Update on Broadcast Network Plans

In September 2016 we announced the forthcoming launch of the Make America White Again Broadcast Network and, shortly thereafter, began playing a variety of Christian and patriotic music as a lead up to when live programming and commentary would ensue. Unfortunately, during the interim time period we have lost the services of the dedicated server through which the live stream was being routed. This particular piece of equipment was pushing the envelope in terms of age and duration of service and, regrettably, it gave up the ghost and left us incapable of moving forward with broadcasting intentions at the present time.

Needless to say, the importance and timeliness of this project is more acute than ever. For this reason we appeal to any and all who recognize the potential effectiveness of this work to consider helping us to obtain a replacement server that the formal launch of the Make America White Again Broadcast Network might move forward in the not too distant future.

2 Responses

  1. Let us all put our money where our mouth is and donate some money. Mr. Tyler is fighting our fight and we should all do our part!
  2. You don't deserve to live in this country let alone represent any part of it. This country has no place for loud mouthed, racist, white trash.

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