godless reprobates.” He apparently fails to understand that the very real, determined, and malicious boycott that was mindlessly and vindictively carried out by the river community was the principle mechanism whereby my seasonal business was adversely affected. I never said anything about “normal taxpaying citizens,” and Mr. White’s reference to such a group is completely out of context as concerns my article, Victory in Defeat, to which he was ostensibly responding. Clearly...he is grasping to create an opportunity to make reference to that exaggerated “we” grouping who, supposedly, “simply want you and your agenda to go away.” may well prove to be the likes of Mr. White and his foolish agenda of ignorance and apathy that ultimately will need to go away! Time will certainly tell. Mr. White falsely concludes that I have “ruined everything for Jessica and the children.” In his pomposity and arrogance he doesn’t have the slightest idea what he is talking about. The Tyler family will continue to build on the foundations we have laboriously established. If our sovereign God requires that we forfeit and sacrifice along the way, we will count it joy to suffer for the cause of truth. While many potential consumers have been deceived, manipulated, browbeaten, and intimidated...there remains a quality, loyal base of patrons that will doubtlessly stay the course and enlarge as the future unfolds. Our businesses will remain exceedingly “desirable” to those whose standards are based upon quality, tradition, and commitment to truth. In points 1 and 2 Mr. White observes that I am the leader of my family/organization, and that I and my family have “suffered” at my own hand. It is pitiable that Mr. White is so lacking in his understanding of the concept of suffering for the sake of truth and one’s devotion to its defense and proclamation. The Make America White Again message is pure, unadulterated truth. Cowardly, spineless modern men have spurned their birthright and inheritance. Men like Mr. White are in the process of giving away their children’s future to a band of villains and cutthroats. The principled stand that I have taken puts them to shame and compels them to gnash their teeth and behave like infidels. My suffering is the mere cause and effect outgrowth of raising the ensign of hardcore truth in the midst of those lukewarm, mediocre standards of our waning hour of history. For their own sake and well-being...the Mr. Whites’ of our community and nation better awaken to their own ignorance, error, and rebellion toward the God of Scripture...instead of making the dreadful mistake of seeking to impugn one who has committed all to the noble cause of truth!
    • Even though my river rafting days are almost over, I still enjoy tubing down the river enjoying the water, scenery and company. As for the Whitewater Grill, I drive from Georgia just to partake of their biscuits and gravy. They don't put any unclean pork in them and they are so good with a little Tabasco sauce. Mr. Tyler is merely following the path of GOD as he sees it. And he is blessed to have a family that supports him and walks with him. While I don't equate him with Abraham, Issac or Jacob, he is doing as they did...obeying GOD's will to the best of his ability. The Messiah, Yahshua Bar Yahsef, said that we would be persecuted in His name, so I ask Mr. White...are you being persecuted or is Mr. Tyler?
  4. Jesus would puke if he saw idiots like you using his name to promote hate and bigotry.
    • Mr. Clark, While I'm not sure what Hey Zeus (jesus) would do, I'm sure that The Messiah, Yahshua Bar Yahsef would approve. After all, didn't He say that He "came only to the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel"? Didn't He tell the mixed breed woman with the sick daughter that it wasn't right "to give the children's bread to dogs"? Didn't He say that "He spoke in parables so that they would hear, but not understand, repent and be saved"? Didn't YAHWEH command us not to "Adulterate" (6th Commandment) ie. not to make impure through mixture? Didn't YAHWEH command The Israelites to put away their "strange wives and children" ie. mixed breeds? I could go on, but why bother? Those who are blinded by GOD can only be made to see by GOD. BTW, what name did Miriam use when she called The boy Messiah to supper? I bet it wasn't the Latin Emmanuel or the Greek Ie'sous or the English Jesus. May YAHWEH bless/curse us as we deserve.

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