Tennessee’s Clueless, Socialist, Statist Governor

On January 30th, billionaire Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam delivered his annual state of the state address. In this presentation, Haslam left no room for doubt that he remains devoted to the institution of gargantuan, unconstitutional government as the supposed answer to the very real problems that threaten our survival.

windThe governor, of course, typifies the class of political leadership that currently plagues our state and nation as a whole. They are utterly incapable of seeing truth and reality in their abject simplicity. Instead, the twin phenomena of group think and herd instinct are the dominant forces that motivate and govern their actions. “What does everyone else believe? Will I be harshly criticized or accused of being a racist, homophobe, or insensitive? Let me lick my finger and see which way the wind of blowing.”

Yes...these are the pathetic, spineless characteristics of today’s political office holders. They are unwilling...possibly even incapable of recognizing immutable, hardcore truth...even if it is hiding in the open and staring them in the face! All the while, our liberties and future continue to slip through our fingers...and political hacks like Haslam have nothing to offer but more of the very same poisonous policies that have led us to the brink of destruction.

Already Discredited By Rejection of Trump

It should be recalled that Governor Haslam gave vivid evidence of his true character and nature when, in October 2016, he demonstrated his rejection of Donald Trump by calling for him to concede the Republican nomination to vice presidential candidate Mike Pence. Yes...the governor’s lack of both courage and judgment were clearly revealed in this shameful episode of betrayal and, now, in the wake of Trump’s resounding victory, Haslam stands effectively exposed and rightfully discredited.

Tax and Spend Lunacy

It is no secret that government at all levels squanders and wastes money. While the federal government is the most egregious offender in this regard, the Tennessee state government is also guilty of this same criminal betrayal of the trust of the citizenry. Countless millions of dollars are wasted, misappropriated, or outright stolen through the ongoing inefficiency and malfeasance of those elected to serve constituents by upholding Constitutional principles. Haslam is all too typical in that he never bothers to consider the compelling necessity of scaling back the current size and scope of government. Instead, he consistently puts forth plans to enlarge the size, power, and expenditures of the state...all in the name of progress, vision, and benevolence. Most recently, he is proposing an increase in the state gasoline tax which he argues, is needed to responsibly provide for the maintaining of infrastructure needs and development into the future.

Plunging Into Unbridled Socialistic Mischief

Amazingly, Haslam took the opportunity of his annual address to propose making Tennessee the first state in the nation to afford free community college tuition to all adult citizens. Never mind the fact that such a scheme is utterly devoid of Constitutional legitimacy! Like the rationalization for universal health care and various other utopianist programs...Haslam and his ilk argue for the legitimacy of state-funded higher education on the basis of its supposed limitless benefits that will inevitability accrue to the state of Tennessee as a whole. The mantras of “pursuing generational change” and “becoming the Tennessee we can be” are the standard tripe that is invoked to justify criminal, unconstitutional governmental policies of more taxing and spending.

Clueless About True Historical Meaning

In an effort to close the sale on his big government proposals and policies, Governor Haslam made multiple references to the volunteer spirit for which Tennessee is historically noted. In all too classic fashion, however, he failed miserably to portray volunteerism in its correct context. The fact that Tennessee generated the most volunteers to go fight and defend the Alamo had nothing whatsoever to do with advocacy for big government policies that have become the everyday norm.

crockett-lTrue historical volunteerism, such as was exhibited by Davy Crockett and his fellow heroes, has everything to do with the principles of liberty and strictly limited, Constitutional governance...and nothing in common with the statist, socialist mentality that dominates the practical outworking of governmental policies today. To make usage of the imagery and symbolism of the concept of the volunteer spirit for purposes of advancing big government schemes and agendas is truly unconscionable.

2018 And Beyond

It is fortunate that term limits will prevent Bill Haslam from serving a third term as Tennessee governor. What remains to be seen is whether or not conditions and circumstances throughout the nation and state will prove conducive to the coming forth of real, Constitutional solutions, and the political courage and integrity necessary to make their pursuit and implementation a reality.



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