Obama’s Legacy of Fraud and Illegitimacy

As we near the end of the supposed Obama presidency, it is both timely and appropriate that all be reminded, afresh, of the complete illegitimacy of his fraudulent tenure in office. Yes...in the strictest sense of understanding and interpretation...Barak Hussein Obama has no more been President of the United States than Bruce Jenner has become a woman. You see, only in the warped and twisted mentality of our present, utterly insane era...is it possible for such bizarre notions to be considered reality! Of course, it matters not if everyone in the world exercises belief in that which isn’t true. A lie is precisely what it is, regardless of how many people have been co-opted by its propagation.

The President Who Never Was

In the pamphlet issued under the above heading, we have set forth a variety of reasons that suffice to completely refute the premise that Obama ever has been...or even possibly could be, the legitimate and authentic American president. You see...it is crucial that everyone with an aptitude for truth understand this fact toward the end goal of untangling the vast web of deception that has been foisted upon our once great nation during the Obama years.

God’s holy word requires no less than a thorough and systematic refutation of the profuse subversion and treachery that are the bitter harvest of the great Obama deception.

He’s Not Going Away

Unlike virtually all of his predecessors, Obama has made it quite clear that he has no intention of riding off into the sunset. Instead, it seems inevitable that America will continue to suffer the regrettable fate of Obama seeking to leave his continuing impress on current events and affairs of state. All this of course, is made plausible and possible by virtue of the fact that the shadow government will make ongoing provision for Obama to remain ceaselessly on the receiving end of favorable fixation by the controlled media. Yes...it is quite obvious that Obama is slated to break more new ground relative to his post-White House status...potentially functioning as point man for ongoing opposition to any and all governmental policies that might serve to roll back the socialist gains of the past eight years.

Evil Incarnate?

The qualities and characteristics that make Barak Obama loathsome on such a colossal scale go far beyond routine quirks and idiosyncrasies. His narcissism is unrivaled in modern political history and his penchant for abject deceit and treachery are also in a league all their own! Yes...there is something about this particular servant of the satanic new world order that causes him to stand out as being singularly unique in a most unfavorable context. Thus, we will not have the luxury of putting him out of our mind...like a bad dream from which we have awakened and can now put behind us. Instead, we must remain vigilant in our ongoing exposé of this detestable individual and his profuse crimes against our listing and beleaguered republic. It is to that goal and objective that we dedicate the re-issuance of the critique entitled The President Who Never Was.



By Rick Tyler 

For many years the office of the American presidency has been debased to the status of a mere puppet or figurehead. Certainly, as far back as the administration of Woodrow Wilson, the president had become a hand- picked commodity operating under the control of an elite cabal of power brokers. As the saying goes... you have kings...and you have king makers. The latter category is comprised of the membership ranks of an internationalist cartel bent on establishing a global super state. They are the facilitators of a luciferian agenda, having, in some form or fashion, entered into the equivalent of the fictional Faustian pact with the devil. They have sold their souls, as it were, and have been duly rewarded with the kingdoms of this evil world system. One need look no farther than the shadowy Council of Foreign Relations or the odious United Nations to see the unmistakable evidence of the existence of an all-powerful, behind the scenes entity, that is superimposing its self-serving will upon the American nation and her people.* These sinister entities have been unlawfully and unilaterally forced upon the nation and are used methodically in the process of breaking down and dismantling that which the American framers devised and established. We could multiply quotes to fortify the premise of a shadow enterprise striving clandestinely toward world government. The words of former DisraeliBritish Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli should suffice, however, wherein he stated “The world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes.” It is with the backdrop of this knowledge that we proceed to state the case of the completely illegitimate, and thus non-existent, "presidency" of that individual known as Barak Hussein Obama.


