The Abolition of the CIA and the Restoration of Divine Favor

The Central Intelligence Agency and other tentacles of the “national security” octopus are being increasingly exposed as the utterly unacceptable and thoroughly criminal entities that they are. Although they supposedly exist and function under “congressional oversight,” such a presumed reality is actually nothing more than fantasy and illusion. The fact of the matter is that no branch or sphere of legitimate Constitutional governance has any means whatsoever of reigning in the CIA and related agencies.

NROLogoThese out of control monstrosities exercise carte blanche-style power to conduct limitless surveillance and assemble mountains of information data bases on everybody who is anybody in America and throughout the world. The supposed justification for their existence and breathtaking scope of power centers upon the argument that such capabilities are required in order to keep the nation safe and secure from foreign enemies and adversaries.

In other words, we must accept the existence of an unelected, totally autonomous network of spies and spooks on the pretense that apart from their continuous violation of the privacy rights of American citizens, we have no hope or means of survival as a “free country” where “democracy” and “individual liberty” are maintained and perpetuated.

wtpOf course, the sad truth is that we have already long ceased being “free” or in possession of genuine “individual liberty.” is vitally important that all who genuinely care about real truth should acknowledge that America’s founders established a republic that was to exist under the authority and boundaries of a written document called the Constitution. The will of the majority was of no consequence, whatsoever, when exhibited in opposition to the concise and unambiguous words of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. They brought forth a government of law...not of men. Lex rex was the summation of their toilsome effort. The law was to be king...or, in other words...the supreme authority! Therefore, it should be painfully obvious that the sprawling, multi-headed hydra known as the intelligence community...accountable to no one and a veritable law unto utterly illegal and incompatible with legitimate, limited Constitutional government!

Trump Phenomenon Shatters Illusion

Donald-Trump-Accepts-Presidential-NominationDonald Trump burst onto the political stage as the manifestation of what countless millions of Americans had long hoped to witness. At last, they were being treated to the spectacle of an independent, common sense-laden, bluntly plain spoken, no nonsense candidate who was laying bare the hypocrisy, incompetence, and corruption of business-as-usual politics. As the Trump locomotive gained steam and momentum the sleeping giant of traditional, old-fashioned America awakened to a growing realization that the “business as usual” model was being exposed and challenged like never before imagined!

Trump was relentless in his bare-knuckled assault upon the status quo and its countless emissaries. As each round of the political season came to its bruising conclusion...growing multitudes cheered this bombastic champion of political incorrectness. The more scorn and derision heaped upon Donald Trump by the paragons of elitism...the greater his popularity grew until, on November 8, 2016...he achieved a dramatic and decisive victory in the Electoral College and became the 45th president elect of the once great American nation.

Amazingly, this victory was wrought against the stunning backdrop of the most overt corruption and cheating ever exposed or revealed in all of American history. As the drama of the general election campaign escalated, the traditional, controlled media forsook every remaining pretense or vestige of objectivity and neutrality. They proceeded to engage in a mass orgy of pro-Hillary, anti-Trump propaganda that was obvious and unmistakable to even an elementary school student.

Against all odds and in the face of massive, sophisticated voter fraud...Trump won in decisive fashion, much to the horror and disbelief of the hideous and frightening coalition that had coalesced in order to bring about his anticipated humiliation and smashing defeat. The significantly large anti-Trump faction of America reeled in apoplectic disbelief as the dust settled upon his electoral victory. For weeks thereafter they engaged in shocking demonstrations of contempt for all that is virtuous and decent. Their insane antics made for unprecedented political theater like never before imagined, much less witnessed by the American public at large.

And then, as the inauguration approached, they began to reveal and expose their grotesque and venomous profile for all the world to see. Nothing would stop them from destroying Donald Trump and his hard-won presidential victory. All manner of open dialogue ensued relative to the various options and possibilities whereby his principled, historic success might be rendered of none effect. Even calls for his assassination, by the tens of thousands, gushed forth in the Twittersphere, Facebook, and other internet outlets of expression. Planned attempts to shut down Washington, D.C. were rolled out as a potential means of preventing Trump’s swearing in on January 20, 2017. Yes...these insane anti-Trump legions increasingly revealed an utter and complete unwillingness to accept his assumption of the presidency.

never-trump-copy“Never Trump” was their galvanizing and unifying manta, and no tactic would prove to be off limits in this emerging war to the death! Calls for martial law, a military coup, summary nullification of the results of the election itself...even glaring public expression of fantasizing the blowing up of the White House...all this and more rushed forth like a mighty torrent of anti-Trump hate and vitriol. And then, having failed to prevent his assumption of the presidency...the venom-filled opposition wasted no time in ratcheting up their subversive campaign to new and unfathomable levels of flagrantly unprincipled methodology. Most significant among the illicit tactics being unleased at present are those featuring the handiwork of that criminally unaccountable entity known as the intelligence community.

In his first several weeks, President Trump has come on like gangbusters...doing and accomplishing more in a matter of days than predecessor office holders have achieved in years! In response to his electrifying performance, Trump’s enemies have moved to pull out all the stops! Legislating from the bench via Judge-shopping, felonious and criminally conspiratorial, treasonous leaking of classified information relative to high-level executive branch communications, and criminal collusion between the political opposition, the controlled media and intelligence community moles...have all been systematically and simultaneously marshalled in a no-hold-barred attempt to strangle the infant Trump presidency while it is still in the cradle.

