R.I.P. Polk County News

In a front page article of the January 4th, 2017 edition of the Polk County News, it was announced that the weekly newspaper was coming to an abrupt ending. The article entitled “Polk County News to cease printing weekly news until further notice,” revealed that publisher and owner Cheryl Beuhler was discontinuing production of the Polk County News as a result of learning, over the holiday season, that her husband, Rich, was suffering from cancer that would require medical intervention and treatment in the immediate offing. In the article, Beuhler referenced the extraordinary effort that was required of her when she first took over the duties of producing the Polk County News. That chapter of her life occurred in 2012 when her mother, Ingrid Beuhler, fought and lost a six month battle against lung cancer. Since that tragic event, the younger Beuhler has consistently maintained the weekly publishing schedule of what has long been the only locally produced newspaper circulating in Polk County.

Accelerated Timetable

The announcement of such an abrupt ending to the Polk County News was tempered by the fact that Beuhler had been trying to sell the publication for six months. Several months ago, Beuhler revealed her desire and intention to divest herself of ownership of the Polk County News...and openly expressed wishes that a new owner might be forthcoming who would be suitable to carry forward not only the practical character of the publication...but who would also maintain the basic ideological flavor that she has regularly infused into its content. The ensuing months failed to bring forth new ownership and, thus, it became necessary to cease publishing in the early days of the new year. It is Beuhler’s expressed intention to be at the side of her husband, helping him fight what will hopefully be a victorious battle against the dreaded ailment.

An Interesting Development to Say the Least

Regular visitors to this website are aware that Cheryl Beuhler has made vividly clear her complete disdain for and hostility toward Polk County’s very own Make America White Again congressional candidate, Rick Tyler! In her June 29th, 2016, post-billboard issue...Beuhler was flagrant and personal in her expressions of antipathy toward both the man and the message...levying the assertion and allegation that incalculable injury had been wrought against the county and its citizens via the campaign tactics in question. To her, the message, “Make America White Again,” was patently “racist” and represented an horrific blight upon the character and reputation of Polk County.

Beuhler, of course, counts herself among those who are ashamed and embarrassed by the county’s long-standing reputation of being a bastion of obnoxious racism. At a time when their ilk was perceiving Polk County as being gradually nudged into the enlightened, politically correct ways of 21st Century America...along comes Rick Tyler...daring to express a sentiment reminiscent of that grotesque, bygone era of abject, unchallenged cultural dominance by ideologies and policies that were reflective of white, Christian, patriarchal civilization. Beuhler simply couldn’t contain her emotions and proceeded to unleash a torrent of condemnation upon an individual with whom she had never interacted on a personal level.

Prior to this entry, I have twice commented on Cheryl Buehler and her glaring absence of character and integrity...both journalistic and personal. The July 18th, 2016 article, “A Disgrace to the Journalistic Profession,” and the October 3rd, 2016 piece entitled “Beuhler Announces Intent to Cease Masquerading as a Journalist,” make clear my own opinion relative to that which I have found objectionable about this woman and her performance at the helm of the Polk County News. Needless to say...I am delighted that her tenure as a local gatekeeper of news and information is over. As a fellow human being, however, I empathize with the plight that she and Rich must now endure, and wish them success and victory in their forthcoming battle against the ravages of cancer.

Filling a Void

The sovereign hand of God has allowed for the evolution of circumstances wherein Polk County is now devoid of a local news publication. While the Polk County News has been effective in reporting fluff-type information concerning the activities and achievements of local residents...it has done precious little to provide enlightening input relative to regional, national, and international news. Intelligent, sincere and responsible citizens would be well-advised to pray for future developments that would serve to maximize the opportunity that has been spawned by the death of the Polk County News. After all...freedom of the press is one of the foundational liberties safeguarded by those hallowed words of the First Amendment. Would it not, therefore, be fitting and appropriate for a genuine, traditionally Christian and conservative newspaper to emerge in the wake of the demise of Beuhler’s publication? By God’s grace and power, such a development may soon be forthcoming!

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  1. Be careful. As you well know, the enemy controls most of the access to newsprint paper and ink or at least they did in the past. We had several publications that actually informed the citizens such as "The Spotlight", but with the internet, hard copy is on the way out. But maybe a small, local paper can find a niche in which to prosper?
  2. As I stated previously it is my hope that a new publication to replace the old will ensue.

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