We must begin to answer this question by stating emphatically that he is not, by any contrivance or stretch of the imagination, the legitimate President of the United States. It matters not that he is thought to be president by untold numbers. No matter how many people subscribe to a lie...it remains a falsehood. Nothing can change that fact. Simply stated...it is carved in granite! Obama is the epitome of fraud and illegitimacy. To date, he represents the most flagrant and audacious example of the handiwork and prowess of those who create and catapult a carefully crafted personality into the titular role of "President." In the case of Obama, this obscure and unknown Illinois State Senator announced his intent to seek election to the United States Senate. Conveniently, his very formidable opponent (republican Jack Ryan) was torpedoed out of the race by an orchestrated media smear campaign spearheaded by the Chicago Tribune. Similar tactics had been utilized previously to derail multimillionaire securities trader Blair Hull, his principle opponent in the democratic primary. In both of these instances, the media firestorm was engendered by sensational allegations drawn from formerly sealed family court records. The Chicago Tribune happens to be a former employer of Obama handler and master strategist David Axelrod. How ironic, that Obama's rise to notoriety would hinge upon the exposing of sealed private records and the subsequent scandal mongering of a compliant media. Of course, that same media plays a crucial ongoing role in the covering up of all manner of damning facts regarding Obama's own checkered history...information that happens to be documented in sealed records. Scandal and corruption also under girded Obama's election to the State Senate in 1996. In that instance the unscrupulous method of choice was to disqualify his four opponents from appearing on the ballot. The notoriously tainted Chicago Board of Elections was more than up for the task of eliminating the competition by declaring high percentages of their ballot access petition signatures as being invalid. It is quite obvious that at every turn, the way for Obama's ascendancy was being engineered. Everything about him reeks of fraud and deception, yet the lie is perpetuated that his supposed presidency is legitimate. The strength of a lie is directly proportionate to the extent to which it is believed. For this reason, the forces of evil go to draconian lengths in the promotion of their myriad deceptions. In short, they must weave a tangled web of deception…always needing to stay two steps ahead of their hapless victims. In reality, this mountain of interlocking deceit is a veritable house of cards. Hard core truth will utterly eviscerate calculated deception when properly wielded by an anointed servant of the God of Scripture. With this understanding firmly solidified in our minds…we continue in our expose’ and analysis.


It is unprecedented and mind numbing that an individual could be foisted upon the nation as the alleged president, despite the overwhelming indicators that he lacks the basic qualification of American citizenship. In typical fashion, officialdom has scoffed at and ridiculed the premise that Barak Obama was born on foreign soil. The term “birther” has been coined as a means of discrediting all who question the murky issue of Obama’s origins. All such parties are lumped together in ad homonym disdain…as though such categorization and labeling eliminates the need to deal factually, reasonably, and intellectually with their assertions. Sweeping “birther” denunciations have been accompanied by the trotting out of blatantly bogus online “birth certificate” postings as well as equally unconvincing testimony from officials in Hawaii. All the while, every court action formally challenging Obama’s legitimacy on the basis of questionable citizenship has been conveniently swept aside by timely, no fanfare court dismissals. Such chicanery and flimflammery are standard methods whereby the power brokers advance their agenda under false pretense and color of law. Only those who are conscious players in the scam, or the larger body of individuals who suffer from CDD (conspiracy denial disorder) fail to see the obvious reality that Obama has no documented American origin…and that instead, there is compelling evidence supportive of his foreign birth. On this basis alone he ceases to be legitimate relative to the office of the presidency.

It is also significant to note that Obama has no medical or academic records. Furthermore, it would appear that the purported narrative of having attended certain academic institutions, attained unto noteworthy standards of scholarly achievement, and performed alleged professorial duties is highly suspect as well. 2008 Libertarian vice presidential candidate Wayne Allyn Root stated that “Obama will never release his transcripts because he pretended to be from another country to get loans, and then seldom went to classes at Columbia and got poor grades.” Root further stated that he “knows all this because he also graduated from Columbia in 1983 and doesn’t remember seeing Barry Soetoro (Obama’s real name).” Never have we witnessed a greater exercise in mind control than what has been accomplished in the selling and installation of BO in the presumed office of the presidency. The major media began chanting the mantra of Obama’s ostensible greatness leading up to the 2008 election, and sadly, the American public swallowed the propaganda whole cloth. Being a Mulatto, Obama was far more acceptable to white Americans…say, in contrast to Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson. As Joe Biden candidly reflected…he was “clean” and “articulate.” In other words, he sounded and appeared sufficiently white to make him electable. Additionally, Obama was habitually treated and approached by media as though he were of towering intellect and in possession of great oratorical skill. The fact that none of this is true is of no consequence as long as the big lie is adequately bandied about. Further galvanizing the allure of Obama was the ginned up notion that America somehow needed a black president as a means of atoning for past, present and future sins of wholesale “racism.” Of course, the propagandists and opinion molders steadfastly avoid defining racism so that only white people are presumed to be guilty of its nebulous yet grotesque characteristics. The current, post-Ferguson mantra revolves around the newly coined concept of “white privilege,” which is the obviously undeserved advantages enjoyed by the exploitative Caucasian majority.  Charges of “white privilege” are nothing more than a crude mechanism to further engender the related phenomenon of white guilt. Sickeningly, the controlled media hyped Obama to such a fever pitch that a veritable cult of personality was the inevitable result. America committed collective intellectual suicide in the ensuing 2008 election process as Obama was fraudulently installed as America’s first affirmative action “president.”


