Rick Norton, the Cleveland Daily Banner, and Journalistic Fraud

During the Rick Tyler For Congress campaign it became very apparent that a relationship exists between the Cleveland Daily Banner and the 100 Black Men of Bradley County that serves to facilitate an obvious and unprofessional syndrome of journalistic fraud. This ultra serious accusation is substantiated by the very transparent, symbiotic relationship enjoyed by these two prominent entities...a relationship that, in fact, is rooted in a phenomenon of ongoing deception that is perpetuated against a gullible, unsuspecting public.

Are They  Journalists or Aspiring Social Engineers?

It happens to be an indisputable fact that American society has undergone massive transformation over the past fifty years. It is also undeniable that during that same time period, the American nation has been profoundly altered in terms of its demographic composition. Specifically, the country has transitioned with great rapidity from a white super majority of 85-90%...to circumstances at present wherein the percentage of Caucasians has diminished to somewhere approaching 60%!

Of monumental significance, of course, is the fact that this huge demographic shift has only come to pass as a result of fraudulent, sleight of hand, and at times...outright criminal actions and policies on the part of government. Contemporary “opinion molders” that enjoy a heavily subsidized and inappropriately protected level of cultural and societal prominence, have made it their consistent objective to portray the present state of affairs in America as being vastly superior and preferential to the conditions that held sway from the very inception of the republic...right up to the mid-1960’s.

AmericaAccording to this sacred cow mentality, the America of yesteryear was backward and unenlightened. It was inherently deficient in direct proportion to its absence of racial and cultural “diversity.” Indeed...to hear it told by those ensconced in power today, the America of old was oppressively dominated by white, Christian males who were powerless to overcome or rise above their racist, sexist, bigoted, homophobic, self-righteous proclivities. Thus, according to these modern, would-be oracles and paragons...the new, modern, liberated, ultra-tolerant, multi-racial, multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, post-Christian America is inordinately superior to its crass and unsophisticated predecessor. This presupposition occupies virtual hallowed ground and under no circumstances can it even be questioned!

Of course...it is nothing more than a damnable, insidious fabrication that utterly disintegrates under the lens of scholarly evaluation and intelligent scrutiny. Of towering significance is the fact that our present, perilous state of ignorance-induced stupor, has only come to pass as a direct consequence of sophisticated, cunningly engendered policies that have been put forth for the express purpose of the fulfillment of a social engineering agenda.

circusThose who are tasked with the assignment of maintaining the relatively new and contrived status quo are as predictable as circus dogs. They routinely jump through the prescribed hoops in an ongoing exercise of widespread brainwashing and mind control that is carried out against an unsuspecting public. Sadly...it would appear that these purveyors of deception have achieved near complete domination of their hapless victims and subjects. As Orwell observed...in a time of universal deceit, telling the truth seems like a revolutionary act!

Woe Unto You Scribes...

As in the time of Jesus, we are currently plagued by that professional class of lying, intellectual “presstitutes” who serve a similar function to the scribes of Biblical times. These mercenary, phony journalists are slovenly in servitude to the advancement and preservation of an agenda that is diametrically in opposition to the genuine foundations upon which America was established. They are skillful practitioners of sophistry, fallacy, and the technique of non sequitur. These odious, modern scribes that heavily populate the realms of academia and journalism are among the most egregious enemies of truth, virtue and justice.

Rick Norton, Editor of the Cleveland Daily Banner

Rick Norton, Editor of the Cleveland Daily Banner

Regrettably, they are a dime a dozen in today’s society and, in our own local community, their ilk is personified most vividly by Rick Norton of the Cleveland Daily Banner. Yes...Norton effortlessly embodies all that is nauseatingly indicative of the contemporary, prostituted journalist. And, foremost in his tactical arsenal is the practiced utilization of subtle deception and disinformation toward the end of promoting and propagating false precepts and suppositions.

The Anatomy of Nortonian Deception

While he certainly doesn’t hold a monopoly on the utilization of his signature brand of journalistic deception, Rick Norton is, nevertheless, quite predictable and consistent in his methods and techniques. He is ardently devoted to the ongoing advancement of political correctness...most specifically in the subject area of race relations. He is a knee-jerk devotee of the party line concerning this emotion-laden issue, and can always be counted upon to gush forth praise and accolades for the race-specific policies that are routinely advanced in the interests of all who are members of the non-white, minority ranks.

