Oprah in 2024?

Although I am not in the habit of predicting the future, in this particular case, I feel compelled to make an exception. For reasons I will attempt to enumerate and explain, I believe it to be a likelihood that Oprah Winfrey may well emerge as the progressive/liberal/Democratic answer to Donald Trump!

Questions of Viability

Born in 1954, by 2024 Oprah would be the same basic age as Trump and Hillary during their own historic race in 2016. While the age of 70 certainly won’t earn anyone the title of “spring chicken,” it is definitely not what it once was in terms of perception and practical implication. In fact, for those who can afford state-of-the-art physical care, as well as the finest in dietary intake and preventative health supplements, 70 has easily become the new 60 if not even better! Thus Oprah’s age should in no way be a factor in consideration of future electability.

Like Donald Trump, Oprah (a fellow billionaire), also has had her name bandied about over the years as a prospective presidential candidate. Her celebrity status and widespread appeal in our modern, philosophically superficial culture, automatically afford her those same advantages enjoyed by Trump...namely the outsider persona as well as the charisma and showmanship abilities honed by decades in front of cameras and audiences.

Another major advantage likely to be enjoyed by a candidate such as Oprah would be her ‘two for the price of one’ ability to both assuage white guilt...as well as to enable America to cross that foolishly longed for threshold of electing a female president. Yes...Oprah has vast potential appeal to that same white America that unexpectedly coalesced in unity to bring about the Trump presidency. Such white solidarity only came about as a result of the flagrant, racially polarizing actions and policies of Barak Obama. Voting for Oprah will grant those legions of whites who supported and voted for Trump an opportunity to atone for participating in what has been referred to as a “whitelash” that resulted in the election of America’s new president.

Whites, of course, are never considered to be justified in behavior or actions that could be construed as being engendered by considerations of the well-being and benefit of their own extended racial family. As such...the double bonus of being able to express support for a black, female candidate will constitute the ultimate in political correctness appeal by the time 2024 rolls around.

Oprah...A Creation of the Elite

Like Barak Obama, Hillary Clinton, and even Donald Trump...Oprah Winfrey is a carefully crafted, prize creation of the shadowy power that engages in widespread social engineering toward the long term goal of establishing a globalistic new world order. Of course, in order to fully comprehend this aspect of our overall premise, the reader needs to understand the spiritual/esoteric dimension of the reality that surrounds us. In short, we proceed on the supposition that there exists a power as is spoken of in Ephesians 6:12 which reads: “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” This Luciferian cabal benefits immeasurably from the baseless notion, embraced by so many, that reality is limited to only such realms of perception as are accessible to the five common human senses. In truth, there is a world beyond the common sensory plane that is typically exploited by those powers and principalities spoken of in the previously quoted verse of scripture. It is in that world of dark, supernatural power that a great percentage of what transpires in our surrounding circumstances is plotted, contrived, and orchestrated.

Yes...as Shakespeare said...”All the world’s a stage and all the men and women merely players.” In our present, advanced understanding of how conspiratorial forces influence the ebb and flow of human history...it is quite easy to delineate and document how leaders, opinion-molders and iconic personages are groomed and cultivated by the hidden hand of power. The creation and control of so-called money is the principle mechanism from whence much of this power and influence derives. At the risk of digressing too far off point, I would hasten to explain that lawful money as defined by both scripture and the U.S. Constitution consists of and is comprised of either gold or silver, which are finite and have intrinsic value. Bogus, fiat money (aka legal tender), on the other hand, is a manmade contrivance that thrives in direct proportion to the general ignorance and gullibility of those who participate in its usage. Due to the fact that it is created out of thin air, loaned into circulation at face value plus interest, and collateralized with real property...such, so-called “money” affords indescribable powers and abilities to those who enjoy monopoly status in the matter of its creation, distribution, and regulation.

It is, in fact, through the exercise of such power that financial prowess and support are diverted to talented and compliant individuals who are willing to enter into arrangements such as are portrayed in productions like the 1970 film, Brotherhood of the Bell. Having received the favor and benevolence of the unseen power structure that has enabled them to ascend to the pinnacle of success...those recipients are, in turn, required to perform according to the will and dictates of that same pervasive controlling force when subsequent duty calls. It is this aspect of the arrangement alone that explains the whys and wherefores of the behavior of a great many of the rich and famous in our world. In short...if you are a Donald Trump, Barak Obama, Bill or Hillary Clinton...or an Oprah Winfrey...upon whom the world system has smiled propitiously...you are required to convincingly act out the role that is prescribed for you on the expansive stage of unfolding human drama. And...should you forget which way your bread is buttered...and refuse your assignment, your fate will most likely consist of an ignominious demise.

The JFK assassination stands as the premier warning and example to those who have been elevated to prestige and preeminence...and what awaits them should they begin to balk in the face of dictates being issued behind the scenes. We know that none other than Franklin Delano Roosevelt stated during his hey-day of political stardom that, “If it happens in politics, you can be sure it was planned.” Thus, we can reasonably conclude that Donald Trump wasn’t simply motivated by the yearning to make America great again...but, instead, was communicated with in a manner that made clear what his mission and assignment amounted too. As much of a disappointment as this is to vast numbers of hopeful American voters...it is nevertheless the harsh, cruel truth that, lamentably, holds sway in our corrupt, compromised world system. And...we can rest assured that the forces of evil will proceed to unleash a superior counter force to whatever goodness or justice that might come to pass under the auspices of a Trump presidency.

A Grim, Unavoidable Future

As a nation that has forsaken its genuine legacy and the God of its fathers, America is now languishing under the yoke of divine judgment and its corresponding bondage at the hands of tyrannical power. In the midst of these circumstances, otherwise well-intentioned people are reluctant to acknowledge their own blindness, error and compromise. The menacing storm clouds of impending doom and destruction are blithely ignored by untold numbers of white, Christian Americans who lack the courage and integrity to face the truth head-on with the necessary and required measure of determination and backbone that would make possible the deliverance and survival of our nation. As the browning of America continues unchecked, it becomes increasingly unlikely that we will ever again witness the election of a white, male president. In light of all these factors, the forthcoming rise of an Oprah Winfrey is a very distinct likelihood...and although it won’t matter a great deal in terms of actual practice or policy...such an occurrence will surely represent an even greater level of degradation, humiliation, and judgment upon those whose racial ancestors established and brought forth this once great, God-fearing, Christian, Constitutional republic.

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  1. My "prediction" is that we will have a female, jew President next, since we have had a "black" prez. That would be a twofer also.
  2. This is SAD.

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