A Warning To My Enemies and Detractors, Part 4

Upon arriving in Fort Myers in early 1984 I quickly arranged for a meeting room reservation at the Red Carpet Inn on South Highway 41 for the date of April 15th. This day was significant from the standpoint of being the deadline for the filing of the 1040 IRS tax form. On this dreaded day post offices across the nation would remain open until midnight so that legions of procrastinating Americans could get their envelope post-marked with the April 15th date. It was not uncommon for slow-moving lines of cars to extend for miles as the 12 o’clock bewitching hour approached. For this reason, such a venue made an ideal location to protest and demonstrate against the oppressive, illegal, unconstitutional income tax.

On April 15, 1983 I had done that very thing in Charlotte, N.C., but in 1984 I elected to conduct an educational seminar styled around the issue of the income tax, its lack of Constitutionality, and the fact that no law existed requiring a wage earner to file a 1040 form. To dramatically illustrate these points I chose to burn a facsimile copy of that document in front of the television cameras of the local media. For weeks prior to this event I had circulated flyers and had appeared on several radio talk shows whose coverage serviced the southwest Florida region. A modest audience of approximately 50 attendees showed up that evening, among whom were a small group of older gentlemen that had long been engaged in their own personal battle against federal oppression and usurpation of Constitutional liberties.

Hitting the Ground Running

taxman-shakedownjpg-116ad745f91f9653The April 15th event was successful and rewarding in that it provided a spring board for the launching of a local meeting agenda that would form the centerpiece of an education and activism campaign that was destined to make a distinct impact on the region in the coming months. I began holding weekly evening meetings at the Lee County Courthouse in Fort Myers and gradually began to attract a growing nucleus of dedicated supporters. Choosing the Courthouse meeting room underscored the fact that our actions were entirely above-board and that we had nothing, whatsoever, to hide. Very quickly, I began to attract participation on the part of individuals who had found themselves at odds with the heavy-handed tactics of the IRS.

Bill of Rights Congres the Untied States

On one memorable occasion, I organized a group of roughly a dozen concerned citizens to accompany me and an individual named Don to a scheduled IRS audit. The local IRS office was on an upper floor of the Barnett Bank Building in Fort Myers and upon our arrival we all made our way to the appropriate floor and suite. As we entered the lobby area as a group, the surprise and alarm was readily discernable on the face of the receptionist. While I informed her that Don and I were there for the scheduled tax audit, the other members of our entourage were busily snapping pictures of any and all IRS workers who were in view. The layout of their office area was pretty much wide open...and it was very entertaining to see numerous personnel scurry and dive for cover in an effort to avoid being photographed! Of course, this was in the days of instamatic cameras and flash bulbs, which made the scene all the more frenzied and dramatic. Once the picture-taking and its destabilizing effect had run its course I proceeded to address the two IRS agents that were preparing to conduct the audit. On Don’s behalf, I inquired as to whether any method or protocol existed whereby he could comply with their demands while, simultaneously safeguarding his Fourth and Fifth Amendment protections as set forth in the Bill of Rights?

At that time, we happened to be in possession of an instruction manual for IRS agents that was titled, “Official IRS Tax Audit Guide.” In this volume were the following revelatory gems. In the opening introduction, then Commissioner of the IRS, Roscoe Eggar, stated... “Our tax system is based on individual self-assessment and voluntary compliance.” The volume went on to reveal that “an individual taxpayer may refuse to exhibit his books and records on the grounds that compelling him to do so might constitute a violation of his right to privacy under the Fourth Amendment, or his right against self-incrimination under the Fifth Amendment.” Toward the conclusion of the tax audit guide, agents were admonished that its content was for their eyes only, and it was not allowed to be “seen by the taxpayer.”

Needless to say...Don’s audit was over before it even began. The IRS agents refused to answer the inquiry relative to the safeguarding of Don’s Fourth and Fifth Amendment rights and it was obvious to all that because the citizen happened to know and assert his rights...the IRS was incapable of moving forward. In other words...once you awaken to reality and refuse to be your own executioner...the would-be tyrant has a far more difficult challenge on his hands.

Reaching Out to the Publican

Those who study scripture are aware that tax collectors (known as publicans) were routinely considered to be notorious sinners. Nevertheless...Jesus took the opportunity, on frequent occasions, to reach out evangelistically to these unpopular individuals. We even know that gospel author Matthew was a reformed, former publican (Biblical term for tax collector). It was in this spirit, on the occasion heretofore described that I took time to speak with Joe De Mayo, the acting head of the Fort Myers IRS office. Mr. De Mayo had made his presence known in response to the unusual goings on that had engulfed his ordinarily tranquil office on that particular day. Being quite pleasant and dignified in his demeanor, I proceeded to spend the next 20 to 30 minutes explaining to him, in considerable detail, the nuances and intricacies of the matter and question of the Constitutionality and legality of the federal income tax. To my pleasant surprise...he seemed somewhat interested and open-minded about the subject. In the aftermath of my interchange with Mr. De Mayo, I decided that it would be wise and useful to conduct follow-up activity. Even though it was an extreme long shot...I felt that “with God all things are possible” (Matthew 19:26)...even the conversion of a modern-day publican! Indeed...it would be quite a trophy to successfully educate a contemporary IRS agent...especially one in the realm of oversight.