And...it is within this particular realm of advocacy that Mr. Norton exhibits his most brazen acts of deceitfulness and fraudulent journalism. Interestingly, the bold, forthright, and audacious actions of the Rick Tyler For Congress candidacy have served as a “hook in the jaw”-type of mechanism for the well-programmed mind of Rick Norton in his reporting on the campaign.

mawa2Yes...it would be almost impossible for him to not perform in the manner that is being pointed out in this article. And what precise methodology are we talking about, you might ask? Quite simply, it proceeds as follows. Candidate Tyler engages in political action that constitutes a frontal assault upon the typically unchallenged, politically correct precepts of our modern era. A billboard advocating the goal of “Make America White Again,” or another exposing the bogus, phony “heroism” of Martin Luther King, Jr., or daring to hold forth in an unabashed proclamation of forbidden truth on the very front lawn of the Cleveland Daily Banner...these seemingly unimaginable expressions of controversial opinion obviously demand a response from the likes of Norton and his publication. Of course, they dare not focus on the plain and simple facts. God forbid that they should tell the truth about America’s subversive and treacherous journey into the abyss of racial suicide and white genocidal dispossession...or the criminal conspiracy to seal the FBI file of Martin Luther King for fifty years so as to conceal his actual treasonous and communistic allegiances and behavior. No...Norton and the Banner could never allow the truth to be argued simply on its merits alone. Instead, it is the textbook response to retaliate with the lawyerly tactics of obfuscation and redirection. And here we observe the willing accompliceship of such entities as the NAACP and the 100 Black Men of Bradley County. These veritable stooges compliantly posture in the manner prescribed by “Massa Rick,” their benevolent and progressive white handler. Norton, of course, sets the stage accordingly...making believe that these noble, dutifully offended minority entities have spontaneously entered the fray. In reality, however they are operating in well-rehearsed collusion...even to the absurd point of Norton authoring the supposed “official” statements being issued forth by the ostensibly aggrieved parties. (One particular example of this fraudulent construct occurred when Norton included a statement supposedly emanating from 100 Black Men of Bradley County President Jonathan Porter in the article entitled “100 BMBC urges unity against Tyler billboards” featured on the front page of the June 29, 2016 issue of the Banner. Even a sophomoric-caliber examination makes it abundantly clear that the phraseology of the alleged 100 Black Men statement has been edited, if not entirely crafted, by Norton.)

Jonathan Porter, president of the 100 Black Men of Bradley County

Jonathan Porter, president of the 100 Black Men of Bradley County

It would appear that Rick Norton and the Cleveland Daily Banner fancy themselves to be quite savvy and adept in their propaganda techniques. Predictably, when the Rick Tyler For Congress campaign arrived on their doorstep the day before the November 8th election, they resorted to the same glaringly obvious modus operandi that was employed in late June...including the tactic of collusion and orchestration with Jonathan Porter and the 100 Black Men of Bradley County. Their articles on November 12, 2016 and November 14, 2016 followed the same general blueprint of sidestepping the hardcore truth illuminated by the Tyler message, attempted marginalization and character assassination of the candidate himself, and the distorted, unmerited exaltation of those reacting in irrational, frenzied opposition to the Make America White Again message.

And The Lusts of Their Father They Will Do

In John 8:44 Jesus spoke the following harsh and condemning words to those who were the mortal enemies of truth. He stated: “Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

cdbTragically, those who champion lies and deception today are also bound to their seemingly unavoidable propensity to deceive on a colossal scale. The Cleveland Daily Banner and traitorous hacks such as Rick Norton will doubtlessly continue unabated to make war against those truths that must, of necessity, form the foundation of what is essential in the cause of restoring western, Christian civilization. We must remain vigilant and determined to fight the good fight against their abject dishonest and fraudulent techniques.

As Jesus stated in Luke 12:2, “...there is nothing covered that shall not be revealed; neither hid, that shall not be known.” Indeed, victory will eventually be ours and the truth shall be exalted in its splendor and glory! At that future point in time...the Rick Norton’s of our nation will reap their just retribution for the selling out of truth and quite possibly, their own eternal soul.

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  1. If we White Men are so bad, why do the world's non-Whites risk their lives to come and live among us and why don't the non-Whites born among us leave as soon as they can?? We are the spreading tree, furnishing an infrastructure that provides an opportunity for all to advance to that degree of which they are capable of achieving. But now we are the anemic victim furnishing our blood, sweat and tears to the vampire hordes invading our society. Secession then, secession now...more than ever!! I'll be up soon for some of those good biscuits and gravy...and a donation.
    • Great comment!
  2. It would be one thing if they at least realized what brazen hypocrites they are, but their double-mindedness seems to be totally lost on them.

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