The ignorant believe the answer to this question is yes. In reality, however, only a Caucasian male can be lawfully installed as president. For anyone who questions this conclusion we need only consider what the attitude of the founders would have been in this regard. Everyone will readily acknowledge that those gifted, principled white men would have insisted that the president must, likewise, be a white man. Any other proposition would be unthinkable due to their understanding of history and the Bible. Like it or not…Americas founders were of the unshakable opinion that white men were ordained by the providence of God to be the leaders of all geopolitical systems, including their newly minted constitutional republic. There can be no doubt that they would have resisted unto blood, any attempts to alter this racial/gender specific construct. Therefore, predicated on the doctrine of original intent, we must conclude that deviation from the will of the founders is nothing short of unlawful usurpation and fraudulent pretense.


Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Another compelling reason that Obama lacks legitimacy is the fact that he is quite likely a very dangerous criminal. Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio conducted a tedious criminal investigation in response to the pervasive belief that Obama lacks legitimacy. Ultimately, his crack team of highly credentialed investigators concluded that Obama and his accomplices have committed a variety of infractions of a felonious criminal nature. In order to dupe the public and maintain the facade that Obama is on the up and up, it has been necessary to falsify official information…specifically concerning the pretend president’s social security status and numerical identification. Though exceedingly damning, in and of itself, evidence brought forth by the gutsy Arizona sheriff barely scratches the surface of Obama’s apparent illicit and unlawful conduct. Prior to the 2008 election, stories broke in the alternative media regarding Obama’s history of multiple sodomite relationships and liaisons. Not surprisingly, the national press maintained an iron curtain of silence relative to this bombshell information. For the same reason that Martin Luther King’s FBI file was sealed for 50 years, it is crucial to bury the truth about Obama’s perversion and reprobate condition. Where the story really becomes interesting, however, is when the researcher and investigator begins to probe the execution style murders of three sodomites in Obama’s Chicago church congregation who sought to go public with assertions that they had engaged in fleshly relations with Barack Obama. Reminiscent of the Arkaside phenomenon of the Clinton years, the violent, terrifying and untimely death of these individuals creates amply probable cause as to the criminal culpability of Obama and his inner circle. Barack Obama deserves to be indicted and prosecuted for his apparent criminal conduct. He and his miserable ilk fancy themselves to be above the law and immune from appropriate exercises of justice and reprisal. May God grant the will and ability to prove them wrong in this arrogant presumption.


Historically, those holding positions of influence and responsibility were fully expected to uphold high moral standards of conduct and behavior. Included in the codified stipulations of how office holders should comport themselves, were specific prohibitions against moral turpitude. Modern society has sought to belittle the law and word of God. Specifically, sodomite conduct and other sins such as fornication and adultery have been sanitized and rehabilitated in our present “enlightened” age. By seeking to normalize and sanction that which God vehemently condemns, contemporary society heaps condemnation upon itself. Declaring it acceptable to be a practicing moral pervert in no way overthrows God’s law. Sin and depravity are precisely that, regardless of modern efforts to redefine truth. The evidence that Obama is a sodomite appears to be overwhelming, and for this reason alone he is guilty of moral turpitude, and thus, ineligible to hold public office...especially that of the presidency.


muslim-obamaIt is also of exceptional irony that at a time when America is supposedly engaged in a 100 year war against Muslim terrorists, that the purported president would happen to be an apparent admirer if not outright adherent to the Islamic religion. The evidence is substantial in the least that Obama professed Islamic faith in his earlier years. Furthermore, his claim to be a Christian is dubious in light of the mountain of circumstantial evidence to the contrary. His 20 year association with the Chicago church pastored by Jeremiah Wright was doubtlessly motivated by political and tactical considerations. Wright himself is on record as having stated that Obama was steeped in Islam when they first met, and that he made it easy for him to “accept Christianity” without having to renounce his Islamic background. Since being elected in 2008 he has made no pretense of being a practicing Christian in the outward sense. Unlike his predecessors, he doesn't bother to go through the motions of church attendance and has frequently made statements and proclamations that are highly favorable to the Muslim religion and people as a whole. True to form, officialdom and the controlled media have sneered at and made light  of the logical conclusions voiced by many that Obama is an undercover Muslim. In their condescending estimation this is simply more absurd conspiracy mongering that warrants nothing more than ridicule and condemnation. In other words, if you can't discredit the message... discredit the messenger. For those who see through this silly and evasive tactic, it will be quite easy to access sufficient evidence concerning Obama's Muslim affinities and propensities...a characteristic that alone disqualifies him from being legitimate.