USA_Today_Logo_svg(As an interesting aside...more than a decade later the Constitutional coalition known as “We the People” ran full-page ads in USA Today at an expense of more than $60,000 each, challenging readers to produce a law requiring the average wage earner to file a tax return. The ads offered a $50,000 reward for anyone who could produce such a law. In the ensuing months, three IRS agents were actually recruited to the Tax Honesty Movement after coming to the startling conclusion that they were engaged in a career that was inherently dishonest and predicated on fraud. Joe Bannister, Sherry Jackson, and John Turner all became towering examples of integrity and the power of truth...even being willing to endure the wrath of their former employer in the form of criminal prosecution. After three consecutive full page ads, USA Today refused to sell any more advertising space to “We the People.”)

Stealth and Subterfuge

In the aftermath of my impromptu conversation with Joe De Mayo, I theorized that my best chance for effectively reaching him with follow-up information would be to obtain his home address...and mail him a confidential, anonymous information packet. Obviously, it wouldn’t do to mail recruitment literature to his attention, in care of the Fort Myers IRS office. Thus, along with one of my stalwart local supporters (also named Joe) I proceeded to stake out the Barnett Bank Building in hopes of seeing Mr. De Mayo exit and go to his personal vehicle. If we could get a copy on his license plate...a sympathetic local law enforcement contact could subsequently provide a home address and, presto...timely material could be clandestinely gotten into Mr. De Mayo’s hands.

With this strategy in mind, Joe and I proceeded to conduct our surveillance over a several-hour period of time. We were armed with a trusty pair of binoculars...a seeming necessity in light of our need to be on the periphery of the very expansive parking lot. Then...as we sat waiting...the alarming thought entered my mind that the target of our probe might actually turn the tables on us! If they were to spot and recognize us, by chance, it might be Joe’s tag number that would be used for purposes of singling out and harassing him. Per our mutual agreement, Joe got out from behind the wheel and proceeded to take a screwdriver and remove his own license plate. Satisfied that we had taken what could very well be an important precaution...we continued our vigil in hopes of scoring and obtaining Mr. De Mayo’s tag number.

What Joe and I failed to realize was that while we were conducting our surveillance...we were, in fact, being scrutinized and observed. But instead of our federal nemesis...it was the tellers from the nearby drive-through bank island that had been taking note of our unusual behavior. And then...suddenly and unexpectedly...we were surrounded by squad cars from the local sheriff’s department. A deputy cautiously approached the passenger window and asked what we were doing? A second officer was in the process of checking Joe’s identification while I demurred and told the lieutenant who was questioning me that the situation was a bit sensitive and embarrassing...and that I really couldn’t tell him what we were doing. After a momentary pause he responded tersely that if I didn’t immediately give him a satisfactory explanation of why we were observing the bank building with binoculars and doing such things as removing our license plate...that we would be promptly arrested and booked on suspicion of planning a bank robbery!

At that point, I responded to the effect that, under the circumstances...full disclosure was certainly reasonable and in order. As I produced my C.A.U.T.I.O.N. business card and explained that I was a local Constitutional activist simply trying to obtain Mr. De Mayo’s mailing address for benign and legitimate purposes...the officer acknowledged knowing who I was and seemed satisfied with the accuracy and sensible nature of my response. He then instructed us to wait while he went to confer with the IRS representatives inside the building. A short time later, the lieutenant returned to inform us we were free to leave, but that the IRS had executed a no-trespass order against us. This simply meant that Joe and I would not be permitted on the Barnett Bank Building property from that point forward. Of course...other than precluding us from engaging in any more audit escapades...the no-trespass order was of minimal consequence. The ante was upped considerably, however, when...a couple of days later...I was visited at my home by two gun-toting IRS special agents.

Ominous Visitors

It was early afternoon and I was horizontal on the living room couch reading the daily paper when my attention was arrested by the sound of unfamiliar tires rolling upon the shell-type gravel that covered the driveway at my house on Maravilla Lane in Fort Myers. As I sprung up off the couch I quickly spotted the dark, late-model sedan that had pulled in. Two nattily attired, plain clothes G-men were exiting the vehicle and by the time I came out of my kitchen door onto the carport, they were standing behind my little Chevette...reading my numerous bumper stickers that unmistakably revealed my lack of affinity for all things pertaining to big government and its well-known excesses.