Indeed, decent, freedom-loving Americans who long for a restoration of that which made our civilization great can scarcely believe their eyes and ears as they observe the events unfolding before them on the national stage. And, for a growing number of patriotic, sincere citizens...the illusion of a peaceful solution to the morbid disease that plagues us is being frighteningly shattered. It is patently obvious that the raucous, determined anti-Trump alliance will unhesitatingly resort to any means necessary to upend the Make America Great Again applecart. They are irrationally convinced that Trump and his supporters are fascist Nazis who, if allowed to pursue their desired agenda, will constitute the rebirth of Hitler and the Third Reich.

A great percentage of this faction happen to be youthful...overflowing with hubris and arrogance. There is virtually no chance of those who harbor such hatred for Trump ever warming up to his presidency, regardless of what he might accomplish. They will continue to cheer on every dirty trick or criminally corrupt action that is executed in the interest of derailing Trump’s traditionalist agenda. Many loyal Americans are coming to the grim realization that nothing short of the employment of lethal force will suffice to counter the frothing-at-the-mouth hostility of the Trump-hating minions.

Dubious Origins of the CIA

The CIA grew out of its predecessor organization, the OSS (Office of Strategic Services). The OSS was formed in 1942 under substantial influence and direction of British Intelligence (MI6). Though it was ostensibly created for legitimate purposes of protecting and maintaining American interests abroad, the CIA was, in truth, from its inception forward, a highly effective mechanism for the facilitation of America’s fusion with the rapidly evolving globalist new world order. The trademark secrecy and duplicity of the CIA and related spy agencies ensures their utter incompatibility with open, honest, and forthright Constitutional governance as was established by America’s founders

A Return to Basics

enduringA prominent myth of our modern world purports that the complexity of the present timeframe renders such arcane documents as the Constitution irrelevant and obsolete. The specious logic follows that the Constitution was suitable for the horse and buggy age but is woefully inadequate for the space age and, therefore, must be superseded and supplanted by a more “up to date” document. Those who are grounded in Biblical truth, however, understand that human nature never changes and that there is nothing new under the sun...and it is precisely for that reason we must maintain rigid devotion and adherence to the strict prohibitions and restrictions enumerated in the text of the supreme law of the land!

More than ever, we are in need of Constitutional restraints upon the unbridled exercise of power and authority by a national government with a proven track record of usurpation and overreach. For several consecutive generations our antecedents have thumbed their noses at the Constitution and justified the spiraling growth and abusive actions of the national government. Each step of the way has been accompanied by rationalizations of Constitutional violation and indifference in the name of prosperity and the protection of American security. And, now, the chickens are coming home to roost as we find ourselves perilously close to, if not already beyond, the point of no return! Thus, irrespective of what conventional wisdom might prescribe or advocate in favor of, we must make haste to return to the bedrock truths and time-honored principles upon which the republic was founded.

If I Were Donald Trump

For argument’s sake, we will carry forth our logic as though Trump is for real...and not merely a brilliant façade in the ongoing Hegelian blueprint of dialectic double-think being advanced by the cunning, manipulative globalist elite. In this vein of thought and reasoning the following would be the most advisable course of action for President Trump.

For starters he should issue forth a renewed proclamation of America’s Christian heritage and foundations and express an unapologetic intention to lead the nation into repentance and the restoration of reverence for the God of our fathers and a return to the rule of his holy law/word.

Secondly, the president should call for national repentance for having strayed from our Biblical, Christian roots and should lead the nation in crying out to almighty God for mercy and forgiveness for the gross and horrendous sins that we have long sanctioned and tolerated.

Thirdly, the chief executive should invoke the Biblical imperative to “prove all things and hold fast that which is good” as is commanded in 1 Thessalonians 5:21. In that spirit and context, he should establish, via executive decree, a volunteer agency of appointed individuals whose purpose and function would be to ferret out and bring forth truth pertaining to the many vital issues and subjects about which the nation has been willfully deceived and misled.


Fourthly, Mr. Trump should announce a systematic, yet expedited, timetable for the dismantling of major portions and components of the governing federal leviathan that are beyond the scope and boundaries of those limited and specifically enumerated functions that the Constitution unambiguously makes provision for.

And, finally, as Commander-in-chief as well as the highest elected public servant in the nation, President Trump should notify all able-bodied, patriotic, Christian men to become armed to the maximum degree possible, and to prepare for the defense of the republic against all enemies, both foreign and domestic.

In conjunction with this solemn directive, he should warn all who are hell-bent on pushing for the continuation of America’s long-established suicidal course, that the hour of reckoning is approaching wherein they will be compelled to choose between the Biblical foundations of truth and righteousness, and the modern, humanistic dogma that has come to typify virtually all the institutions that comprise and influence the structure of our contemporary nation state. Included in this aspect of his executive directives, the President should issue specific warnings to such entities as:

the private Federal Reserve;

the Council on Foreign Relations, and other related shadowy government entities;

the criminally colluding and fraudulent major media;

unthe massive enclave of spies and outright enemies of the lawful American republic known as the United Nations;

the wide variety of tax-exempt foundations and non-governmental organizations who labor relentlessly for the destruction of American sovereignty and the concurrent establishment of a one world superstate;

and the sprawling universe of liberal, socialistic, atheistic academia that is poisoning the minds of America’s youth.

These enemies of traditional, western, Christian civilization and the lawful American Constitutional republic will no longer be sanctioned or tolerated. The President should advise these enemies and adversaries that their best course of action would be to remove themselves from American soil and that, in the absence of such action, they should prepare to face the consequences of being duly charged and brought before the bar of justice.

For Those Who Say It Can’t Be Done

For those who claim this prescription for national restoration is too radical and impossible to implement, it is recommended that the words of Matthew 19:26 are taken note of, wherein we read, “With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.”


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