The evidence of Obama’s Marxist philosophy and ideology is overwhelming and self-confessed. He, of course, labels it otherwise…couching his actions and policies in misleading generic terminology that is designed to obfuscate and distort its true nature. When all the extraneous verbiage is set aside, Obama’s affinity for core Marxist principle and policy is flagrant and in your face. He is surrounded by a cadre of hard core, true believer, dyed in the wool socialists who live and die by the precepts of coercive wealth redistribution. Obama and his partners in crime never met a Marxist policy they didn’t like, and for this reason alone, there is no legitimacy to his claim to the highest elective office in the land.


The measure of a man or a people is determined by the manner in which extreme circumstances are dealt with. It is a monumental understatement that present day Americans are facing great peril. Lamentations 5:7 says “Our fathers have sinned, and are not; and we have borne their iniquities.” For several generations our fathers have committed considerable iniquities. They shamefully abdicated their responsibility to seek after knowledge and understanding. They allowed themselves to be mesmerized and lulled into complacency and subservience to an alien power that was permitted to take up residence in their midst. That same illicit entity has succeeded in garnering tremendous influence and control over the daily affairs of the nation. Each ensuing outrage has ultimately been trumped by one of even greater severity…leading to the incomprehensible state of affairs that we now witness. National indebtedness approaching 20 trillion dollars! The systematic unravelling of our precious and hallowed freedoms and liberties! The burgeoning presence of a plethora of false, anti-Christ religions and their abominable so called houses of worship! The wholesale abandonment of traditional morality and purity! The mushrooming acceptance and practice of sodomite conduct and behavior! The cancerous and widespread Africanization of American culture and society! The growing and debilitating occurrence of miscegenation and the resulting degradation of the Caucasian race as a whole! The list seemingly continues ad nauseam with no apparent relief in sight. Like a runaway machine our downward spiral spins increasingly out of control. The vast majority of the populace seems to be hopelessly brainwashed…thoroughly incapable of exercising logic and reason in the face of immense deception and distortion. The temptation is great to simply abandon all hope. All indicators seemingly combine to render the impression that we are beyond the point of no return. And yet…hope springs eternal. The righteous God of our fathers has justly allowed us to devolve into these decrepit circumstances. He is not mocked and will in no way allow his word to be rendered impotent. The hand of the enemy will be strengthened until the remnant of his people purposes to rise up in principled opposition to the evil forces that exercise inordinate power among us.

The challenge we face is to implement a blueprint for action that embodies the truth and righteousness of Scripture. God’s word provides the only viable road map out of the dense wilderness of sin stained rebellion and wickedness. We must be compelled and motivated into a posture of repentance, faith, and the corresponding works that must logically follow. The flood tide of evil can be rolled back if God’s people will exalt truth over greed, fear and carnality. 2 Timothy 1:7 states “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.” That sound mind is the critical component of any ability to exercise common sense in the midst of adversity. Anything short of well grounded sensibility will utterly fail to make the grade in the face of the peril that surrounds us at present. A manifesto for action must be formulated as we prepare to face an urgent and ominous future.

We must systematically outline the truth regarding the high crime and treason that has become common place throughout the land. It is the responsibility of the servants of God to issue forth words of truth and power that can in no way be gainsaid by the enemies of our Christian heritage. In his miraculous and mysterious way, God chooses to unleash his might through those who in the eyes of the world, are devoid of noteworthy influence and power. The strongholds of evil will only be vanquished through the exercise of such methodology and practice. The subject of this treatise has been selected due to the momentous nature of the crime at hand. The time is long overdue for the forceful assertion of the undeniable truth concerning the fact that we have been utterly defrauded by the completely illegitimate, and mythological “presidency” of Barak Obama. May God see fit to honor this stern rebuke and exposition. May he cause confusion to reign in the camp of the enemy, while simultaneously bestowing protection and immeasurable strength upon those purposing to stand unwaveringly for truth.


In 1 Thessalonians 5:21 we read, “Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.” It is very important in the eyes of God that truth be exalted in every aspect of our lives and our existence. His way is to speak the truth in love (Ephesians 4:15) and to let the chips fall, as the saying goes. Modern man has created a fantasy world that masquerades as something of worth and value. In reality, it is mere wood, hay, and stubble...fit for nothing but the fire of divine judgment. Luke 8:17 instructs us that in the fullness of time, all things will be undeniably revealed and exposed. It matters not if lies and deception are energetically embraced by the deceived masses. Those who courageously stand and fight for the truth will be vindicated in due season. Furthermore, a primary reason for the seeming impotence of the modern church is the pronounced lack of willingness to make just such a stand.