As it turned out, these uninvited visitors were there to serve me a subpoena to appear before a grand jury in Tampa. The reason I was being summonsed pertained to the recent incident in the Barnett Bank parking lot and the wording on the document made it obvious that I was the target of the inquiry. After receiving the subpoena I made small talk with the agents and then walked them to their car. As they prepared to depart I asked if they were Christians and one, named Cal Boyer, told me he was Catholic. I then stated that despite our being in an adversarial situation, I still wanted to encourage them to be certain of a clear understanding of the gospel of salvation through Jesus Christ. Boyer and his partner expressed appreciation for my words and were on their way.

Richard Lazarra

Richard Lazarra

Realizing that I had a serious legal situation to deal with, I wasted no time making contact with Scott McClarty, a Georgia attorney with well-known sympathies for the Constitutional restoration movement. After explaining to him the circumstances I was dealing with, Scott referred me to Richard Lazzara, a Tampa attorney who had represented him in a previous case involving the patriotic group known as the Keystone Society. After speaking to Mr. McClarty, I quickly contracted attorney Lazzara and managed to schedule an appointment with him for the following day. I was informed that my initial conference would cost $500.00, which I proceeded to secure in preparation for the following day’s meeting.

When my conference commenced the next afternoon, Richard Lazzara instructed me to tell my story. As I related the details of what had transpired earlier in the week, he listened attentively. After a few questions for purposes of clarification, Mr. Lazzara picked up the phone and put in a call to Assistant U.S. Attorney Karla Spalding. Once she was on the line, he said, “Karla...I have Rick Tyler in my office and I would like for you to hear what he has to say.” She agreed to let us come right over to the federal building, which we promptly did. The building itself was architecturally imposing and very much representative of the unbridled and massive power of the federal government. Along with my very adept attorney, who is now a federal judge, I made my way to Karla Spalding’s office where I was introduced to her as well as to an IRS criminal investigator.

The CI showed me the statutory text of the law which, he then informed me, they were seeking to charge me with. I acknowledged my understanding of what he was saying and then waited for my attorney to speak. After all were seated, Mr. Lazzara turned to me and requested that I tell the Assistant U.S. Attorney and the IRS criminal investigator precisely what I explained to him just a short time ago. I then repeated the account of what had occurred days earlier when Joe and I had engaged in our ill-fated caper. Upon concluding my presentation I recognized that a relaxed atmosphere had descended upon an otherwise tense and intimidating setting. Mr. Lazzara had a few private words with Karla Spalding and the investigator, and then we made our way back to his office. I was told to be on hand for the next day’s grand jury session, but that it was entirely possible that my testimony would not be required.

The following day, shortly after my arrival in Tampa, I learned that the federal government’s representatives had concluded that my actions on the day in question were absent of criminal intent, and that no charges against me were being sought. Needless to say...I was greatly relieved by this turn of events and thankful that the sovereign hand of God had guided me safely through a situation potentially fraught with danger.

In the weeks and months that followed I sought to be more cautious and circumspect in my methods and activities, knowing all the more through my ongoing experiences that an ounce of prevention was truly worth a pound of cure. Yes...there were many fascinating developments unfolding in the battle to restore Constitutional government...and I was determined to maximize the many opportunities seemingly within my grasp. Of particular significance in my line of thinking was the frustrating reality that the public was massively ignorant of a variety of profound truths that were very much hiding in plain sight!

The Federal Reserve Building, Washington, D.C.

The Federal Reserve Building, Washington, D.C.

In addition to the flagrant unconstitutionality of the income tax, Americans in general were also glaringly unaware of the corrupt nature of the monetary system that had been usurpatiously instituted in 1913 under the auspices of the misnamed Federal Reserve Act. You see...it turns out that the Federal Reserve is actually a private corporation whose existence and policies are at stark variance with the very Constitution that is intended to be the supreme law of the land. Unlike its title misleadingly implies, there is nothing in “reserve” to back up the fiat currency whose issuance and supply is controlled by the private Fed. The notion that the government controls the Federal Reserve is completely baseless. In reality...it is the private banking cartel known as the Federal Reserve that exercises inordinate power and influence over the government. Most telling is the fact that, in more than 100 years of existence, the Fed has never been audited and has never paid even a dime in taxation...even though conservative estimates place its profits at greater than a trillion dollars!

In order to bring this caliber of knowledge to the public, I reasoned that it would be useful, if not necessary, to provide a setting for individuals in possession of facts and expertise to set forth compelling evidence in a public, well-documented forum. As part of this strategy, in mid-1984 I planned and scheduled an event that was billed as the Caloosahatchee Tea Party. (The Caloosahatchee River is a major tributary that runs through Fort Myers.) The gathering, which featured the dumping of IRS 1040 forms in the river at its conclusion, brought together several speakers who were gifted and authoritative in specific areas of understanding. One such individual was Bruce McCarthy, who happened to be a leading authority on the subject of monetary realism, lawful money, and the criminality of the Federal Reserve. Also on hand was John Kotmair, only recently released from a two-year sentence at the minimum security federal prison camp at Maxwell Air Force Base in Alabama.

