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achDuring the month of February I will be doing a podcast interview with Andrew Carrington Hitchcock on the subject of Republica, secession and the territorial imperative. Having already done two broadcasts with this very capable interviewer and author of the book entitled The Synagogue of Satan, I am very enthused concerning the upcoming program in question.

Republica happens to be the name that has been put forth to refer to the geographical location that serves as home base for my own outreach and educational activities. For roughly 25 years I have been seeking to effectively marshal the argument that territorial secession is an unavoidable imperative for the survival of our people, and that the southeastern corner of Tennessee represents the best hope and prospect for success in pursuit of such a quest or undertaking.

A Very Real Genocidal Threat

1950-2060In a scant fifty-year period the white race has diminished numerically from accounting for one third of the world’s population, to the paltry 10% that we now represent! Only a blind, acute denier of reality could fail to recognize the ominous implications of this pronounced, vivid, alarming trend.

Yes, whites are being eclipsed and supplanted on virtually a global basis...and precious few influential personages are willing to even discuss the matter...much less take any tangible steps to curb or arrest our dangerous, downward spiral. Indeed, if dramatic action is not soon forthcoming, we stand in very real danger of witnessing the death knell of the great and noble race which has been central and pivotal to the vast majority of that which is deemed to be of significance and value in our modern world.

Despised and In the Crosshairs

crosshairsIt is obvious and undeniable that the white race is very much resented and despised by the burgeoning non-white population of the modern world. The notion is commonly advanced and embraced that whites have achieved the upper hand in the unfolding of world history via unfair and unscrupulous exploitation of the non-white peoples of the earth.

In general, non-whites believe that the white race remains inordinately and unjustly well as inherently incapable of rising above or overcoming the pervasive condition of so-called racism that allegedly, reflexively emerges as the principle, defining characteristic of their extended racial family. It is through this rigid, entrenched mindset that non-whites derive the conclusion that the Caucasian race must ultimately be forcefully divested of their immorally and illicitly attained status of privilege and supremacy.

These grim realities combine to portend devastating threats and implications for the white race as a whole. The fate of the hapless, dispossessed white South Africans of the post-apartheid era provides a horrifying window into the future concerning the brutal and bloody annihilation that awaits the Caucasian race, worldwide, in the relatively near future.

A Time for Action

Ticking-ClockWe can no longer afford to sit on our hands and do nothing in reaction to this very real threat to our continued existence and well-being. Time is already working against us in an extreme sense. Inexplicably, our race has consistently acted in direct opposition to its own interest for well more than a century. Fratricidal conflict has become our signature, aberrant behavioral trait as we have engaged in protracted, collective actions that can only be described as being suicidal in nature. The result of such irrational conduct has been the evolution of our present plight and circumstances, wherein we find ourselves in very real danger of outright and literal extinction. simply must be recognized and understood that mere words and good intentions will no longer suffice to meet the needs of our present historic juncture. must be decisive, determined, and dutiful action that begins to be the hallmark and prominent quality of our race in the not too distant future! We must come to grips with our present, precarious state of existence...and become resolutely devoted to the obligatory, remedial action that must, of absolute necessity, be imminently forthcoming.

Secession and the Territorial Mindset

Picture1Although we have come to be vastly outnumbered, we must take solace, comfort, and inspiration from the factual reality of our unique ability to turn the tables on those who represent an endangerment to our survival prospects. Even in relatively small numbers, our race possesses unsurpassed potential to overcome vastly superior odds in the outworking of strategies for self-defense, dominion, and outward conquest.

In order for these latent capabilities to be actualized, however, we must squarely face the lethal nature of that which encroaches upon us from all directions. The hour is late. We must focus upon a territorial objective and commence to execute strategies and behavioral constructs whose design and purpose set the stage for meaningful inroads of opposition to those who yearn for our own destruction.

Republica Is Calling

If a better territory than southeast Tennessee can be pinpointed and argued in favor of...then, by all means...let the games begin! Otherwise, the need of the hour should be more than obvious to all objective observers. Make haste to come to Republica. Take the necessary steps to become a tangible part of that which clearly needs to transpire and unfold in the affairs and interactions of our racial kinsmen.

Short of embarking upon your own migratory journey to the territory, please consider putting material and financial support behind the project as a whole. Our race has, historically, been a pioneering, adventurous people...willing to venture into the difficult and even the unknown when honor, duty, and the need for survival beckon from afar. Join us today for the sake of generations yet unborn.

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  1. Secession has moved moved into mainstream thought once again. Now is the time to mobilize our people.
  2. Secession was being talked about by several groups in many States and that might be why "They Who Must Be Obeyed" allowed Mr. Trump to get elected. These creatures (TWMBO) think so far in advance of most people that we are never sure if the right thing is being done. If Killary had been elected, there might have actually been a real movement to separate from this unholy Union. I can not see a future for any landlocked State, so we must have a seacoast State for our people. I know that would be harder, but Russia eventually got their warm water port (Crimea) and so might we.
  3. It is my studied belief that the mongrel race is being created by satanic manipulation but only to be largely destroyed by the terrible judgment of God as described in the book of Revelation.

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