Fake News, Russian Espionage, and the Alt-Right

To observe that we are living in fascinating times is the epitome of an understatement. Technology is probably the single greatest contributor to the phenomenon of the incredibly interesting conditions and circumstances that presently engulf us. In many ways, the universal and instantaneous exposure provided by the internet has created an altogether new world that was scarcely imaginable even a couple of decades ago. While in some respects easily accessed technologies have made all men equal...in other very real ways...it is the driving force behind a new and ubiquitous form of enslavement.

A genie of unprecedented dimensions has been let out of the bottle, and humanity has scarcely scratched the surface of understanding as to the potential influence that will be wielded and exercised by this uninhibited and seemingly limitless power.

Indeed, the lines between past, present, and future are being increasingly blurred as information crashes down upon us from every conceivable direction. It is simultaneously both frightening and exhilarating to witness the manner in which all the outdated rules and paradigms are eroding and crumbling around us. And yet...certain constraints remain whether men realize it or not.

In Ecclesiastes 1:9 we read, “The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.” Of course, the contrarian might argue that, surely, our modern world features many innovations and characteristics that have never previously existed. Such an assumption, however, is predicated on a linear view of human history that is purely speculative and inattentive to the many mysteries surrounding ancient civilizations and suppressed discourse relative to their extraordinary accomplishments. Putting all that aside, though, it is almost inarguable that human nature...in all its foibles and eccentricities...is constant throughout the unfolding of time. Thus...we can deduce with relative certainty...that the difficult to harness potency of modern technology will be the object of exploitative abuse at virtually every future juncture where opportunity presents itself.

Knowledge (i.e. Truth) is Power

FlamingLionxLies are extremely powerful. It has been stated and oft repeated that if a big enough lie is told enough times...it will be embraced and believed. What must be recognized and understood, however, is that truth is infinitely more powerful than the lie. Yes...on its best day...the lie pales in comparison to the power of undiluted, unfettered truth. And here is where the great advantage is to be realized and exercised by those who purpose to be the champions and defenders of that which is righteous, just, and true.

There is an evil power which exercises dominance and control over a vast percentage of contemporary humanity. Classic techniques are routinely and skillfully employed to maintain systems of manipulation at the expense of what would amount to the best interests of the vast majority of the world’s populations.

An emerging world order is seeking to establish and galvanize a strangle hold on the peoples of the earth...and calculated deception is the stock and trade of those who seek such hegemony over their perceived lessers. It is in the context of this continuing construct that the phenomenon of “fake news” has been spawned and perpetuated.

Yes...for generations...the principal power brokers of the civilized world have issued forth a never ending narrative and propaganda barrage that has served to solidify and guarantee the ongoing existence of an elaborate and sophisticated mechanism of control. Without question, these evil psychopaths have engaged in all manner of treachery in their ongoing, lustful pursuit of illicit dominion over the planet, as well as their fellow man. And now...with the explosion of uncensored information through the conduit of the internet...it has become necessary for the arch purveyors of deception to falsely accuse the righteous of the very crimes upon which their own existence is predicated!

In the wake of Donald Trump’s electoral victory, the prostituted, controlled media moved in lockstep to introduce the supposition that “fake news” undergirded and enabled his illegitimate ascension to power. The sources of the supposed fake news were none other than those information outlets that evolved detached and apart from the mainstream news monopoly.

Theirs was baseless, unreliable, “fake news”...plain and simple...deserving of universal rejection and condemnation. Such was the ex cathedra pronouncement of the pillars of establishment propaganda...case closed...period...end of report. The only problem, though...was that the strategy boomeranged and has returned to strike the originator of the bogus tactic right between the eyes.

Yes, the mantra of “fake news” has become the perfect noose around the neck of those who wickedly sought to foist it upon the very ones in the business of issuing forth mountainous quantities of damning evidence and truth concerning a protracted campaign of corruption and criminality that had long proceeded under the twisted color of law. You see...the prostituted, controlled, mainstream media are the true originators and chronic purveyors of fake news, while the independent information sources being falsely labelled as such are, in reality, stark tellers of truth.

The Russians Are Coming...Part Two

russianbear-900x506In an inordinately clumsy display of tactical incompetence, the powers that be have sought to resurrect the Russian bear as their convenient object for demonization. Through their comprehensive “fake news” apparatus, they have sought to establish the pervasive perception that a reinvigorated Russia is now the primary fountainhead of evil in a world of innocents who are nothing more than naïve, low-hanging fruit merely waiting to be exploited by Vladimir Putin and his far-flung network of subversion and espionage.

While incessantly hammering away at a make believe theme with no basis in reality...the prostituted, controlled media continues to rely on the notion that everyone will remain in a stupor of ignorance relative to the genuine crimes against humanity that have been committed in serial fashion by the very influential personages and institutions that are relentlessly propped up and lionized by the obvious, corrupt power structure. But, alas...the truth genie is out of the bottle...and the rules of the game are forever changed.