John Kotmair

John Kotmair

Mr. Kotmair was a pioneering veteran of the freedom movement who had long been laboring in the trenches in an effort to inform and enlighten his gullible fellow-Americans. While in prison, he had conceptualized the formation of what became known as the Save-A-Patriot Fellowship (SAP). This cooperative-type entity was intended to function as a sort of insurance program that would kick in to provide support for families of the patriot stalwarts who might wind up making a temporary sacrifice of their own freedom as a consequence of exercising basic Constitutional liberties. It was at the Caloosahatchee Tea Party that John Kotmair officially launched Save-A-Patriot and enlisted some of his early Fellowship members.

In later years, the effectiveness of Kotmair’s effort was demonstrated through the method and manner of opposition levied against him by an abusive federal government. So determined were they to eradicate his successes, the feds were able to get a court injunction against John Kotmair mandating that he cease and desist from the continuation of his highly effective campaign of activism and education. In utter violation of the rights of the accused, and in total absence of substantive, corroborating evidence...the federal court system facilitated this frontal assault on free speech, free association, basic property rights, and multiple, related rights and liberties in this 2005 litigation and subsequent, unjustified injunction. To the best of my knowledge, John Kotmair continues to fight the good fight, maintaining a presence on Facebook and having authored a book in 2002 entitled Piercing the Illusion.

The Caloosahatchee Tea Party brought together an enthused group of reformation and justice-minded Americans which included among its ranks the late Lois Peterson, a long-time personal assistant and secretary of the late Willis Carto, founder of the highly influential Liberty Lobby and its widely circulated, Washington, D.C. based newspaper, The Spotlight.

jury-300x181Another exciting event that I orchestrated in this time frame was a lecture by respected patriot personality, M.J. “Red” Beckman, at a local Fort Myers venue. With approximately 200 attendees present, Mr. Beckman gave a compelling rendition of his informative breakdown of the manner in which the American people have had their Constitution and their freedom stolen by a corrupt and deceitful federal government. Central to his lecture was the explanation of how the Constitution provides for three votes in the protection and defense of liberty. The vote at the ballot box is, actually, far less important than the other two votes on the grand jury and trial jury. The grand jury is the front line defense tactic against tyrannical usurpation in that it possesses the power to prevent the government from charging an individual with the violation of one of its laws. The rank and file citizens who sit on the grand jury are intended to evaluate the question of Constitutionality in regard to the law that has allegedly been violated. Likewise...if criminal charges are brought against a citizen...a jury of his peers is supposed to consider not only the question of whether or not a law has been violated but...more importantly...the matter of the constitutional basis for the very law itself!

bornagainrepublicIt is no coincidence that judges routinely commit felony jury tampering when rendering instructions at the conclusion of a criminal trial. Instead of making sure that the jurors understand their profound and sacred responsibility to be guardians of the Constitution via their refusal to enforce statutes that are unconstitutional...the judge typically issues forth the bold-faced lie that the jury is to judge only the facts of the case and not the legitimacy of the law itself. Yes...jury nullification of law is the legal construct whereby a single juror can stop the leviathan of criminal government dead in its tracks by refusing to allow it to enforce inappropriate and abusive laws. In his 1981 book, Born Again Republic, Red Beckman laid out a common sense explanation of the three votes that over the decades has opened the eyes of untold numbers of truth seekers concerning the vital tools for the preservation of liberty that were provided for by the wisdom and prescience of the founding fathers.

As educational meetings and activities continued to unfold, the cumulative results of my efforts led to the cultivation of a sympathetic reporter who wrote for the local daily paper, the Fort Myers News Press. Michael Dunn was a truth enthusiast and a quick study relative to the subject matter that I was seeking to champion. In my one-on-one conversations with him I began to sense that he was starting to grasp the deeper implications of the Constitutional offenses and violations that had become the hallmark of contemporary American government. It was, therefore, not altogether surprising when he provided blockbuster, no-holds-barred, factual coverage of the most significant event that I sponsored during this period of time.

Former Illinois criminal investigator Bill Benson had spent a solid year, in the early eighties, travelling the 48 contiguous states. His purpose was to conduct a thorough and detailed investigation of the question of the legitimate ratification of the 16th Amendment to the Constitution. This Amendment is marshalled and cited by the IRS as forming the basis of legality for the modern income tax. And yet...Bill Benson’s meticulous research and irrefutable documentation established, unequivocally, that when then-Secretary of State Philander Knox proclaimed in 1913 that the 16th Amendment had been Constitutionally ratified...he lied, plain and simple! In fact...Bill Benson’s 17,000+ certified documents proved that not one single state properly ratified not only the 16th Amendment...but the 17th Amendment as well. The 17th Amendment effectively stripped the individual states of their sovereign power by taking from the state legislatures the power to appoint their respective representatives to the United States Senate.

lawneverwasThis earth-shaking evidence and documentation obviously threatened to upend the proverbial apple-cart relative to the abusive federal income tax and Bill Benson, in cooperation with Red Beckman, had only recently come forth with the publication of The Law That Never Was, a beautiful, hard-bound book that synthesized the 16th Amendment evidence of knowing and willful fraud and criminality on the part of the federal government. (They later followed with a second volume providing even more evidence.)