Revelation 21:8 informs us that “the fearful” will not inherit the kingdom of God. Of course...it is fear itself that prevents modern churches and individual professing Christians from sinking their teeth into hard core truth. They fear wrath, criticism, ridicule, condemnation, and persecution. They choose to side step difficult, controversial, or even radical truth...electing instead, to stake a softer, less offensive position. Needless to say, God utterly rejects such spineless conduct. He requires that those who seek to be his ambassadors must go the full distance. They must not shy away from facts and reality, no matter what price might be associated with such a stand. Whatever the subject, God's people must ferret out the truth. This certainly includes the very crucial subject of a wholly illegitimate and fraudulent “president” such as Barak Obama, whose ongoing charade is an utter mockery of the righteous and exacting nature of the God of Scripture. We can do no less than to fight indefatigably against such a notorious and infamous deception.

Philip Dru, Administrator, by Edward Mandell House, a political fantasy novel (published in 1912) about a military overthrow of the United States government and its Constitution is significant in its representation of the “political and ethical faith” of the most influential presidential advisor in American history, Edward Mandell House. House was a close advisor to Presidents Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Roosevelt.

‡ The satanic Bohemian Grove ritual, called “The Cremation of Care,” attended and participated in by top names in finance, business and federal government annually for many decades, is well documented. That policy-makers at the highest levels consider this an elite privilege should give any thinking person sober concern.

* Shadows of Power, by James Perloff, answers many questions about the Council on Foreign Relations, an organization that has acquired unrivaled influence on American foreign policy since its inception in 1921. Described variously as “the Establishment’s unofficial club,” “the foreign-policy establishment of the U.S.,” “a sort of Presidium for that part of the Establishment that guides our destiny as a nation,” “the chief recruiting ground for cabinet-level officials in Washington,” “a school for statesmen,” and “the seat of some basic government decisions, setting the context for many more…” it is intriguing and disturbing that fewer than one in five hundred Americans knows anything about its influence and policies, and will almost never hear of it in the mass media.



























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  1. Until we confront the false preachers in front of their sheeple and the communistic professors in their classrooms, America's decline will continue. As The Scriptures tell us...we suffer for lack of knowledge. And even those who have some knowledge will obstinately refuse to follow it. They would prefer to continue following the "traditions of their elders" and teach them to their children and flock. "When MY People call upon MY name, humble themselves, and pray to ME and seek my favour, and turn from their evil ways, I will hear from Heaven and forgive their sins, and heal their land". 2nd Chronicles 7:14. Yes, I know that The Scriptures translate this as " When My people who are called by MY name...", but HIS name is not "EL", "Israel" nor is it "Christ". HE told Moses HIS name was YHWH (YAHWEH) and that is the name we must use. In the Mid-East, knowing your god's name gave you a connection with that god. We have stopped using HIS name and we have lost our connection with HIM. All this is of course my opinion and should be seen in that context. Continue to use the name you have been taught to use, if you choose to do so, but know that you have been told. Would you introduce a Mexican, Jose' Verde, by his translated name, Joe Green or some else's name like Juan Valdez? Then why do you call your GOD Jehovah or Lord, Why? This has been on my mind and if our cause is to prosper, we must have GOD on our side.
  2. No one needs to prove Obama is a US citizen except Obama himself. This he has not done. Historians should write him up as a usurper, fraud, charlatan and criminal of the highest sort. All his actions related to the presidency should be nullified posthaste.
    • They Who Must Be Obeyed chose that Obamanation to be in the White's House so that anyone who came against him and his policies could be called "racists" and shut down. When the truth comes out, nothing will be done about his actions while prez. Wait and see. In Russia, you knew nothing had really changed because no high official went to prison. Is Clinton in prison? Nope, she isn't.
  3. The entire US Congress of 2008 and 2012 should be charged with treason ! Not one congressmen or senator stood and questioned Barack hussien Obama's right to hold office wile many in the US Congress of 2012 had information that he did not meet US Constitutional law to hold office under Article ll Section 1 Clause 5 of the US Constitution .
  4. November 3, 2018 ,This fraud and usurper Barack hussein Obama is still in DC leading the deep state trying to bring down a LEGAL SITTING US PRESIDENT in President Donald J. Trump . Wile President Donald J. Trump is on a campaign tour for republican candidates the fraud and usurper barack hussein obama is on a lying tour trying to discredit a LEGAL sitting US President in President Donald J. Trump .

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