Enter the Alt-Right

american-sleeping-giantToward the latter stages of the presidential race Hillary Clinton issued forth a speech wherein she menacingly pointed the finger of condemnation at an ostensibly sinister force being referred to as the “alt-right.” Overnight, the world was familiarized with a term that was purposefully rolled out in nebulous, non-specific fashion. The intended impression to be rendered to the listening public was one that embodied such besmirching hallmarks as racism, misogyny, xenophobia, homophobia and anti-semitism.

According to the thinly veiled accusations of candidate Clinton...Donald Trump was very much under the powerful influence of the likes of Alex Jones and other unnamed, nefarious characters who collectively comprise the ranks of what was being referred to as the alt-right.

Of course, the alt-right label is one that the abject enemies of justice are seeking to co-opt and transform into a powerful tool to be utilized in the continuing war against truth. In so doing, however, they have vastly underestimated the real and genuine potency of the pristine truth that they so despise. In their haste to reign in the forces that exist and function beyond their immediate sphere of control, the purveyors of evil have failed to accurately assess and understand that which they seek to destroy. They have failed to recognize that right under their very noses, an element of resistance and opposition has evolved that dares to deal, head on, with the ultra-controversial subjects of race and the questions of inordinate Jewish power being wielded in the outworking of the affairs of men.

The true representatives of the alt-right, who routinely traverse the terrain that Alex Jones and Infowars dare not tread upon...constitute the ultimate wild card in the deck. They are a brash and confident lot...imbued with youthful brazenness and borderline abandon. They possess a natural ability to utilize technology as a virtual extension of all they believe, think, and yearn to express. As they look toward the future they instinctively recognize that the previous generations have failed miserably to provide for the grim realities that stare them in the face. Out of necessity, they are cultivating a mentality and prospective response to the dark forces of evil, that could have scarcely been contemplated a mere generation ago.

If they have one critical, potential Achilles’ heel...this youthful vanguard of the alt-right would manifest such a deficiency in the area of spiritual and Biblical understanding. Many among them have inaccurately embraced the notion that the Bible and Christianity are somehow an outgrowth of Jewish identity and culture. This misconception, like all others, can be aptly overcome with the restoration of correct presuppositional understanding.

By God’s grace such an infusion of timely wisdom and understanding will be forthcoming in due season. In the meantime...the battle for truth and justice rages on and the young guns of the alt-right will doubtlessly continue to befuddle the establishment as they defy conventional wisdom and not only think but...more importantly...dare to act outside the box.


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  1. Do WHITE LIES Matter? Don't you realizes that all the key players and in the Bible are BLACK!!! Abraham, Moses, Noah, Lot, Joshua, Samuel, King Solomon, King David, Jeremiah, Apostle John, Apostle Paul, Peter, Jesus's Brother Jude, James, Luke, Malachi, Amos, Zechariah, Mark, Matthew just to name a few. NONE, I REPEAT NONE WERE BORN IN EUROPE. Although, Rome is considered in today's time as being in Europe but during Biblical times it was not. Oh, Jesus was not White nor born in Europe. Adam and Eve were both Black. Now that either make you originally BLACK or a Freak Accident?
    • Sorry to burst your "Black Hebrew" rant, but Adam & Havah were Red people. We know this from The Scriptures which tell us that Adam was made from the red earth (dirt). A second witness is when Esau's name was changed to Edom (red) from eating red soup. All the Adamaites were red people and it wasn't until after The Flood that the Adamic Noahites separated and became the White Race, Black Race and Yellow Race through isolation and genetic adaptation to the environmental stresses of their areas. You silly blacks continue to confuse Race with Nationality and refuse to realize that migration and population displacement occurred, which distributed the White Shemetic race all over Europe and Scandinavia. As GOD asked, "Can an Ethiopian change the color of his skin or a Leopard it's spots"? BTW, your African Bible (which I have) says that you are from lizard people, right? lol
  2. He that sitteth in the Heavens shall laugh. It's remarkable that the perpetrators of the greatest deception of the age can themselves, commit the greatest blunder of all, neglecting the fear of God. For even *the devils* believe AND TREMBLE. The very hubris that has emboldened them to undertake their wicked agenda will be their great undoing. "8But mine eyes are unto thee, O GOD the Lord: in thee is my trust; leave not my soul destitute. 9Keep me from the snares which they have laid for me, and the gins of the workers of iniquity. 10Let the wicked fall into their own nets, whilst that I withal escape." ~Psalm 141:10 "27 Whoso diggeth a pit shall fall therein: and he that rolleth a stone, it will return upon him." ~Proverbs 26:27

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