Attorney Larry Becraft

When I arranged to have Bill Benson and Constitutional Alabama attorney Larry Becraft come to Fort Myers for a presentation of these monumental findings, the atmosphere was crackling with enthusiasm and excitement. The meeting was electrifying and seemingly historic in its proportions. Bill and Larry pulled no punches in laying out the damning evidence that the IRS, the Department of Justice, and the Federal Judiciary had long been engaged in massive corruption and criminality in the collusion and conspiratorial execution of a confiscatory, Marxist income tax! (The graduated, progressive income tax is the express fulfillment of the 2nd plank of the Communist Manifesto.) By the end of the lecture the crowd assembled was brimming with righteous indignation over the treacherous and treasonous conduct of their wayward, oath-breaking, criminal government.

news-press-logoAnd then...the following morning...the banner headline on the front page of the News Press heralded the stunning message... “16th Amendment Not Ratified...Income Tax Null and Void.” To this day I have no idea how Michael Dunn’s factual story and accompanying headline managed to make it past the editors. Miraculously, though, it did...and the uproar and controversy was significant. In later conversations with Michael Dunn, I learned that the IRS District Office in Jacksonville was inundated with demands for retroactive refunds and that they deemed it necessary to dispatch a special agent/operative to southwest Florida for the purpose of trouble-shooting the aftershocks of the front page article that so explicitly revealed long-suppressed truth of government theft and corruption.

Leading up to April 15th, 1985, Michael Dunn was commissioned to write a follow-up article dealing with the phenomenon of grass-roots uprising and opposition to the income tax. In the article he was obliged to grant extensive opportunity for the special IRS operative, Holger Eurenger, to issue forth rebuttals and rejoinders to the evidence and arguments that we had so effectively put forth. In yet another act that belied his sympathies and penchant for truth, Michael Dunn gave me the last word in the article in question which...overall...was more than even-handed in its presentation of the facts.

I neglected to stay on top of what ultimately happened in the continuation of Michael Dunn’s journalistic career. In light of the stunning accomplishments that were being logged...I began to grow very disappointed with the notable lack of response and enthusiasm on the part of the general public. Here we were...breaking revolutionary ground with our well-documented revelations and...still...apathy and indifference were the common reaction on the part of the local citizenry.

There is much detail regarding this mid-80’s time frame that I have needed to gloss over the details of. One other highly significant mission, however, needs to be communicated as a further illustration of the extraordinary lengths that I went to in an effort to leave no stone unturned. Prior to the printing and release of the book, The Law That Never Was, I had obtained non-certified photo copies of more than 1,000 critical pages of the 16th Amendment fraud documentation. I proceeded to charter a six-passenger, single-propeller airplane to be piloted by close friend and dedicated supporter, Jim Stepp, on a whirlwind trip to the district offices of the IRS in Greensboro, N.C., Columbia, S.C., and Jacksonville, Florida. These three locations were selected due to the fact that the bulk of my activist efforts had taken place within the territorial jurisdictions claimed by those offices.

At the time of our arrival in each of these cities we were met by sympathetic and supportive contacts who provided us with transportation to the district IRS offices. Once at these locations, our small entourage made its way to the office of the district director at which time we made an impromptu request for an audience with the highest ranking official available. At each of our three destinations we were denied access to the district director himself. Fred Nielson of N.C., Donald Brehan of S.C., and Merlin Heye of Florida were all either not on the premises or simply unwilling to meet face to face. Upon informing receptionists at the different locations of the purpose for our visit...namely, to present the district director with his own personal copy of our potent evidence and information concerning the invalidity of the 16th Amendment...we were subsequently farmed out or referred to whichever representative who was deemed most suitable and appropriate to deal with our surprise, genteel encounter.

The interactions were, for the most part, mundane and polite in an obligatory manner. The lone exception was in Jacksonville where circumstances played out in a slightly more dramatic fashion. One individual accompanying me on the trip was a relatively new recruit named Charlie. A recent convert to the Christian faith, Charlie happened to own a bar in East Fort Myers and, along with his wife, had been languishing over the question of how to divest himself of a business that he felt was incompatible with his newfound Biblical faith and worldview. Charlie was stereotypically Italian; stout, muscular, and imposing in his physical stature and appearance. He bore somewhat of a resemblance to Rocky Balboa of movie fame and renown...and he was passionate and enthusiastic to the point of being a bit of a loose cannon.

It was these characteristics that livened things up a bit in Jacksonville and threatened to bring about more than anyone had bargained for. Unlike the other locations in the Carolinas where we were somewhat summarily and informally dealt with in the lobby-type areas of the offices in question...in Jacksonville we were actually ushered in to a separate conference room and accompanied by a uniformed, armed guard wearing a federal law enforcement badge. Three other men in suits came into the room and one of them, acting as spokesman, proceeded to communicate overtly hostile sentiments. In a humorous, Freudian slip he actually stated, “We are diabolically opposed to everything you stand for.” Of course...he meant to say “diametrically opposed” but I took the opportunity to respond that I was fully aware how diabolical they all were. As a few more semi-abrasive quips were made, Charlie became visibly wrankled and actually started to lean toward the principal adversary with a menacing glare. The armed officer placed his hand on his gun simultaneously as I exercised physical restraint on Charlie’s right arm and spoke words to the effect that he needed to calm down and restrain himself. The few moments of drama and tension were quickly diffused and, after placing the voluminous 16th Amendment documentation on the conference table, along with a cover letter addressed to District Director Merlin Heye...we withdrew from the room and were soon on our way flying back to Fort Myers.

Not long after returning to home base I received a letter in the mail from the IRS district office in Jacksonville. Of keen interest was the fact that the letter had obviously been typed by Merlin Heye himself, as it contained no secretarial initials at is conclusion. Furthermore, the letter was signed in ball-point pen ink by the district director. Yes...it was quite apparent that we had succeeded in getting this man’s attention. In the letter he warned me that I should be advised to “cease informing others that the 16th Amendment had not been ratified and that the income tax was invalid.” He further stated that my failure to heed his advice could result in serious trouble for me. To back up his admonition, he said, “Illustrative thereof is the case of Marc S. Kelly who is serving time in prison for similar activities.”

Marc Kelly happened to be a former close associate referred to in Part 3 of this series. He had been charged and prosecuted for the trumped-up charge of “aiding and abetting and counselling in the preparation of fraudulent tax forms.” After a typical, kangaroo-court type proceeding, Marc and his co-defendant were convicted and he was sentenced to a stint of incarceration at the federal minimum security facility at Eglin Air Force Base in the Florida panhandle. (Marc wound up getting out early as a result of having kept a secret, well-documented log book of various comings and goings of a variety of delivery trucks and vehicles. The information he amassed was sufficient to establish that considerable theft and other related hanky-panky was routinely transpiring in and throughout the institution. His potential ability to blow the whistle on corrupt officials and personnel resulted in his otherwise inexplicable premature release.)

50698257_1After receiving the personal letter from Merlin Heye, I responded to him with a detailed communique, calling him on the carpet for trying to use threats and intimidation against me. I reminded him of the supremacy of truth and encouraged him to consider acceptance of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I sent him a copy of the book, More Than a Carpenter, by Josh McDowell and stressed the urgency of dealing with matters of eternal life and salvation. (In More Than a Carpenter McDowell does an excellent job of explaining what has been referred to as the trilemma. Jesus can only be one of three things...either a liar, a lunatic, or who he says he is...namely the very incarnation of God and spotless sacrificial lamb who died for the sins of his people.) I can only hope that the life and heart of Merlin Heye were touched by those words of gospel truth. After my return letter to him, we never had any further contact.

False Sense of Security

Ronald Reagan (February 6, 1911 - June 5, 2004

Ronald Reagan (February 6, 1911 - June 5, 2004

The 1980’s were the Reagan years and conservative, Christian Americans were very much inclined to have let their guard down relative to the overall state of the nation and world. Reagan, after all, was an ostensible conservative who was supposed to be anti-Communist and a dedicated opponent of vast, runaway, big government. A master of political rhetoric and sweeping, generic statements with little substance to back them up...Ronald Reagan had been used as a tool to lull otherwise well-intentioned Americans into a state of slumber and passivity.

eisenhower-military-industrial-complexIn the mid-80’s it had been largely forgotten that as recently as 1960 Dwight Eisenhower had warned solemnly, in his farewell address, of the escalating dangers of what he dubbed the military industrial complex. Yes...Ike had been completely on target in his cautionary words. The military police action in Vietnam had served as a massive boon to that same sprawling force against which he intoned. As the cold war was moving toward its deliberately orchestrated culmination, the “Great Communicator” Reagan was being skillfully utilized to deceive untold millions into the errant belief that Communism was dying, and a new age of renaissance was on the verge of dawning. As was alluded to in Who Is Rick Tyler? Part 1,” the perceived reformation movements of the Eastern Bloc nations were actually part of a carefully scripted plan that would pave the way for the next stage of the gradually evolving new world order. This aspect of the process was exposed and delineated in the book, New Lies for Old, by KGB defector Anatoliy Golitsyn.

As it turned out, Reagan proved to be yet another shill for globalism and, under his tenure, the power and size of the federal government continued to grow unabated. And then...during the follow-up administration of Bush, Sr., military adventurism was escalated to extraordinary new heights with the launching and prosecution of the first Gulf War. Massive deception and subterfuge were employed to create the pretense and justification for the shock-and-awe invasion of Iraq for purposes of removing them from their military occupation of neighboring Kuwait. Having long been America’s compliant ally in pursuit of her Middle East agenda, Saddam Hussein was now being transformed into the ultimate villain who would later be set up to play such a major role in the post-9/11 events that set the stage for a new projected 100-year war against terrorism...a war without defined borders or specifically identifiable participants.

Indeed...the dawning of the 21st Century would be typified by the epitome of the phenomenon of “perpetual war for perpetual peace.” And, tragically, it matters not which politician or political party is in power. The machinery of globalism and the new world order march forward unchecked and unabated. Private banking cartels, with their fiat currencies and manipulative monetary machinations continue to control and determine the policy directions of the nations of the earth. Technocratic phenomena and an ever-tightening noose of population control remain the steadily advancing order of the day. All the while...incessant brainwashing continues to be marshalled in systematic fashion through media, academia, government, and the diverse religious institutions that remain influential in our midst. Hard-core, politically incorrect, Biblical truth is virtually verboten...being increasingly driven to the outer periphery of what is considered to be polite and acceptable discussion.

But, looking back to the 1980’s...America was undergoing a predecessor cycle of the very circumstances we are now experiencing afresh. And at the precise time that we needed to be delving into the complex web of treason and betrayal that had led us ever closer to the point of no return...the nation was, instead, being sold a bill of goods to the effect that new horizons of growth and accomplishment were just ahead. Never mind the fact that all the components of future global enslavement were being methodically set in place. The so-called Reagan revolution began to gain traction and, for more than a decade, the illusion proliferated that happy days were here again under the optimistic guidance of the Gipper.

Ronald Reagan, of course, didn’t even begin to address the real issues and bring forth the draconian reduction in the size and power of the national government that would be mandatory and non-negotiable under a genuine reformist administration. He failed to fulfill solemn and oft-repeated campaign promises to eliminate entire departments of the federal government and, instead, presided over unprecedented growth in the size, sprawl and budgets of the seemingly myriad departments and bureaucracies. Under Reagan, America continued to be the ultimate fountainhead of foreign aid and the principal financial enabler of a plethora of policies whose cumulative purpose was the steady advance of globalism and the new world order. Amazingly...to this very day...Ronal Reagan is lionized and posthumously fawned upon by a broad spectrum of influential, conservative personalities. For those who are familiar with the deceptive nature of the Reagan phenomenon, it is eerie and ominous to observe the parallels to this recent historical chapter that can be readily observed in the unfolding characteristics of the Trump revolution.

The Neutralizing Power of False Hope


Willis Carto, founder and publisher of the Spotlight.

By the waning stages of the Carter administration there existed a level of angst, dread, and ominous apprehension that could almost be cut with a knife. This spirit of trepidation was measurable on one level by record-breaking interest being directed toward movements, personalities and publications that specialized in exposing the clandestine, behind-the-scenes maneuverings of malevolent, would-be tyrannical forces. One such publication was known as the Spotlight and, at the time in question, this weekly tabloid newspaper had grown to a paid subscriber base of 300,000. By the end of the 1980’s, paying subscribers to the Spotlight had dwindled to 50,000...a profound indicator of the effective, yet detrimental, results brought about via the skillful utilization of controlled opposition and false leadership.

And thus it was that, despite the impressive accomplishments that had been brought forth as a direct result of my activist and educational endeavors...the general public remained largely unaffected and disinterested in the extraordinary exposés and revelations that were being laboriously brought to their attention. All the while...diabolical and deadly conspiracies continued to hide in the open in their steady advance toward full fruition and implementation! As I came increasingly to grips with this discouraging reality, it was logical that alternative options would come under consideration.

The Birth of "Plan B"

Along with a modest nucleus of my most trusted associates, I began devoting serious thought to the seeming sensibleness and benefits of essentially abandoning the objective and goal of engendering notable reform within a system whose corruption had most probably advanced well beyond the point of no return. Yes...even though we possessed the iron-clad, irrefutable documentation of criminality and treason operating at the highest echelons of power...the body politic, rank and file citizenry was utterly unfazed and unconcerned about the evil and treachery running rampant under their very noses! In fact...they were very much deserving of all they were being subjected to. As Hosea 4:6 states, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.”

In light of this unfortunate and depressing reality, I and my closest associates began discussing and making plans to quietly disengage from high-profile activism and...instead...to begin laying groundwork for the grim circumstances that seemed inevitable on the not-too-distant horizon. Economic collapse, acute shortages of essential goods and services, rapidly escalating police-state powers, possible foreign invasion by brutal, communistic barbarians...all this and much more seemed to be a likely scenario in the future that loomed in the foreground. With all this in mind, the dawning of 1986 brought with it a concerted effort to begin laying the groundwork for what we somewhat humorously began to refer to as our “Plan B” strategy.

The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men

Suffice it to say that Plan B didn’t work out much better than Plan A...and after more than a year of traversing and travelling across the breadth of our great national landmass...I wound up, more or less, right back where I had started in the southeastern United States. Specifically...I made my way to the mountains of western North Carolina where two of my closest friends had relocated so that they might benefit from what seemed to be a substantial degree of knowledge and experience waiting to be shared and imparted by a man named Nord Davis.

The Strange Legend of the Northpoint Teams

Nord Davis, 1931-1997

Nord Davis, 1931-1997

In late 1985, my right-hand man, Andy, began reading in great detail the prolific writings of Nord Davis, a self-styled pamphleteer who had relocated in the late 1960’s from Massachusetts to the tiny hamlet of Andrews, N.C. Over the ensuing two decades Nord had built his own little impressive empire headquartered on a couple of hundred acres of prime mountain real estate in extreme western North Carolina. Over the years he had cranked out voluminous writings under the regularly utilized heading of “Off the Cuff” and “Pardon Me, But,” as well as a wide variety of specialized titles such as The Dallas Conspiracy, Operation Rolling Thunder, Hope’s Husband, Star Wars, etc. These writings were quite informative and entertaining, and Nord’s talent had been sufficient to build up an active mailing list in excess of 7,000 individuals who received both his regular as well as intermittently self-published offerings.

The basic rule was that, in order to continue receiving these intriguing and somewhat addictive installments, the recipient was required to send Davis a regular donation. Needless to say...Nord raked in a healthy amount of financial support from this source alone. But this was only the beginning of his lucrative gravy train. In addition to the obligatory donations regularly received from his spellbound audience, Nord also benefitted from substantial kickbacks derived from real estate transactions that occurred as a result of his spirited promotion of the virtues and benefits of relocation to the general territory and locale.

And, for the icing on the cake, Nord was more often than not serving as the conduit and facilitator of a variety of investment opportunities that promised to infuse considerable potential wealth, resources, and benefits into the life and circumstances of those inner-circle followers who were fortunate enough to be extended the opportunity to become a trusted partner and confidant. Log cabin companies, Costa Rican gold mines, tax avoidance strategies in the Turks and Caicos Islands, a perpetual motion device named the Collins Generator...those were just some of the alluring things that Nord pulled out of his bag of tricks for the consumption and ostensible benefit of those who became enamored with his tall tales of intrigue and skullduggery.

As one was exposed to and read the pamphlets and writings of Nord Davis, he was quickly introduced to a supposed entity called the Northpoint Teams which allegedly functioned as though it were, for all intents and purposes, his private CIA! Yes...to read Nord’s vast and copious writings...the Northpoint Teams were seemingly everywhere accomplishing amazing feats of intrigue and practical intervention in some of recent history’s most notable events...albeit, almost always by stealth and secrecy. And, incredibly...legions of Nord’s readers and followers bought the entire package of bluster and bravado...hook, line, and sinker.

My initial exposure to the purported exploits of the Northpoint Teams came when Andy passed on several pamphlets wherein, among other things, Nord boasted of bringing the Vietnam War to an end, orchestrating virtually all activities attributed to the Nicaraguan Contras, and intervening to prevent the assassination of George Herbert Walker Bush. As far-fetched as it seems...Nord actually possessed the ability to advance plausible narratives into which the clandestine, alleged operations of his Northpoint Teams were intricately interwoven.

While not even minimally being taken in by Nord’s highly readable mythology, I was, nevertheless, exceedingly intrigued by the enormous talent he possessed, and the unique manner in which he utilized it to advance his own position and circumstances, while simultaneously, posturing as the modern-day equivalent of intrepid spy, all-knowing guru, uber-patriot, heroic reformer, and superhero, all rolled into one. Indeed...there was virtually no end to the exploits of the Northpoint Teams and their singularly unique progenitor and mastermind.

Thus...when Andy informed me that he had arranged to visit Nord at his mountain-top lair, I jumped at the chance to accompany him. I couldn’t wait to meet, in person, the individual who so audaciously put forth the extraordinary claims of which I had been partaking. Andy and I departed from Chattanooga early one Saturday morning and made our way through the beautiful, winding, mountainous terrain of southeastern Tennessee...into the even more scenic beauty of western North Carolina. We passed through the small town of Murphy and on to the even smaller community of Andrews...the sleepy, little village-like town that served as Nord’s territorial home base.

The day was anything but disappointing, as Nord afforded us a considerable segment of his very valuable time. I could tell that he was sizing us up and evaluating our potential as followers, groupies, investors, or whatever role we might come to fulfill in his world of spectacular and grandiose illusion. At the time, I had no idea that a few years later I would become Nord’s principal obsession...and the individual he would expend vast amounts of time, energy, and resources on in an intense, eight-year campaign designed to bring about my complete and vicious destruction.

To be continued.

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